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The Quest For Truth

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posted on Oct, 19 2015 @ 04:31 PM

The Quest For Truth

Request proof,
Jump off the roof,
Umbrella in hand,
Search a place to land;

Subjective, perspective,
Objective, collective,
Fallacy, conspiracy,
Choose a side;

Where is that paddle,
Up the creek you go,
Wondering and wandering,
Deep in the shallow;

Is there a bend in the road up ahead,
Two directions to ascertain,
Truth down the one,
Lies down the other;

How will you know,
Which way to go,
Having a choice,
Makes the show;

Rain and mud,
Rainbow and dud,
Sunshine and flowers,
Disillusion and powers;

Here is the truth,
There is no proof,
Only the journey,
Filled with uncertainty;

Magnetic, electric,
Dynamic, eclectic,
Patterns emerge,
Dreams submerge;

Soulful ambition,
Enlightened and fulfilled,
On to the next chapter,
Not bullied but willed;

The quest for truth,
Will never end,
The proof you seek,
Faith will bend.

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