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Translation (poem)

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posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 11:18 AM


Sometimes, it's about what we experience,
Maybe you've lived, something I haven't yet.
And that's why I can't see what you see,
Or comprehend the things you say to me.

It's not lack of trying, that's for sure,
And I do listen, to every one of your words.
But that doesn't mean I can fully relate,
To everything you try to communicate.

Back and forth, we jockey sentences,
Trying to make sense, of the senselessness.
Unsure if we know what each other is saying,
Do you understand, the thought I'm relaying?

Maybe you speak a different language,
Which could make it hard, to explain things.
Or my words may mean different things,
So sometimes you find them, insulting.

But, I'm glad that we keep on tryin,
To come together, not remain divided.
Changing the views we have of each other,
And understanding we're all in this together.


Don't stop writing, whatever you do.
Let the emotions flow, freely from you.
Say whatever you need to let out,
Don't let others fill you with doubt.

I'm not gonna scream that loud,
You won't listen to me anyhow.
Some battles are not worth the fight,
Just to prove, who's wrong and right.

These are the chapters of my life,
Written down here, in black and white.
Personal stories of the present and past,
Of the light I spread, and shadows I cast.

Each chapter and page is a reflection of me,
Of how I became, what you presently see,
Experiences that others would not understand,
A path that could be traveled, by no other man


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edit on 19-9-2015 by blend57 because: (no reason given)

posted on Sep, 19 2015 @ 12:28 PM
Those were great! I especially liked translation, pretty much sums up my everyday communications!


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