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Orgreave Inquiry

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posted on Oct, 15 2015 @ 01:56 AM

Exaro can reveal that May has already agreed to receive a legal submission from lawyers on behalf of campaigners who want a full investigation into claims of brutality by South Yorkshire Police (SYP) during a mass picket of British Steel's coking plant in Orgreave, near Rotherham............."The unwillingness to disclose evidence of wrong-doing by officers does raise doubts about the ethical standards of officers in the highest ranks at SYP at that time."

Officers in the highest ranks. Among them many who would welcome privatised police that could be ordered not to investigate their own corruption. Senior policing positions that spooks would seek to gain for themselves or at least have some power over.

There are traitors in the police and they've been there a long time, setting things up to fail.

What is this inquiry going to prove?

Will it thoroughly examine the probable identity of the provocateurs photographed being thrown at police lines? The miners assumed they were police provocateurs. I think they could have been military, having seen firsthand some surprising military infiltration of the festival scene at around the same time. It was the eighties. People weren't so aware of the dirty tricks played out on the civilian population by spooks, military and police.

If the subject of provocateurs is avoided we can be sure the inquiry is a sham from the start. Which it is.

There are numerous reports of military dressed in police uniforms. Some miners recognised young men they knew who were serving in the military. They were there, wearing police uniforms, and facing the miners.

Why? If it wasn't a black operation.

Watch out for the avoidance of these two issues as this so-called inquiry lurches into the media. It will be presented as another victory for the little people over the system and the nasty, vicious, lying police.

And it will all be presented to you by the system's mouthpiece, the spook controlled media.

Suspicious yet?

You should be.

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