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12 Times Mass Shootings Were Stopped by Good Guys with Guns

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posted on Oct, 7 2015 @ 06:34 AM
a reply to: mortex

Geez mate , on some things i agree in your reply and others not so much . Firstly mental health is a problem in a lot of these shootings , my opinion but by no means an expert one . The culture thing , sure in certain places in the US a persons life might seem to be worth less than others and i dont think i need to go into demographics there , but by and large the US is not dissimilar to Australia . We for the most part watch the same television programs , watch the same movies , play the same video games and see the same death and destruction from certain places overseas . Honestly i am at a loss as to why the difference . Time might tell a different story if we let the wrong refugees in , yes only time will tell .

posted on Oct, 7 2015 @ 10:11 PM
a reply to: hutch622

Are you sure about that?

That happened recently, October 2nd 2015... in AUSTRALIA... There have been many others...

BTW, take a look at Argentina, a country that has very heavily restrictive gun laws yet it has an homicide rate higher than the U.S., and it has about the same amount of gun crimes as the U.S...

Here, is the gun ownership process in Argentina.

The Gun Ownership Process

At first I was going to plead ignorance to this question, since I've never owned a gun in my life, but I asked a friend who knew the answer, so here is the process:

Pass a psychological test
Provide fingerprints and proof of no criminal records
Pass a shooting test
Provide an income statement
Present your DNI and fill out an application form
In 20 days the government gives you a license as a gun user
With your license, you can then purchase a firearm.
There is a 15 day waiting period while the serial number of your gun is matched to your gun user's license number in a central database. Anonymous gun ownership is not permitted. All guns are registered.
After this 15 day waiting period, you can take your gun home and the process is finished.

There's the process right there. Only foreigners with legal temporary or permanent residency who have a DNI may purchase a gun. If you don't have legal residency, you will not be allowed to purchase a gun. Other than that, there are no other restrictions on foreigners owning guns.

Here is the rundown of Argentina's gun crimes and crimes in general...

The murder rate in Argentina is 5.5 per 100 people as of 2009. The U.S. is 4.7...

Violent gun crime in Argentina is 10.2 per 100 people as of 2014...

BTW, i just noticed that wikipedia has changed it's numbers. A few days ago it was showing the United States as having 10.65 deaths per 100k people, and it showed Argentina as having 10.5 per 100k How i wish to have taken photos of this when it showed that... wow...

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posted on Oct, 7 2015 @ 10:45 PM
BTW, I do believe that numbers are being fudged around.

I searched online and found the following from 2013. It is in Spanish, but in that article it states the number of homicides with guns in the United States as 3 per 100k people.

[2013-01-25] El diario The Atlantic señaló que "si bien Estados Unidos tiene el más alto nivel de propiedad de armas per cápita en el mundo, su tasa de homicidios con armas, alrededor de tres por cada 100.000 habitantes, es mucho menor que la de Honduras, el país con mayor tasa de armas de fuego en el mundo homicidio (aproximadamente 68 asesinatos con armas por cada 100.000 habitantes).

Will look for more.

*Just to clarify to those that don't know. In Spanish you write 100,000 with a period like this 100.000

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