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posted on Sep, 25 2015 @ 12:59 AM
Psychological profiling and divergency makes a unique personality trait, usually cause most people are under the influence of dogmas, either by religion or state. When you are put under the loop hole, someone is gonna follow you every step you take, try to manipulate you in every way possible,the intent is to break you or make you into a martyr fitting a purpose. Its a binding spell, someone will follow you until the end, like a guardian angel, but its a human with a purpose of intention.

The doctor looked at the patient, his jaw dropped, without realizing it, he understood the man wasnt crazy, he understood it all to well.

I knew i was manipulated so i went "off grid", they found ways, small steps to lure me back. Like a social experiment. My brain doesnt have an off switch, its just goes on. Its a curse which a few can understand, but somehow you see it as a gift.

The Doctor, grabbed his notebook and started writing down every word.

When they loose control, or you understand that you are manipulated, you can set them into panic by just vanishing into thin air. The resources they put into making or bending into their purpose is... They play games with you, they use you like a rat in a maze just to see how you solve the puzzle. If you solve it, they know you see weaknesses and use you to fix them..

For them you are a toy, a gadget, a simple tool. They know you will not abide to their rules of free will since it doesnt exist, instead the overload you with information until your brain goes high wire mode of the stress and the flight or fight mode. Just cause they know its a way of success, cause you will first fight and then flee.

So Doctor please profile me now, did i become a huge success or a catastrophic failure? . The last word the man in the raincoat uttered was definition of what he was, and the Doctor couldnt.

Doctor the raincoat man replied; I want to be left alone, thats all im asking.
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