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The System

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posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:29 AM
Light at the end of the tunnel
A Phoenix resurrected from death
You are pushed out into the world
Breathe in life with your first breath

Unfamiliar surroundings
You reach out while your eyes squint
Unaware of what you're entering
Your first step leaves behind a print

As the sun continues to rise
And the stars continue to dance
The clock never stops ticking
We are all lost in trance

Are you dying to live?
Or are you living to die?
Don't play by the rules
And you will not survive

Tales of freedom and free will
And dreams are sold to all
But separate from the pack
To stand alone and you will fall

Where class is divided
At the top they don't look down
But leave residue in abundance
For those at the bottom to drown

Tsunami of poisonous waves
Wash over our polluted minds
Programmed crooked priorities
Are there to create blurry lines

Nothing is what it seems
The truth is hidden in plain sight
Too busy battling the world
When the battle within is the main fight

Only the truth can set you free
You can't afford to pay the cost
And when your time here is up
Just hope that your soul isn't lost

Welcome to the system

posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:48 AM
I really enjoyed your poem.

Great ideals.

Always stay true to who you are, and what your purpose on this earth is.


posted on Sep, 16 2015 @ 12:57 AM
a reply to: openeyeswideshut

Thank you for the feedback and inspiring words.

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