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September 23, Newton's Riddle, and The Spirit of Paul Harvey

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 08:55 AM
This post is about predictions and prophecy.

This post is longer than the warning messaging about how long a post should be and fits within every guideline I've read.

Personally I've always felt I could pick up on certain things maybe less than others but some things throughout my life have stuck out. Either it be a dream or some "psychic feeling" when I'm awake.

So I was lucid dreaming one night and felt like I was able to root around in that psychic plane. Earlier that day I felt like some persons I deal with in business had wished evil on me or failing and it has happened on another occasion that I have don't business with them. So in my dream I thought of this and asked these questions: 'did he, can they do this?' My response was they tap into this spirit of this entity to be able to do harm or gain information. My next question of my dream was; 'who does he tap into' and I didn't get a name but a description of a an entity described as the "king of demons". Along with this I was shown Kanye West and that they keep an award at the show for him in case he comes as if he taps into this "king of demons".

Maybe it was all just a dream but it got me researching demons. Upon researching various demons and names of devils and demons ( I noticed a lot begin with 'A' or 'Z' names I started reading about "Zagan or Zagam" and came across a fictional boom entitled 'Newton's Riddle' by Authir Neil Russell. I read a large part of it and the whole book can be found on google books as a free read. The book read like the 1965 recording by Paul Harvey entitled 'The Spitit of Paul Harvey' which you must hear:
[also known as 'If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey]

The recording and book have a similar feel. They also maybe a little relative to Mark Teains book entitled; 'Letters From Earth'. Which I recomend. Specially if these two things have intrested you.

I never find it a coincidence the things I come across and the times I find them. I believe we are led to such things wether it's a matter of fate or guardian angels or god. With all this talk of J. Cahn and the 7th year rest of debt or the lack there of thus intervention by god and many other prophecies and predictions going to this date and month and year in general. I felt it important to mention this book due to another date of September 23. Mind you the book is fiction so I'm not sure if the date is made up by the author or he is using an actuall date Newton used for an end times prediction but here is what I found:

The Prophecy of Sir Isaac Newton ... Incorporating Sir Isaac Newton's extensive research, Bible prophecy, and the bond that ... takes one exactly to September 23 rd, 2015, the Day of Atonement 2015.

Beyond this there have been calculations based on the day Israel became a state again and calculating up based on a prophecy in Daniel.

I am not gonna quote or post the graph since many people tend to make these with little to no basis or do calculation theory by changing various things like amount of days in a year, a length of a year based on a Jewish calendar, days meaning years, years meaning days, months meaning weeks, etc. And besides I do not now if the date is by Newton himself and if so what he based his date on.
Newtons breakdown has been found at this link below I will add in this edit:
Newtons prophecy calculations and basis for sept 23

I can say other things stating this date have also been theorized to be connected to the 70 weeks prophecy in the book of Daniel as well as the 1290 days prophecy in the Book of Daniel.

The most amazing fact is this date keeps coming up. And all the coincidences of other things toed to the date. However I do not believe in coincidences. There is a reason for it. Even if it hasn't been revealed yet or we are just unable to see it yet. There is definitely a reason we are all seeing this date.

Newton's Riddle to page about Zagan and America

Snopes article on the Paul Harvey Recording dates and additions

Letters From Earth By Mark Twain (full text)

Sir Isaac Newton Daniel and the Apocalypse

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 09:56 AM
The charter school my girlfriend works at has September 23 off. You can count the jewish students on a hand and a half out of hundreds.
My magic 8 ball says "all signs point to yes".

It's just another day. But I gave you props for the title alone.

Eta: Newton said 2061. He was so anal about math and gematria I don't think he would mess up his numbers comparing the jewish calendar with the gregorian one.
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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 03:12 PM
Newton wasn't the only one who thought something significant might happen this month. There were other early church fathers who thought the same.

Now, I guess we're going to get to see how accurate they all were. I wish she had put their rationales in this video. It would help to know if they all arrived at their conclusions through independent analysis or if they were all working off the same base. But regardless, she does list the authors and sources, so presumably, if you have access to the proper archives, you could dig these up and check for yourself.

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