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Doing More Good In the World

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posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 01:23 PM
Lately, I'm feeling like I don't do enough to help others, help the environment, etc.

I know I play my part - I don't even have recycling where I live so all of my recyclables pile up and I drive them back to Vermont (where my family lives and where I used to live) on weekends I go up there.

I help out with the physically and mentally handicapped in the wintertime (coming up soon luckily), and try to go out of my way to help anyone having a tough time. But I'm really feeling that in my daily life, going to work, grocery store, back home, etc., I feel like I'm not doing enough when there are so many problems out there.

Obviously no one person can take on the responsibility to change everything and save everyone, but I feel like I don't do enough. The other issue is I have some ongoing health problems which also get in the way of getting our in the community and finding other organizations/events to work with.

Part of it may be that I live by myself, in another state away from everyone I know and care about (I didn't just move here - I've lived here for over a year but it isn't exactly a "community-friendly" area, and between work, health and life in general I don't go many places other than the office, the gym, and the grocery store.

But in general I have been experiencing an overwhelming sense of angst because it seems as if I am in my own little world, with so many inspirations to help others and contribute to humanity but given these circumstances I really need to first take care of myself and put myself back in a situation where I can be of service to others.

I'm not here looking for answers or an easy solution, in a way I am just venting. but ATS has always been a place where I can come to get great insights from other members, and where you guys help me remember what's important and what's not.

Thanks for listening to my bitching and I look forward to hearing from all my friends on ATS. Keep on truckin' folks.

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