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The Music Of Magnets And Rainbows (A Poem From Me To You, Please, Enjoy)

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 07:40 PM

The Music Of Magnets And Rainbows

I am magnetic and so are you,
We have the colors of the rainbow,
Coursing through our veins;

Blood and water with iron at the core,
Following the frequency of music,
We dance to a rhythmic beat;

Connected by a thread of love,
The light we see is bright and gold,
Never to be separated;

Young and old,
Fearlessness rules us and makes us bold,
We will not be conquered by evil doers;

Togetherness glued with compassion,
Anger submerged by water,
Hatred given a heave and smashed with righteousness;

Can you feel that power,
That overwhelming urge,
To keep yourself afloat and fight the great submerge;

Do not succumb to the greed of one,
Be the beacon of hope for the masses to follow,
That lighthouse of empathy the ships can find;

Overcome that daily grind,
Push ahead and forget the past,
Learn from those mistakes and throw away the cast;

Washed aside with a tsunami of tears,
Replaced with a smile and hugs of joy,
There is no place around here for fears;

This is but one life of many to live,
The lessons of a soul are not easy,
The goal for all is to NOT take but give.


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