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Hamburg to Seize Empty properties for Refugees

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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 11:40 AM
Hamburg is the first city to pass a law whereby they can seize commercial & industrial vacant properties with authorities in Bremen considering doing the same. Whilst the officials in Hamburg say owners will be compensated, it remains to be seen what the reaction in Germany is going to be to this new Law passed on Thursday and if, as is feared, this law could extend to private dwellings. Meanwhile Greece has opened up its Olympic Stadium and gymnastic arena in an effort to shelter more refugees from the onset of winter. In my estimation the EU have around 6-8 weeks to sort out housing for these people, who let's face it, are hardly used to harsh Northern winters but commandeering peoples' property I'm not sure will help the tensions and changing attitudes of the German people. Due to the shortage of social housing in Hamburg I think this move could inflame matters particularly those Germans who have been waiting to be housed themselves.

New Law in Hamburg
Even the Pope has told religious orders to open their empty convents and buildings to the refugees or face paying taxes like everyone else. Some have refused
Pope Tells Religious Orders to Open Their doors

Both Bradford & Bristol have taken Syrian refugees but are conscious of the economic cost of providing extra housing and are not convinced the Government will help and are kept in the dark with regards to funding and worry that some refugees will become the targets of unscrupulous private landlords. Naturally the homeless people that already exist in the UK which is on the rise, will be understandably upset and angry at being bypassed for housing already in short supply, by refugees from another country
Understanding the Housing Problem

I envisage a very bad winter coming up for those left unhoused with possible deaths occurring and major ill health and the knock on effects are yet to be determined

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 11:46 AM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Now now. There is indeed something more vicious behind this. And we are starting to get a picture of it little by little.

First of all, not all of these backpackers are refugess, but mere immigrants. The latter should grant them no prioritised status in EU, but they would be subject to ordinary immigration and work permit application procedures as usual.

That said, Finland is already planning to send some 8,000 of these "refugees" back to where they came from - i.e. Irak and Afganistan. See, no refugees bothered to venture so north in dark and cold, but genuine fortune seekers and general humbug only. Question is how all that logistics will be handled - at the end, there are tens of thousands more to be boomeranged back.

So, if Hamburg is applying a law to forfeit private properties for these "refugees", I assume, the German state has still intention to check which of them are refugees from Syria, and which are wanna-be immigrants - and subject of deportation.

That said, I wonder, what the same law says about returning confiscated property back to its lawful owners?
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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: deckdel

hmm good point about returning the properties...nothing has been said about does say in the various articles I've read that this is an "emergency measure" so presumably the owners will get the property back.

What's the "something more vicious" that you see behind this? Curious now

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 12:01 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Immigration would still need to follow immigration law. Only a small fraction of these 1000,000+ persons entering Europe during 2015 are refugees. Most of them are wanna-be immigrants. And that is legally a whole different story to refugees. And in principle, would allow deportation most of these entrants.

However, this is not the course of the action, nor the message communicated in the media. Totally opposite. EU political leadership seems to want to have these folks in.


It goes against all logic. The financial strenght of EU is in its lowest. There was steep anti-islamisation trend in EU before the influx. Now, in Germany, strict measures are taken against those who promote anti-islamism. Even though, world is in fire thanks to islam - no debate on that fact. This islamisation, and influx of folks to shake the societies - is just a phase in this overall plan, to re-deal cards in Europe. This is about ripping roots off from Europe. Or something like that. It is a new historic process. Something similar to fall of Rome.

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 12:12 PM
Yet another Authoritarian Government taking what they want regardless of personal property or individual liberty. There is something sinister going on in Europe.

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 12:35 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, except this is not a debt or is it? German guilt, coupled with western guilt and political correctness ,we really have made an environment ripe for turmoil! " Come and take it" ,someone needs to hang a sign outside of their business, and gather some folks and have a good old American style stand off.
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posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 01:25 PM
Some background info:
The seizing of property in Hamburg took place in an act to open up doors to a building which is situated on public property, whose owner did already sign a lease with the government (for the explicit use of being a shelter for refugees, but was not available (I heard he was on a flight back from Asia) and the mayor of Hamburg decided to open up the doors while the outdoor temperatures are dropping right now towards 3-4° C.

It was too cold to let the refugees stay in tents, which are not heatable.
There was no more room in other shelters.
The fire department (if I saw it correctly) opened the doors according to the explicit order of the mayor.

So what? And stop having this discussion drift away into strawman's country regarding "refugees or immigrants" - there are both, and they are finally treated differently according to German law. But prior to the final decision, all people have the right to stay safe and in a humane way.

posted on Oct, 3 2015 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: ManFromEurope

Thanks for that information much appreciated. I can't find anything about that scenario online or I would have posted it

posted on Oct, 4 2015 @ 09:18 PM
Hey the city of Detroit is full of empty properties send them there. It would be just like home except the random crackhead shooting at them but hey it's better then getting gassed by a dictator.

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