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Seeing Through the Moment

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posted on Oct, 8 2015 @ 06:36 PM
Wisdom is nothing more than a function of elongated perspective.

Those decreed wise are individuals who recognize familiar patterns in advance and accurately ascertain the trajectory of present events leading into the distant future. And the further into the future your analysis proceeds on point, the more wisdom you possess--for only those wise enough to look ahead countless steps in advance will have the greatest chance at calculating safe and effective courses going forward.

Talented chess players call this calculating the lines of the game--determining in advance the probable outcome of each candidate move with intentions of finding the optimal route going forward. And whilst many of us stumble through life acting erratically and spontaneously under dictates of the brain, in actuality we too should be calculating the lines of our life towards determining the decisions that stand towards producing the most benefit for ourselves and others going forward.

Doing this requires scant more than seeing through the moment: applying a slight measure of patience and predictive foresight before taking any and all actions--working hard towards extrapolating the most likely consequences of your intended action going forward, then making another choice if our first decision would lead unto unfavorable situations or dire straits.

Did someone cut you off in traffic? Perhaps your first response is flicking off that driver whilst speeding past him again from the slow lane then giving him the middle finger whilst cutting him off in turn.

But where does that decision likely lead? Calculate the entire line and you'll see nothing good can come of that decision. Best-case scenario, you accomplish your goal and walk away still feeling upset that he cut you off whilst that other driver is stuck fuming and enraged behind you.

And where does that go? If the person you just cut off is sane, maybe you'll just have an angry tailgater following you down the highway.

If he's a little less stable, maybe you'll find him following you towards your destination seeking another confrontation.

If he's truly insane, he might try running you off the road. I'm serious--this happens. In my twenties while driving with a friend of mine, she did almost that exact thing--sped past someone from the slow lane then flicked him off for being rude... and in turn he tried ramming her vehicle off the road, then ended up losing control himself and went spinning out into the median of the highway.

True story--we spent the night in the police station filling out reports on the incident, all when we were supposed to go drinking and dancing downtown.

And those are just a few of the possible adverse results that can come from surrendering unto impulse and giving in to an aggressive negative decision. You might end up with the police seeing your choice then get a massive fine. Or you might wind up causing an accident that injures yourself and others.

So seriously, calculate the line before taking impulsive action. Work towards seeing through the moment and demonstrating wisdom in extrapolating the future--and invariably you'll find negative responses unto situations stimuli will never produce the results you want.

Nothing productive comes from acting from positions of anger, of hate, of hostility and adversity towards other people or things. It might feel good in the moment--succumbing unto animal impulse and losing your mind in a fit of rage--but those lines invariably lead towards potentially and inevitably disastrous results.

Avoiding those kinds of unproductive outcomes requires nothing more than a little time, a little patience, a little willingness towards putting actual thought before reflexive action. You need only see through the moment and calculate the line of your intended decision--then you have a much better chance at making a productive choice going forward.

Thinking about slacking off and skipping the gym? Think first about how you'll look in the mirror with an extra layer of fat coiled around your midsection.

Thinking about forgoing a healthy meal and indulging in junk? Think first about how you'll feel when you're suffering through bypass surgery or, heaven forbid, a bout of chemo from contracting cancer through letting too many toxic preservatives and other chemical ingredients nestle into your body.

Thinking about expressing your frustrations at work in rudeness towards a coworker? Think first about how coming into the job will be once you turn your workplace into a hostile environment and give someone a reason to engage against you with passive-aggressive retaliation.

Really, do yourself a massive favor and always see through the moment before acting. Extrapolate your decision into the future and you'll be a million steps closer towards living a peaceful drama-free life of relative comfort and ease.

Try it for a few weeks and see how well it works.

See through the moment. Calculate the line.

Resist the impulses of the brain, and you'll benefit unto eternity going forward into the future.

It might not be immediately pleasurable as becoming an animal and unleashing your rage. But along a longer timeline, your life, your career, your sanity, your spirit, and your fellow human beings will all appreciate the efforts you put towards showing restraint and doing the right thing in all circumstances.

And eventually, inevitably, you can rest assured you'll be rewarded in the afterlife for your wise foresight and benevolent restraint.

posted on Oct, 8 2015 @ 07:54 PM
I agree entirely. I do not think people take the time to think through their decisions. Especially the newer generations tend to rush to conclusion and rely on their usual reflexes--and with these "so called reflexes", being negative on the situation they're putting themselves in.

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