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An E-Juice Recipe

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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 08:37 PM

With no thanks to me comes this recipe for a fine e-juice.

Why is this thread in the Food and Cooking forum? Because I think that, despite the efforts of some, the gastronomical pleasure of vaping pure flavor extracts, even at 0mg nicotine has been greatly overlooked by the culinary and dietetic community.


I started mixing my own e-juice flavors a couple of years back. It dawned on me that I might check out any available molecular gastronomy websites to see if there might be flavor pairings that I had overlooked or just plain would not think of.


Of course. in this day and age, I found precisely what I was looking for.

I spotted the pairing of mango and violet and I did not hesitate to order the flavors from my favorite provider. Indeed. mango and violet has blown my mind. Here is my mix:

-30ml 50/50 Pg/Vg
-5 drops Flavour Art (hereafter "FA") "Menthol Arctic".
-1 drop Signature Menthol (or any "Moon Drops" type menthol)
-1 drop FA "Zen Garden"
-7 drops any "Mango"
-5 drops FA "Violet"

Heat slightly at no more than 120 degrees fahrenheit as desired.

#en vape it.

Now here's the best part. Aside from having your taste buds regaled by this fine and unexpected mix, as you ponder whether or not you are tasting melon, squash or fruit, yet another surprise lies in wait.

Mango and violet also both pair with pepper. That means that when you eat a spicy meal, and then vape this vape, you will experience a whole new level of culinary pleasure. You thought cigs after a spicy meal hit the spot?

Think again.

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posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 02:58 PM

Experiencing how this vape enhances "pepper-y" meals is one of the best and most surprising things about it. so I wanted to offer this:

It's not so much the piperine-containing black and white ground peppers that provide the experience as it is the fleshy, capsaicin-containing peppers such as jalapeños.

So, for instance, vaping this mix after a meal heavily doused with Sriracha is amazingly amazing.

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