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Judging a Society

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 03:23 PM
Too often we take the world around us as a static constant.

Too frequently we find ourselves unquestioningly accepting our attendant surroundings.

This is the very definition of normalcy bias, which occurs when you fall into a pattern of taking your current default state as an unyielding given. And this is the very trap we fall into when living our whole lives within an individual society.

You assume the structure of that society is typical. And you presume its ethics are sound.

But both of those are fatal mistakes that stop you from ethically growing--and prevent our shared culture from moving forward in positive directions. Because when you take all of its nuances for granted, you never bother recognizing what within it could be made better--or realizing all within it that stands as corrupt.

A society is nothing more than the composite ethics of its people. And seen from that angle, you should be disturbed if you find yourself living within the United States.

Here, insider trading is legal for congressmen.

Here, corporations can buy out elections.

Here, the NSA is spying on everyone.

Here, TPTB essentially ignore our rights under the Constitution.

These are all warning signs that you live in a corrupt, decaying, despondent society. And those things should perpetually remain your foremost concerns.

Yet instead of taking action and demanding real change--instead of rising up en masse and regaining the helm of this out-of-control and fast-sinking ship--people slip almost immediately back into states of despondent apathy.

They passively accept the situation instead of realizing they could instead be actively controlling it.

They willingly embrace their role as cattle, never recognizing that together they own the entire ranch.

And that's another massive sign of a decaying population--herds of indifferent masses that'll willingly sit back and get fleeced repeatedly before being led to slaughter.

Take a good look around you and judge this society. Then decide if you'd rather continue embracing its corruption as the status quo--or whether you'd rather start waking up and acting towards effectuating real change.

We the people built this nation. We the people own this society.

And we--the people--share this world in common.

The first step towards making a real personal transformation involves looking around and recognizing the corruption and filth staring you constantly in the eye. See a culture obsessed with sex and violence and sports and entertainment--and see a culture totally indifferent towards climbing free from the swampy morass in which it subsides.

Once you see the revolting nature of the world around you, you'll finally be ready to start unplugging from its connections into your cerebellum. Turn off the television, disconnect from the news, remove yourself from the mainstream--

Then start ascending towards new personal heights.

Because only once you judge a society will you recognize that you yourself have the power to change anything about it you dislike.

And only once you grow empowered on the knowledge can you become a superhero that can truly spread light throughout this world.

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 03:43 PM
The current generation of society or posably the next might be the last if we continue to be lead down the road we are on by a select few bastards with only there own self interests at heart.

Nature will judge us unworthy of caretakership of our earth and move along to the next species.
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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 05:16 PM
I see it as a handicap the modern tendency to never "judge'' anything.
Too much political correctness, too much avoiding the hard truths.
Then we find ourselves in so many awkward situations where everybody is right and all is made in heaven, but we feel frustrated as hell.

It is possible to judge situations and outcomes without necessarily judging people.
Is more than possible, is imperative.
Otherwise we're just a bunch of sheeple at the mercy of wolves.

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 05:27 PM
a reply to: WhiteHat

Truth is through that most people prefer to be sheeple down to the notion that ignorance us bliss.

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