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Roastie from the postie: How a first class spud crossed Irish Sea

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posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 11:42 AM
This has to be one of the strangest and in a way coolest stories I've read for quite a while , so I share it with you to make of it what you will , mash , chips .....

The British postal service is a wonderful thing , so much so that when the sister of Dermot Bradley sent him a Maris Piper potato from her home in Birmingham England to his in Londonderry , Northern Ireland it arrived in the condition it left , complete with stamp and thank you message.

"My 11-year-old son answered the door and he came in with his eyes as wide as saucers and he just stood there with the spud in his hands," said Dermot.
"We just erupted into laughter.
"The postie told me that in 14 years, that was the most unusual delivery he ever made."
After the hot potato pandemonium had died down, the Bradley family noticed a message on the back of the spud thanking Dermot for a wonderful wedding.
"Edel's been living in England for a long time and she decided to come back to Derry to get married," he said.
"Ireland being synonymous with the spud, she decided to have a spud-themed wedding.
"She's a good, practical Derry woman so she went and bought two stone of spuds to decorate the hotel."

You couldn't make it up.

posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:14 PM
a reply to: gortex

As a postie myself, I approve of this story. 👍

posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:55 PM
It's so wonderful to hear of things like this. There is some fun left in the world and in people's hearts.

posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 03:06 PM
Arrrr.' to be sure , to be sure,to be sure. I love a good spud. Agria potatoes are the best. And our purple Maori potatoes can't be beat, not the the sweet potatoes but purple ones that look like dog poo.

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