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UFO dream thread

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posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 05:29 AM
Hello ATS, I've had some particularly interesting UFO dreams and I just thought I would share, though I make no claim to abduction or "real" experience, however they are interesting dreams and I figured you could post yours as well. Now I am being a bit lazy but I am going to copy and paste these dreams from some of my recent posts that actually inspired me to make this thread. So here you go, enjoy.

Once, early in the morning I was asleep in my fathers truck, while I should of been studying but I was fourteen, and I didn't care about study's back then.

I worked at a hot dog stand in downtown Dallas, and I would wake up at 3:30am prepare certain foods, get ready, connect the hot dog stand to my fathers truck, and go to his first client,then drop me off down down town.

So, I'm asleep in the truck and I have the strangest dream, it's a dream of the exact environment that I am in, the skyscrapers,the people walking, the early morning 7am sun, and shadows of the buildings, the truck, everything is exactly as it is in real life could even say, out of body like, but I don't subscribe to that.

All of a sudden a UFO flys over down town, and I don't know why but in my dreams they are always very scary and ominous,and malevolent,so the UFO just hovers over Dallas and then it lets out this extremely high pitch tone that warbles slightly and everything freezes all of time, all the people, everything, Except my awareness of it.

Then as the tone is warbling and warbling,it gets deeper and deeper,and louder and louder ,building to seemingly high climax (like something is about to happen foreboding) until it fades but not getting softer, into someone banging on the truck window that my dad had sent to come get me. I awake to him banging on the window just highly confused and disoriented.

And another, slightly more interesting

I had a dream in which I became lucid, and realized I was surrounded by your typical grey aliens.I became aware that they were using our dreams to manipulate us by implanting archetypical and primordial imagery into our dreams, therefor controlling our waking reality. I don't remember much more than that but I woke up in a panic sweat dripping, heart beating 1000mph, and x wife next to me sound asleep. That one was hard to reason. My logical mind always wins out so I wrote it off, but I've never felt comfortable with that dream and I've always remembered it.

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 06:17 AM
One if the strangest dreams I've ever had was when I was in pre-primary, a year before I began grade school. In my dream I was walking around my pre-school, and found an orange hose, I then decided to grab the hose and twist the end to turn it on (I'd seen my parents do this). When I turned the hose on, instead of water coming out as you would expect, a short chubby green lady was squeezed out like toothpaste, then proceeded to inflate herself to be almost twice my size (keep in mind I was 6). I woke up crying, and remember telling my parents about the "alien witch". It was not only once I had this dream, and for some reason it filled me with a terror I can't quite explain.
Dreams are weird, man.

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 06:45 AM
I had a dream that's stuck with me for a while - a side effect of champix - extremely vivid dreams and the ability to remember them clear as day for months upon months...

I woke up on an island, there were palm trees, sand and a cool breeze. If anyone here is old enough to remember the old NES game called Star Tropics, everything looked similar to that - Shadows of the objects with stars in them. The sky started to brighten up and turned pink. Everything stood still. The sky then turned to every colour of the rainbow. My body started to feel week.
In the sky, 4 figures started to appear. They were shadows with stars in them. I felt scared and tried to get away from.
A voice in my head told me to stop, but i didnt. Then my body felt even weaker, i could feel my life being sucked out of me and i was barely hanging on.

The voice came back in my head and asked me to come with them. It gave me the choice to stay or let them consume my energy so i can be like them. I remember feeling an evil type of presence around them.

I woke up and i was gasping for air. I stood up and tried to catch my breath. Once i was able to breath i lit a smoke and settled down.

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 07:22 AM
Related Info

So if you've read the above, it is based around my "paranormal" experiences as a child and mentions my fear of my bedroom. I am also going to note that my mom was a strict Christian so she sheltered me from a lot of things. This is why this dream sticks out to me because at that age (between 6 and 8), I would have only known of UFOs based on popular media. Since that was missing from my life, I cannot explain how this dream came to be.

For the record, this bedroom was very heavily avoided unless I was accompanied by an adult. I never wanted to walk by it and would often run past its door if there was no adult behind me and between me and it. I can't say why this fear developed only that it was overwhelmingly strong. So it wouldn't be a surprise that it was a major setting in my nightmares. In fact, I never once had a good nightmare however this dream left me less scared than the rest, even though it took place in my bedroom and--worse--my closet.

It started as a typical dream of mine at that age, with me being berated by hands coming from the closet within my bedroom. Sometimes they grabbed me but I was never actually pulled into the room before which marked this dream differently. They got me, dragging me into the closet until I was no longer in my apartment. In fact, I was no longer anywhere that was familiar. I remember thinking it was heaven due to feeling that earth was below me but knowing I was not just in the sky. Since I was raised in the church, I could only call this room heaven because that was the only thing above the earth and sky--space wasn't a concept to me at that age.

Anyway, I can't remember much about the room other than it had windows that I knew looked out to the outside however they were pitch black. The rest of the room was empty and made of what I called at the time "statue of liberty skin". Green and very rough-looking. I was pressed down onto a smooth table with the feeling that I couldn't move anything but my head. I wasn't strapped down, however. It wasn't empty for long as these things stepped up to either side of me. There were two I distinctly remember--one on each side--but I'm not sure if there was a third positioned at my feet. I do know my view of the windows was obscured down there. They didn't do much but they did do something that bothers me because it is simply not something young me would have known or even had a concept of at that age. I was not in an environment for it. I am also not going to go into detail here.

That was the end of it.

Just like that, the dream was over. Now, this would have normally been a nightmare because these things were not something I knew or conjured up based on real life things. I don't even have words to describe them because I just don't know. I know I referred to them at one time as sticks because they were thin all around but something just wasn't right. All of my monsters up until then were based on real things like tornadoes, gorillas, and people even if they were grotesque in form. I could tell what they were but these were different. This infuriates me because I love writing, I love character designing, I love drawing. All of those have enabled me to think outside the box and come up with interesting designs and mixes of things but try as I might, I just cannot put these things into a physical form.

That said, I was not afraid. The day after, I went into my room for the first time by myself, closed the door and stuck a note written on my chalkboard in my closet asking them to come back. I never had a similar dream since and nearly all of my dreams repeat or at least pick up where I last left off.

But not that one.

Maybe it was a case of something supernatural, maybe it was just a kid whose mind got tired of the typical and decided to shake things up. Whatever it was, I can say it wiped away some fear I had even if temporary and I thank it for that.

posted on Oct, 1 2015 @ 09:12 AM
I had a pretty wild dream about a UFO. You can read it here:

posted on Oct, 2 2015 @ 12:26 AM
Mine was fairly recent, maybe 2-3 weeks ago. I was sleeping on the downstairs futon which is fairly uncomfortable and thus lead to an odd nights rest.

I was in some sort of hospital setting and I was in the bed. Directly across from me was almost an entire wall of one of those one way viewing mirrors but it was not reflective and nearly matched the wall itself. Everything looked sterile but I don't remember much from my perspective. I was almost instantly switched to the perspective of the person in the bed on the other side of the one way wall, I couldn't see them but they could see me.

The person in the inverted version of the room I was in was a small boy and I was seeing everything from his point of view. He was suffering from the latter stages of some type of cancer, rather frail looking, completely bald, yet still rather lively.

There was a nurse with him, the first part of the conversation they were having I do not recall, I think she was asking him something about the girl on the other side of the viewing wall (me, and I was watching myself look around from the bed). I do not recall what he said but he changed the subject afterwards. I remember him saying something along the lines of "I remember being in a place like this before" to the puzzled yet intrigued nurse. "I was laying in a bed like this and I was surrounded by many creatures."

That's when his view shifted from looking at the nurse to looking around the bed, recalling the creatures he had seen. "They were there, and there, and some big ones were over there, and-" he continued as his vision became heavily distorted and wavy. From his view in that distorted way I saw many creatures of varying colors and sizes, some typical "greys" and one of the types of creatures were massive, maybe 7-8 ft tall. Their bodies resembled those of what an upright humanoid rhino would look like but their heads and snouts were rectangular in nature with no horns. They had a bone plating on their heads that spiderwebed their entire head and neck area. They did have hands but not as many fingers, maybe 3 on each hand. The boy seemed to think of them in a nonthreatening way.

Those were the two types of beings that stood out to me the most.

I apologies that this is a rather long post.

posted on Oct, 13 2015 @ 08:37 AM
I forgot about this thread, interesting alien dreams you've had and lucid, wish i could have another of those the last one was wild. I'll be back!

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: TechniXcality

Thanks for sharing s&f.
Exactly my topic of the day, what if it is true and other dimensional beings really manipulate our minds?
I find more and more hints this could be the case. Like David sereda who always woke up at 4:40 and got lost in his pleiadens theory?
I have a lot of weird wild vivid dreams and almost always remember them, not with UFOs but with what will be the topic of what i think read and find throughout the day.
Are we intruded? And if by whom and what for? Just to troll us?
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