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Yeah Why Not, Lets Just Kill This Dog

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posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 01:01 PM
Man I get so pissed off at people sometimes. In this case the Orange County Board of Supervisors. And some Veterinarian who is the OC Animal Care Director. There is a 4 year old Husky/ Wolf mix named Karma. She probably hasn't had the best of life, but lets just kill her. That's what I hear when I listen to this crap.

Karma was impounded when her owners were called in a domestic violence dispute. The Owners also had their 4 children taken. Supposedly the owners are drug addicts.

The story goes this dog got out one day and the dog ate a couple of cats. The crime is on the owners, not the dog. In all my years with dogs, they have not gotten out. That is the sign of an irresponsible pet owner. If my dogs got out, or a cat came in our yard, I have no hesitation saying there would be dead cats. It is in their nature. It does not make them dangerous to the General Public. This Vet said, that means they are dangerous.

Another time, the dogs was out and agressively charged a mother and child. Amazingly enough a bottle of water poured at the dog stopped it from attacking. This does not seem to be the actions of a dangerous dog. Karma did not knock the owner down, nor hurt the child as implied by Nurse Ratchet. She is a blood thirsty Vet tech like I have seen while volunteering at our local shelter.

This animal was neglected while his owners were high on something. Not Karma's fault for her actions. She was given a chance to stay in Lucerne Valley about a 100 miles away in another county. Wolf Mountain Sanctuary wanted to give Karma a good place to live. They know how to deal with these animals in a controlled manner, with no threat to the Public. OCBS said no.

Full Moon Farm wants to take Karma to North Carolina. The OCBS still seems to want to rule over this dog, even when their public will no longer be in danger. I guess they do know what's best. NOT! I can't stand these know alls. This dog has a chance to live a life away from society, but no, let's kill it. You should probably read the story. I can't do it justice, because I am blinded with anger.
Beverly Hills Courier

Board Chairman Todd Spitzer and Supervisors Lisa Bartlett and Michelle Steele voted to ask Orange County Superior Court Judge Corey S. Cramin on Wednesday to let the dog, Karma, be placed at Full Moon Farm, a wolf sanctuary in North Carolina. Supervisors Shawn Nelson and Andrew Do opposed the move.

Spitzer’s motion to place the dog with the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley last week failed when no one would second the move. The supervisors met behind closed doors today to discuss the 4-year-old husky mix’s situation.

At last week’s board meeting, Spitzer argued that the dog was “neglected and not fed,” prompting it to hunt down the two cats.

“So hungry dog, neglected by drug users, gets out and does what it is trained to do — goes after a cat just like Wile E. Coyote,” Spitzer said.

Hawkins said such behavior isn’t acceptable.

“It’s not common for dogs to be killing cats — that is why this (vicious dog) code exists,” she said.

Hawkins conceded that it was a “tough call” to decide the dog’s fate, but she insisted the animal poses a threat to the public and needs to be put to sleep. Hawkins cited a separate incident in which the dog aggressively ran at a woman carrying a child.

“She had to throw water (at the dog) and run and try to get away from the dog,” Hawkins said.

Although Spitzer contended the dog did not knock down the woman or bite or attack the children, Hawkins insisted, “In my professional opinion that is very close to being aggressive,” Hawkins said. Nelson blasted Spitzer for wanting to go against the advice of the county’s professional animal care director — as well as the judge who sided with Hawkins on the dog’s viciousness.

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posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 03:19 PM
She says it's "very close to being aggressive" meaning technically the dog did not behave aggressively and thereby is not a threat to the public. Ok so two cats were eaten, about three years ago... I'll be honest I'm not sure how it would end up, but if a kid was caught stealing, but it was found out that the kid was malnourished because the parents were drug addicts or alcoholics I doubt the kid would be punished. The child would be taken away by Child Services (don't get me started on that) and perhaps to a psychologist (because that always helps..), but because this isn't a human it doesn't deserve to be treated with compassion? Really now, well if the OCSCJ and Hawkins were really looking out for the safety of the public then they would have given the dog/wolf away to the wolf sanctuary in North Carolina where it would be taken care of, have a great range to live in (I assume), and not be a threat to the public! To me it just seems like someone wants their way and cares not for public safety nor life. Hawkins could find a great career in politics. Where has the compassion gone people?!


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