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Learning the Lines

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posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 04:53 PM
The lines of reality are what govern the events and occurrence in your life.

And they were written into being long prior the moment of your corporeal birth.

Well before you existed in this reality, certain things about your life had already been decided. Certain trajectories your reality could take had already been scripted into existence.

Think about it. Simply because of your genetics, your socioeconomic status, your societal surroundings, and your parents upbringing, unto you certain avenues in life remained sealed off from the moment of your birth. And certain other routes became near-inevitabilities.

We can't all be president. We can't all be a movie star. We can't all be famous.

Those things are largely governed by the lines of reality--the invisible genetic, biological, situational, and psychic constraints that lock your life onto certain fixed paths.

So right now, although it might seem like you have infinite possibilities stretching ahead of you into the future, the realistic set of outcomes for your existence are constrained and limited in a number of significant ways. And those restraints subtly guide your path going forward.

Think of this like unlocking a skill tree in a video game. After you take so many skill points leading down certain routes, other branchways along others forking paths become less appealing--because it becomes far more advantageous to keep pressing on in the direction you already commenced traveling.

In life you can envision this by considering things like choosing a major in college. Once you pick a major and lock yourself in, after taking three years of coursework towards that goal, the likelihood of you deciding to backtrack and select a different route are relatively low.

And once you begin a career in one field, the likelihood of you changing into an alternate line of work steadily goes down with each passing year.

Things like that constrain your choices moving forward into the future and keep you locked upon certain predetermined lines. Thus knowing your lines conveys a massive advantage--because just like pre-planning your leveling progressions in a video game--having a predetermined build order for your life can help you optimize your chances of attaining apex success.

Thus look at your life and microanalyze your situations. Examine the circumstances attendant unto your reality and start looking for patterns in your existence.

From events in your reality and advantages you possess, start working towards deciphering your lines--because once you have them, you can work with destiny instead of against it, and start maximizing your potential.

Perhaps your parents are doctors pushing you towards medical school. Perhaps you've a natural gift for art and cartooning.

Whatever advantages you have and whatever talents you enjoy, those are indicia of the lines you should be following. Those are the skill paths you should maximize towards making the most of your life.

Like creating an epic build in a role-playing game, crafting yourself into superhero status involves nothing more than optimizing the inherent advantages you already possess--and putting the bulk of your time towards developing and maximizing those natural skills.

This is the benefit that comes from reading the lines of reality and working within those individualized constraints. You identify and reverse-engineer the design of your life then begin working with the flow of reality instead of fighting against it. Thus you increase your chances of maximizing the outcome of your world.

So study your life. Identify your intrinsic advantages.

Contemplate in your mind which direction your life should naturally unfold.

Locate the lines of reality within your life and work with them, and they'll naturally carry you further downstream along the river of potential.

Fight against them needlessly, and you'll find yourself wasting long years wrestling those waters whilst remaining inexplicably and frustratingly stuck in place.

posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 05:29 PM
This is a fine argument for why none of this is supernatural, metaphysical, or even philosophical. The choices we make are the path we take.

a reply to: Trachel

posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 06:10 PM
I need a personal evaluation of what my life means, can you help?

posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 07:43 PM
a reply to: Trachel

You're right! I've wasted my experience points!

If I change classes now it'll take too long to grind up levels again.

Can we roll out another character?
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