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Ringer on the finger

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 06:37 PM
- I met a stranger by the old square, he seemed different. I asked him who we was, and where he was heading, he replied he didnt know.
But he introduced himself as David, and i couldnt stopp laughing.
- Old man? Old man are you listening???

- Yes, yes, im listening! He replied.

So he came about and started preaching, about everything he was taught, so i asked him, will you die defending what you believe in.. He hesitated, so i had enough.

I told him, when a wolf bites your hand off, will you still put a ring on your left hand. He stood in shock, and he asked who are you, i told him, i am only a judge, i cannot do anything be myself. But i hear everything. That is my burden.. He took a step back..

- Old man you are sleeping arent you???
- No, can you get to the point! You unfaithful onE!

So i whispered slowly, everyone who is left will paint the sea red, anyone who is unfaithful will build a altar with their bones, cause the wolf will bite the hand, and they will be married, and i pointed to the blood moon.

- Why are you always scaring everyone? the old man asked
- No im not, im just saying the truth, you wanna live, then run.....

- But you did tell him about the snakes? The old man, wondered.
- Nah, doesnt make any sense. But its a riddle for anyone to solve.
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