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Price Tag of Bernie Sanders’s Proposals: $18 Trillion

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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 10:36 AM
First, I would like to point a post I truly agree with as an engineer myself.

originally posted by: [post=19820647]burdman30ott6

Things have to be thought out long-term, rather than looking at the current pricetag. Something might seem to cost extreme amounts right now, but it should be looked at as an investment rather than one-time cost. If it saves more eventually, why not go for it rather than choose the cheaper version that eventually ends costing far more??? One needs to see the woods behind the trees(local proverb).

The price tag is heavy, of course, but one needs to look where it leads to.

Universal healthcare = better health, higher productivity. Higher wages. Healthcare is currently one of the main bankruptcy reasons in US. You can try to prevent diseases, but you can not foresee these, you can not ensure you will never get cancer or whatever costful disease. There are way too many people out there who do not have enough to pay regular check-ups, to get their treatment. They do work, but in the end they are far less productive than they could be...

College education . Currently the economy is shifting towards knowledge-based economy. Considering automations and robotics, it is a matter of time, before majority of current jobs are not needed anymore, especially low-skilled ones. What should people do then??? If US wants any economic power in the future, the best way to ensure it is by getting a more educated population...

Living wage - everyone do not have the power of mastering some skill. One might think it all comes down to individual choices, but genetics, family is far more important. Im honest, I can learn something times faster than others - why should they suffer from their disadvantage??? Every job is necessary. Someone needs to clean the streets, someone needs to flip the burgers. There is need for these jobs, so these people doing such job should at least get to live from it... They need to live as well, otherwise crime will flourish. ( as it is currently in USA...). Countries where whatever ones job is and he/she can easily survive on 40 hour workweek have far less crime as there is no need to get the basics to live. Round here there are no foodstamps, because every can eat reasonably from their wage... Consider that for a change... US currently is subsidising the corporations by letting them not pay enough to their employees and covering the extra costs, as everyone needs to survive... If ones wages go solely on rent (in cheapest area), then the one will need to eat as well (so foodstamps)...

In the end, I see Bernie Sanders ideas (whether these would pass or not) as something that would help the nation as a whole. Better health, better wages (due to more skilled highly educated employees), lower crime rates. Everything is connected.

I am not American, but I hope the best for that nation due to interconnectedness of the world economies. If US goes down, so will European nations and the opposite. We should look after eachother whatever our nation is, because when you are screwed, I am screwed as well...

I sincerely hope that Bernie would win the presidential race, as he is the only person (from current candidates), who can create a change, a change for the better.

People, please, think on long-term benefits and the whole picture, rather than the current pricetag...
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posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: Cabin

Ha! All of what you've written was based on the premise that Congress is not corrupt, that there is spending oversight, and that Congress invests our financial resources in the people. None of this is true.

...OR you have presumed that Bernie has made Congressional spending oversight reform central to his $18 trillion plan.

But, no. None of the two parties ever offers a candidate with Congressional spending oversight reform central to their campaign.

I remember all the phantom districts that received millions from Obama's Stimulus plan. Congress never really answered to that. It was all washed away with the idea that recipients entered in invalid zip codes.

Ever type in an invalid zip code online? I always get an error that says "Please enter valid zip code." We don't even have BASIC oversight in place.

And, as I recall, Bernie's state, Vermont, received $4.6 million in stimulus money for SEVEN districts, yet they only have ONE.

How many jobs did $4.6 million create?

7 1/2 jobs

Ridic. Congress cannot wait to spend Bernie's $18 trillion -- $1 trillion of that is for a stimulus package alone.

Bernie has the full backing of Congress...whether they admit or not, they are all pulling for him.

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