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A Long Night (poem)

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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 07:55 AM

A Long Night
(Valiant's creepy Halloween poem)

Twice it knocked upon the door,
Then it knocked, just once more.
The wind, it howled fiercely outside,
As I searched, for a place to hide.

It waited patiently at first,
Then it started to scream and curse,
Angry because, I wouldn't let it in,
That is how my nightmare began.

It walked off silently into the night,
I knew something, still wasn't right.
I looked out the window, just to see,
Screamed as its face, loomed back at me.

It pounded a fist, on the widows glass,
I jumped, turned around, and hauled ass,
Taking the stairs, a few at a time.
Wondering if, I was losing my mind.

All night I sat within my room,
Certain I would meet my doom.
Waiting until the light of dawn,
Hoping then, that it would be gone.

I heard it's steps, upon the stairs,
Heavy, solid, confirming my fears.
It had found its way, into my house,
I was trapped, there was no way out.

Just as the door knob started to turn,
I smelt it, something starting to burn.
I realized day, had taken over the night,
Its flesh burning, when it was touched by light.

I opened the window, pulled the blinds,
Made sure there was, enough light inside.
Ran to the door, let him into the room.
And watched as his body, was consumed.


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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 08:11 AM
Ok am gonna be biased and say this is my favourite poem by you!

Creepy, love the sense of panic and fear!

Thank you so much my friend, has made my day

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