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My Real Fear (A Poem)

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posted on Oct, 9 2015 @ 10:13 PM
You can have all the peace that you need,
A life of fairy tales, white picket fences.
Four kids, all who support you.
What do you have?

A life of American dreams,
Away from the projects you detest.
You know nothing of what happens on an everyday level.
A pain that can’t be cured.

Rich men come claiming to fix things they know nothing of.
Here’s me money now aren’t you fine?
You aren’t traveling to Europe to see coliseums and obelisks.
You’re stuck screaming f*** the world!

I have nothing but speed to duck bullets that go astray.
A child without a family,
Wishing for just one holiday that isn’t surrounded by pain.
The fear that I have is that I’ll have a child.
How can I choose to bring him into this poverty?


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