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The Hobo [Halloween2015]

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:03 AM
Timmy was waiting for his father to finish the lunch for school sitting the in kitchen with the prospect that the day was going to be miserable even as it was Halloween, could you imagine, School on Halloween? As it was not enough that he had to endure the hell school was, the news lady was speaking about the weird micro weather that was acting out in the county, before changing the report to another wolf attack on the local cattle. Timmy look out the window and saw the blackest sky he has ever seen, no winds or rain, just the possibility of his Halloween run ruined by a downpour in the evening.

His lazy father deep fried nuggets, hastily wrapped on some paper towels he put then in a paper bag, there was Tupperware just for Timmy´s lunch, but since he lost his job 7 years ago, he never quite got on his feet’s again. Mom was the one that brought the dough to the home on all those years; as usual, while dad drove mom to work and the kids to school, she was absorb looking women photos on Instagram, she said she just wanted to see the fashions, but Timmy knew better, a few months ago there was a leak in a place called Ashley Madison, Todd, the bully show the profile of his mother to Timmy before punching him in the belly, she was just interested in other women.

His older sister was chatting on her phone next to him while the car drove out of the garage, the world could be ending outside of the car, but Betty would not notice if the phone still had internet, but Timmy did notice, there it was, looking at his house, a dirty hobo on an old green trench coat; for all his know under it the hobo could have a flame tower, or it could be completely naked, after all there are all kind of crazies in this world. As the car turn the hobo fixed his eyes on Timmy, he tried to shrink out of his view but still felt the crazed eyes burning through the door.

Arriving at the school the lazy work of his father started to the bear fruit, the paper bag was completed greased, and with the first step out of the car it broke and spelt all the content to the grass, as Timmy knell to pick the nuggets, his sister kick him in the ass and said OH MY GOD you are such a dork, are you sure you are not adopted? Before going to her friends who laugh, meanwhile in the car, dad said have a nice day kids, and drove away without even notice his son would have no food that day, mom´s Instagram prevent her for noticing the kids were even gone.

The day elapsed without further incidents, Timmy tried to blend in and disappear as good as possible to avoid the questions of the teachers, the bullies, or just the eyes of the world, he just wanted to chill and not have a problem, in the afternoon he would eat all the candy he could fetch with the ugly blue sailor costume his mom cheap him out. In the break while he was debating between being hungry or eating the nuggets that could have possibly landed on a dog´s turd, he saw him again, there he was near the school fence, the hobo was not only dirty, his stench could be sensed yards away.

posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:04 AM
For 5 minutes both saw each other, immobile, what does this tramp want with me? -Timmy thought to himself- I don’t have coins mister hobo, go away, I don’t like pedophiles either, thank you… Maybe he wants the nuggets, with dog turd and all…

At that point the hobo got closer to the fence, and with a hoarsely voice he said, hey kid come here, I got something for you-while was putting his hand left hand in the fence and the right in one of the pockets of the coat, in a way he could be grabbing a gun, his penis or whatever Timmy could think of at the moment- all those talk shows he dad was listening while doing nothing at his house thought Timmy better to ask, and he just said no thanks before running out to the safety of the bullies punches.

Safety at last when dad came to pick him out, half an hour late of course – one could think someone that does nothing could pick his son on time no? – But it doesn’t matter, in the safety of the car without rapist vagrants even dad looks like a hero.

The time came for the candy harvest, crappy sailor suit, stinky sister, it makes no difference the candy will be his and nothing can ruin this moment, not even those clouds that cannot decide to leave or rain. Mommy gave the order to take care of Timmy to her sister; after a few blocks from the house and a good 15 minutes of abiding the order, her sister could not take it anymore, you are on your own brat, I’m going to make out with Chris.

Alone, the prospect of candy seemed less sweet to Timmy, everything loomed larger, the clouds darker and somehow he didn’t want so much candy anymore, so hastily tried to get back home. After walking some streets, he freaked out after realize he was in the same place from where he decided to go home. Nothing could be worse, until finally the clouds decided to rain. It was then when he felt the hand on his shoulder, yes sister my savior - he thought- before turning to realize the rain was the least of his fears. There it was, with one hand inside the coat, and a hood to protect from the rain, the hobo.

Please don’t rape me! Was the only thing Timmy could say. Wait what?!? -Was the answer of the hobo- just because I am homeless am I a rapist? What a little spoiled brat, you almost don’t deserve my help, but I cannot let them win, I have to help you.

In that moment the mystery that lays under the coat reveal itself, when the hobo took out a sawn off shotgun – in a strange way Timmy was relieved to think the hobo would not rape him, he was only going to kill him- when the hobo shot 2 times.

When Timmy opened his eyes after what it seems to him like an eternity, and found out to his surprise he was not dead, a strange metallic sphere was on the ground, broken by the shot from the hobo; inside the electronic components release some sparks before the sphere disappear and reappear a few times in front of Timmy´s eyes, until it finally died and remain visible.

posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:04 AM
What?..-Started Timmy- but the hobo grab his arm and said we don’t have much time, they are coming- Timmy did not fight as the hobo ran away of the town with him.

When Timmy could not run anymore, the hobo stopped at the Corwin´s farm outside of town. There he look at Timmy and said- They are coming for you boy, 12 year I being waiting for my chance and now I have it with you.

My name is Hobs, I was a sergeant and served 2 tours in Iraq and Afganistan, I had a beautiful wife, but when I arrive from the war she was in my house leaving with his lover. Nothing of that matter because when they came after me they took away my will, and since that day I did all to hunt them down. Two times I had the chance, but it’s of no use, then I realized the only way to stop them is with someone on the inside. They? - asked Timmy- the hobo pointed to the sky and said- Aliens.

I am sorry kid but I cannot protect you, the only thing I can do is give you a fighting chance. They are too confident, they won’t search you, here have this surgical blade, with it you can free yourself once you are inside- the hobo put a lancet blade in Timmy sleeve- good luck kid, ill be here when you come back- and the hobo left Timmy in the field and run away.

In no time the clouds opened and from a disc a light pointed a Timmy, 2 of the metallic spheres came out of the device and stunt him. The next thing he knew he was tie up on an observation table. Timmy was in shock, this could not be happening, he tried to free himself to no avail, when a couple of tall, fragile grey beings came to him, they had no nose or mouth, just 2 big black eyes.

The room was poorly lit, there was 3 more tables, 2 where empty and the other had a bonded cow with fear in its eyes. A beep sounded and the greys exit the room, Timmy tried to think and remembered the blade, he started to cut the restrain, he did it! Then he free his other hand, when the door opened. The gray had some probing tools in his hands that dropped with surprise when Timmy jumped and run away between its legs.

Timmy ran and ran, before coming into the same door he left and the same gray… after all it was a disc where he was. The gray did nothing, Timmy did nothing, and a for some time they did nothing together, until a voice called Timmy- Timmy, we mean you no harm, please follow my droid and we will talk. The gray pointed the way, and without knowing what else to do he follow it.

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:05 AM
They arrived to what could have been the control room, in the center of it there he was, a fat amorphous meat blob with a face on the top. - Hello Timothy, I am Jebediah I mean you no harm. Not entirely sure of what exactly was going on the brave and smart Timmy could only say- Jebediah, it does not sound alien?

Jebediah laugh in a very jabba way and said- it’s because I am not an alien- then he proceeded to explain, he is what humanity will come to be in the future- Timmy, humans are not individual beings, a human is an ecosystem, his mass is in big part bacteria, virus and yeast, all together makes a human and without them it cannot function, our ancestors did not know this, and they started to spray their food with pesticides, took antibiotics and chemicals as they were water and this took its toll in humanity, without knowing all the chemicals changed irreversibly the microbiomes of humans, it took centuries to figure it out, but the damage was done.

I Jebediah am a human from the future, my mission is to recover microbiomes samples from before this change was done, from our historical records we know homosapiens started to modify crops and medicine in a radical way in the twentieth century, and by the end of that century and the beginning of the next they started the gene modification, so from this period we search microbiomes from humans that are not changed, thin scrubby like yourself.

Them with horror Timmy realized what Jebediah mean- so because I’m small and weak you want to anal probe me to take a sample of my stools? Yes, answered Jebediah. Could you just take a sample after I take a dump? From the colon and intestine is purer, Jebediah said with a smile.

Think about it Timmy, your sacrifice could save millions of lives in the future, don’t you want to be that saves humanity?

Timmy contemplated the idea of his ass saving humanity for a while before accepting.

Timmy was returned to the same spot from where he was taking, all the same except the sore bottom. The disk then elevated until he could not see it anymore. The disk keep going and going, behind the moon there was the mothership, when it arrives a bigger blob of was waiting Jebediah, where have you being young blob, the dinner is ready, yes mommy- answered Jebediah- come one Jeb, are you going to tell me you are still molesting the primitive humans? Still saying those stories about how their asses will save the world?

No mommy- lied Jeb- wait what?!? Jeb, how many times I have to tell you that you cannot have a pet cow for blob sake, cows are sacred for some humans, and we are here to take care of humans until the onmicroms comes and we can sell them, return that cow to earth inmediatly- yes mommy- said Jeb with a with sadness.

posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 09:05 AM
Back on earth Timmy had encounter emotions, pride for one side for saving humanity, and shame each time he felt his soar ass. Hobo came to him and asked what happened, Timmy said it and hobo enrage- you fool they play you, time travelers? They are aliens, ALIENS I tell you.

While the hobo was ranting, a cow came from the sky and squashed him, Timmy just stood there with horror, what if the hobo was right, what was doing a cow there if they just wanted my crap.- the rage soon filled Timmy too and he picked the hobo shotgun that was not crushed by the cow. He then vowed he would get the revenge the hobo pursued for so long, and he would become a hobo too.

Three weeks later.

TV news report- the strange cloud microclimate that have been over our county have move to the north, where report of wolf attacks on cows start to spread too, the governor is considering special hunting permits to cull the wolf population. In other news the search of Timothy Miller comes to a tragic end when his body has been found with signals of sexual molestation. The focus of the search now shift to the search of a homeless man seen in the area prior to the kidnapping of Timothy, declarations from his sister: Poor beloved Timmy, we were at hallowing when in a blink from an eye he was beside me and then was not, the monster hobo that took him must pay…

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 03:11 PM
a reply to: Indigent

Aah, so that's what they're up to? Poor Timmy, tricked by "a fat amorphous meat blob with a face on the top."
(There's a lot of them about!)


B x

posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

Thank you!!! glad you like it

posted on Oct, 11 2015 @ 12:23 PM
a reply to: Indigent

And I thought I was just getting a colonoscopy. I will never trust a doctor again! Good job!

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: Indigent

Not exactly the path I thought the story would take but very interesting. Reminds of the quick bizarre story turns and crass humor of Rick and Morty (if you've never seen the show please do look it up!).

Star and Flag.

posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 06:03 AM
a reply to: Titen-Sxull

LMAO i had never seen it, but its like i totally rip it off, its basically the same family
thanks for the tip.

If someone has not seen that show i saw some of them here

dunno if its free in every country

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