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To become

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posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 03:22 AM

David becometh that which it believeth,
Not because it's true, but because David liveth
In the imagination only of the mind.
The oven of ideas.
Giving birth to fantasy.
Like an eye gives birth to tears.
Be it hard logic or rainbow dreams.
It still be'th maketh belief.
So dreameth away, but believeth not.
For if you do, you shall becometh.
Something untrue.
To do so is to loose oneself,
A rather large risk.
But there is nothing, one can not undue.
I have heard stories,
Of a woman who lived in a shoe.
A boy and a beanstalk.
and Icarus who’s wings melted
Under the sun.
All fables of fantasy and fun.
As long as we remember,
The truth never becomes.
Were safe and sound.
In the ultimate space.
Where non of us.
Have need for a face.

eliberocelta 6th of oct 2015

edit on 6-10-2015 by ancientthunder because: misspell


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