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Friend (poem)

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 05:47 AM


So aggravating, you can be,
I swear you do it purposely.
Annoy me to the bitter end,
And yet, I'm glad to call you friend.

I would hate to have you as a foe,
I've seen you in full a-hole mode.
Argue, insult, then change your tune,
Ahh!! so annoying! those things you do.

Wake me up at three a.m.
Just because you can't sleep then,
Once I am out of full sleep mode,
You say goodnight, and then just go.

You don't listen to, anything I say,
Disappear, for a few days.
Then act like it was all my fault,
When we both know, that it's really not.

Drive me insane,to the bitter edge,
So bad, I want to jump from the ledge,
Because at least then, I'll still have my sanity,
I choose instead, to shout profanities...

At of my dearest friends,
Glad to know you, glad you let me in.
I wouldn't change you, for anything,
At least you make life more interesting.




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