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The peak

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posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 01:16 PM
It was long ago the old man and i took a walk, gaze at the nature, watching the river flow, and seeing the highest peak.

The old man pointed at the peak;"Lets go there, i want to show you something"

Somewhere i already knew what he wanted me to see, but i always walked besides to old man, even though i knew he wanted me take the throne, somehow i couldnt, it wasnt mine, the throne was for a human and it was a long time ago i could ever consider me a human. Under my beggar clothes, the armor flowed with blood and fire...

I watched every step i took, the feet getting heavier and heavier, and i stopped; "Old man, i cant take the throne. "
He looked at me; "Who said you were gonna climb the throne?"
"You appoint two, let the righteous one climb the skull and bones, you will serve like you and your ancestors always have. "
"I knew you heard the calling"

I gazed upon the old man, and he kept on walking. We reached the peak and looked down, and there was a tent.
"You know what this is"; The old man said.
I looked down and there was a sea of blood; "This is your birthright", and the sea of blood floated upwards and towards me, i took a step back, but the crimson armor took control, i couldnt feel, and my crimson armor drank from the sea until it was no more.

"What do you see" the old man asked.
"Death, i see death", i looked at my both sides and ten demons appear, i didnt speak anymore, the crimson armor lead the demons.
Then two more demons appeared, " Yes master we will do your biding" they chanted together.

Where the tent was, humans gathered, at first thousands, then millions. They just came out of nowhere, and i knew, i had no choice. I looked at both demons, and said. I want all their souls, the moon turned red, and the world turned dark.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: Hyperia

I'm really digging your style and imagery. I just really wish it was a little more polished with some more meat on the bones but you do have something here, I'm interested in characters I know next to nothing about and that's a good thing. Flesh these little stories out and hook them together, I like what you are doing but I don't seem to actually know what that is.

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