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posted on Sep, 18 2015 @ 06:22 AM
A man stands bowed;" Speak, i roared with a thunderous cloud"

Those who pass the gate, does not come with hate;
Those who climbs the wall, does only seek our fall.

The man never looked towards my gaze; he didnt want to see the graze.

You bring me tears, cause of fear!?
You have no faith, cause you see a wraith!

You ask if she is old, cause you seek nothing but gold!
its called the ages of time and you think of it as a crime!!!!!!!

With every word the voice deepens, i could see the weeping.

You protect your house, but forget to feed the mouse.
If you do not see the slow-worm, it will only make you squirm.

I will bless one, cause she acts with the Sun
And i will curse another, the other i will smother.

Open the gates to the South, or you will all feel the drouth.
Share them among you, now i gave something true.

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