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i bet alex jones browses ats

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posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 01:57 AM
i dont mean just for getting storys for his show, i mean maybe a account or two where hes pro and anti alex,he seems like a big enough troll, i know thats what i would do if i was as famous as him.


posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 02:16 AM
If you get to be as famous as him, change your avatar !!!

Kidding of course....

.... change it now before its too late !!!

posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 03:17 AM
a reply to: theboarman

I got a feeling you are Alex (TheBoarman)!
I think you will find a lot of users rip his sites for stories, while I don't mind Alex I take him as satire.

posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 04:51 AM
ATS is cannon regarding conspiracies and alternative news.
Just like any guy who's into the stock market will check the WSJ, I'm sure he lurks ATS, not so sure if he's an active member.

posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 05:19 AM
I think he'd get banned for being a loon.

ATS, you can't rage quit. But you can be escorted out and I've seen very rational minds go the way of the boot... someone with the arrogance and temper of jones would not last 5 seconds here.

he'd bernard himself so hard we'd all have 2 beautiful children, alphie, simon and teresa. all two of them.

posted on Sep, 22 2015 @ 11:39 AM
Yeah he's probably another hypocrite mod too, whom abuses his privileges as well.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 09:28 PM
a reply to: theboarman

I don't think he would be. He doesn't know how to do research nor do any of his infowars cult members.

posted on Sep, 24 2015 @ 09:40 PM
Each one of us is equal to Alex Jones, and I think would say no less.

On many occasions he has specifically said that he reads "The Drudge Report".

He does have a team of people who read the net for him, and I'm sure ATS is read by more than one, but that isn't really what this thread is about is it. It's about AJ. Shall we discuss him, then? Have you ever heard him speak to his peers.

In this 32 minute video he
    likens himself to a dead dog covered in maggots
    goes angry over the first amendment
    advises fellow talk show hosts to be "real"
    declares the enemy as Technocrats and Monopoly Men
    the public is tired of politicians
    The public IQs are lower
    lists the staggering number of daily downloads he gets
    talks about how he got his start
    planned artificial scarcity
    how to convince people on the internet you are not lying

I've haven't been too impressed with him in the past, but I find this video to be quite extraordinary. I hope he didn't just peak with this one. That he continues to improve.

David Grouchy

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