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Cleansing the Karmic Slate

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posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:42 PM
Deeds accrued in life follow you into the next world.

Acts committed within this physical reality cling unto you throughout time.

Karma is quite real, and its cause and effect machinations travel with you between lives. Good karma--kind deeds done in benevolence with love--will manifest later in positive rewards. And bad karma--foul deeds done from mindstates of negativity or evil--will later affect you with situations adverse.

Everything you do throughout life manifests from intentions in the mind. Thought arises in advance of action; impulse occurs antecedent effect.

Thus throughout time and into perpetuity, forces celestial can scrutinize your deeds towards discovering the real motivations that subside behind every outward behavior. And that pairing of intention unto act generates an accrual of karma.

Therefore when you do nice things for nice reasons, you gain positive karma.

When you do bad things for bad reasons, you incur negative karma.

And when you do good things for bad reasons, you receive slightly less merit than otherwise you would've received.

And when you do bad things for good reasons, you accrue slightly less of a penalty.

Thus the karmic system is incredibly easy to understand--and it becomes incredibly important when you consider that everything that happens unto you in future lives and realities depends upon the worth of your karmic track record.

If you have an unblemished report card of benevolence, you qualify for better lives on better worlds and receive the best possible treatment through positive coincidence and serendipity.

If you have a list of failings a mile long, you might find yourself suffering through remedial punishment lives designed towards teaching you to never do those things unto other people again.

Thus every reason you have towards wanting keep your karmic slate clean as possible--giving you the best possible chances of scoring those reward lives available unto the chosen few who qualify for admittance into the most wonderful realms. And every cause you should have towards wanting minimize the amount of bad karma you wrack up throughout the rest of your life.

But what about the bad karma that already exists on your celestial report card? What about those preexisting debts on your cosmic credit report?

What can be done about those?

The answer is ameliorative action. The solution is making a list of the karmic debts you believe you owe through inconsiderate, malicious, and outright evil deeds committed throughout this life.

Then once you have that list, start thinking about ways you could repay those debts.

For example, if as a teenager you performed a dine-and-dash (leaving without paying the bill) at a local restaurant, you could cancel out that karmic debt by buying a gift card for that business then cutting it up without using it. Thus you can repay in full the money you essentially stole.

Another example would be if you hurt someone's feelings through harsh words, perform an act of corresponding kindness designed towards making that same person feel good. Bake them cookies, buy them coffee, or simply make it a point to start telling them how much you love them and care.

For every deed incurring bad karma in your life, there exists some way you can provide reparations. And even if you feel those reparations fail fit the crime exactly, even making an honest attempt at correcting your mistake will go a long way towards cleansing your karmic slate. And that attempt towardsreparations will count a lot more in celestial circles because you did it of your own free will--without any overt coercion or other extraneous influence that would diminish the kindness of that remunerative act.

Your goal should be to leave each life with a net positive karmic balance. And that means this: Beyond simply doing a wealth of good deeds designed towards accumulating for yourself a wealth of karmic value, beyond simply refraining from committing additional acts of bad karma going forward--you must also counteract all the adverse karma you intentionally or accidentally generated throughout your past.

Taking steps towards cleansing the karmic slate throughout each life ensures you the best possible opportunity towards advancing fast through the celestial ranks--and accelerating your development towards perfection.

Above all else, spirits celestial appreciate the thought and effort involved from those who correct their mistakes whilst still incarnate. And more than anything, you'll enjoy the vast rewards that come from being metaphysically proactive in ameliorating and effacing your errs.

Earth is but a single planet in an immense universe. There are trillions of other worlds out there--and many of them exist at higher levels of technological and spiritual development.

But only those refined spirits with positive karmic balances can be eligible for those most-amazing lives.

So start cleansing the karmic slate today. Leave this life without anything bad on your track record.

And I promise, the rewards you earn in the world beyond will far exceed the efforts you put into fixing your mistakes.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:49 PM
Great post! Kim Jong Un must of been an angel in his past life judging by your premises and rules, I don't but it, for this to exist a unknown future must not exist.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 07:50 PM
I dunno....seems fairly self-serving and not sure that genuinely pays off a karmic debt. Plus, it's easy to say sorry, harder and more honorable still to stop doing bad things.

posted on Sep, 25 2015 @ 09:59 AM
So karma is basically mastercard?

not sure i agree with that interpretation.

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