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Majestica Unified

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posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:57 AM
Long before the cataclysmic war that tore the world of Majestica apart, it was divided by imaginary lines and nationalistic ideas. Much like Earth is today Majestica was once scarred by the lines of minds and ideals. Countries vied for power over the resources that lay hidden underneath the thin layer of rock that lay above her magmatic mantle and core.

One by one global conflicts rocked and scarred the surface of the planet with bomb craters and rivers flowing red with blood. It was during one such conflict that the three most powerful countries came together and decided to unite in order to prevent the complete annihilation of their species. This unified superpower slowly took over the globe and united the smaller countries as a unicellular organism absorbed smaller organisms around it. For once a single banner was flown across the entire planet. One species untied for peace and freedom.

Just as all good things though, it was not meant to last forever. The Majestic Empire lasted for ten thousand years, mighty among the stars and planets of the Milky Way. Outward they reached, colonizing their moons and the nearest rocky planets that would sustain them. They had achieved what most species could only dream of; life off of their mother planetoid. Strife seemed to have hidden itself in the shadows of their achievements, just as it has always done whenever unity and peace reigned supreme.

The first signs came in a Unified Senate meeting, when the Majestic Empire wanted to reel in more control over it's colonies, bring those people under their control and ultimately, unite all of them under a forced banner of oneness. Hackles were raised as the armed forces marched along the streets, blaring the almighty anthem, goose-stepping in one swift clenched fist throughout the Radiant system. Various military figures secretly opposed this move and wanted those colonies for themselves instead as another deadly sin was awoken: Greed.

Arguments broke out. Fists flew towards faces. Conflict arose once again.

The first shots were fired in an off-world colony, the sixth planet from the parent duo of stars, on the planet Ruby Glades. People dissatisfied with the way they were being treated shouted out in the form of violence as their taxes were raised to the point of starving them out of house and home. They had been trampled on one too many times by their homeworlders, and they would show their anger in some way. Rebellion spread once the cry rose into the silent sky.

The Unified Majestic Navy held them off as well as any Imperial navy would have held off a fleet of canoes and suicidal fishing barges. Right up until a sneak attack on Majestica herself. A bomb that would shake the planet and all life on it, though the worst would still be yet to come.

It was a sunny day on the resort island Centeria, tourists were doing the usual things tourists do on vacation at a five-star luxury continent resort. The avian were singing in the large palm like flora as guests explored the tropical paradise, blissfully unaware of what calamity would befall them in only a few short hours.

A famous singer took to the stage and chanted out in rhythmic tunes to a slow beat and tempo in a moody song to the stars as the fatal weapon streaked across the darkening sky. It was during a deep, vibrating chorus that it detonated. The warhead had struck and burrowed deep below the surface before t's deadly cargo of anti-matter collided into the magnetic chamber walls. The explosion was large enough to scorch the planet for three hundred miles around the epicenter.

There was no ejected material. It was all vaporized by the anti-matter blast. All that was left was a molten crater in the center of the planet's busiest port and resort continent. The outrage bristled out like the quivering quills on an angry hedgehog. The war entered a frenzy peak and what would ensue would be the dying shouts from the once glimmering empire of Majestica.

It lasted only three Sol years after that as larger and larger weapons were developed and deployed against each opposing force. Artificial craters scarred the faces of once colonized worlds as each rebellion was quelled through final extermination. Many had not realized the extent their once beloved leaders would go to just to maintain control. It all culminated one day as the Unified government announced total victory over the rebellious colony worlds.

A lone suicide bomber would carry out the dirty deed, driving the equivalent of three tons of anti-matter to the victory ceremony. All would watch in silence as this one last vengeful cry of freedom would ring out into the air. The blast would be felt across the globe. Civilization would be wiped from the face of the planet, and the entire Radiant system, on that morbid day.

And there she would sit, Mother Majestica, alone and scarred. Her once beautiful colors now were mixed with blacks and browns and reds. A new fault line would be opened, a large crater announcing to all what had opened it. At the center of that crater would have been the Imperial City of Majestica United. Now they were all United in death.

If only it were so easy...
edit on 12 25 1992 by DarkerJackal because: Made a small whoopsie.

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