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Highway closed and manhunt underway in Kentucky after state trooper is shot and killed

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posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:09 AM
Looks like this is becoming a weekly, if not more frequent, event. Another trooper shot and killed with manhunt underway.


A manhunt has been launched in Kentucky after a state trooper was shot and killed by a gunman who fled into nearby woods following a high speed pursuit.
Police have shut down a section of Interstate 24 as they investigate the death of trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, 31.
The suspect has been named by Kentucky State Police as Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, a 25-year-old from Missouri, who authorities warn should be considered 'armed and dangerous'.

Seems they already have the suspect named and it is just a matter of finding this one. It was a car pursuit that ended in a collision with the LEO and then he was shot.

This also is not his first run in with a police officer. He has a mughsot from another run-in in 2014.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:13 AM
a reply to: Vasa Croe

Unfortunately, this is going to become more popular methinks.

I hate to say it, very much so, but there's a breaking point here and we may have just passed it over the last several months.

Citizens are tired of police not being held accountable. And criminals are using the anti cop rhetoric to basically execute any they want right now without there being this giant community backlash.

Well at least not one the media wants to show you anyway. Nationally something is going to need to change about policing, and something is going to need to change about the citizenry, if we want this to stop.

I don't know what that is yet, but anything that increases transparency and accountability will go a long way.


posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: tothetenthpower

I am sure that is the case as well. Sad thing is, this was a rookie cop. It wasn't a targeted police officer that may have done some wrong to the suspect....just a noob on the force.

These stories baffle me as to the mindset of the shooter. Obviously a split second decision, but the mentality behind it shows a sick impulsiveness that would seem that no matter who it was, if this guy was upset over something, he would kill them.

Just looking up his bookings, this guy had a couple last year....
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posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:39 AM

ETA - I don't think this was a targeted attack. The officer had pulled the guy over and he took off, with the officer in pursuit. I think it was a "do anything to get away" shooting. He'd been in trouble before and may have had something in the car that would have sent him to prison for a long time, so he thought he had nothing to lose.
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posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: tothetenthpower

Accountability has been rapidly increasing. And the main meme for the anti-police activists (hands up, don't shoot) was proven to be false. I'm not saying that there haven't been unjustified shootings of citizens by police. Nothing of the sort. But it seems to me that many people (not you, Tenth. Not pointing any fingers) feel the accountability issue has become worse, not better. Which simply is not the case. People are using this situation to justify throwing civilized behavior out the window, and in the areas where police presence has decreased because of it, the violent crime rates are skyrocketing. Look at Ferguson, or Baltimore. The public pressure and threat to LEO safety from the residents cause the respective departments to decrease patrols in certain areas. Those areas immediately fell into the toilet as far as crime statistics go. And it's the residents of those areas committing the crimes, and complaining afterwards about the crime problem.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 06:53 AM
a reply to: tothetenthpower

I hate to say it, very much so, but there's a breaking point here and we may have just passed it over the last several months.

Citizens are tired of police not being held accountable

What I'm afraid of is the backlash against the law abiding citizen. The ones who were honestly not paying attention to their speed or in a hurry and get pulled over by a nervous officer. I understand that when a cop pulls you over, he doesn't know if you're a good or bad guy, but the majority of us will just take the ticket and go. These shootings have been by folks with a criminal background, who have vendettas against any law enforcement. It's the innocent citizen who's getting a speeding ticket that I fear for. Lady reaches in to her purse for her license, cop sees a glint of metal, fears the worst and .........................

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: tothetenthpower

Couldn't of said it better myself.

Personally, while this situation the LEO may have been totally innocent - it is completely overdue for the citizens of the USA to start "fighting back". The scum that infects this countries law enforcement needs to be put in check and if the government does not do anything about it, the citizens will.

I cannot wait to move back to the Hawaiian islands. It may be considered part of the U.S. but anyone who's lived there knows that it is not the U.S.

Cops for the most part stay out of your business unless you're actually asking for trouble. I cannot stand this country anymore.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: pfishy

Accountability has not become any better, noticeably, period.

Show me a situation where IA has went through and got rid of dirty officers. There's about 10x more stories about officers getting off with blue privilege.

posted on Sep, 14 2015 @ 07:47 AM
Please use existing thread.


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