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A total reset

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:36 AM
Post by 727sky on Sep 9, 2015 at 11:57pm
I remember how some people used to say they could not wait for a total reset of civilization. They dreamed of the day when the people would rise up against some of the evil Governments, Banksters, or whoever they felt was oppressing them. Little did they realize that the reset would come from a place where few were looking or expecting. Most people were not even slightly aware of the new and real calamity that had been brewing for thousands of years; just waiting patiently and moving so slowly that only the most observant researchers could notice.. Those who spoke a warning were dismissed with the tired old phrases used on anyone who disagrees with the officially accepted and monied directed norm.

Hundreds of societies around the world were in disagreement with many of their government's official stances on a variety of subjects but what could they really do, for the citizens were busy just trying to make a living and survive. The people had been lied to, many times before, just so their government could instigate another tax scheme or cover their tracks in what most would consider wrong doing; more and more taxes was always the call with few exceptions while national security was a blanket cover for all wrong doing.

The actual reset caused Earth's climate to become more extreme with overall cooler summers and extreme winters. Rainfall patterns that mankind had become accustomed to for crop production changed all over the world causing food production to gradually become more problematic as farmers scrambled for water to irrigate their crops. It was cooler in many parts of the world so there was less evaporation thus less rain fall.

Pretty simple really, for you see all the hype about Global Warming, was one hundred and eighty degrees off target. The much anticipated reset for mankind actually became noticeable before the year 2000 but there was no money for new Carbon taxes with the truth, so the facts were ignored to help with the one world government tax scheme and the dreamed of, distribution of the world's wealth to the elite..

The Global warming crowd finally had to change their program from Global warming to Climate Change and finally to Climate Disruption for their computer models did not match what was actually happening on planet earth. These much touted computer models had proven time after time to reflect only their own computer creations and not actual observations or anything resembling the reality of what was currently happening to earth's climate. One big problem with the much advertised and spoken of global warming/disruption was even when using the most optimistic numbers, they showed only an .8 degree warming from 1900 until 1998. No matter, that was enough to stir some very smart thinkers into how they could make money and control the worlds population all in one brilliant propaganda psyop.

There was no funding for the few scientist using real (unadjusted for a political outcome) temperature data after 1998 and the obvious actual truths of the data collected. Even historical cycle data spanning thousands of years was ignored so their plans for the population and their insatiable appetite for money and power could continue .. Were certain areas of the earth hotter ? Of course they were; and of course those temperatures were reported all over the news while the record colds and snow fall was ignored or blamed on man made CO2 and Global warming, even when the snow was 20 feet deep for the first time in record keeping history around many places of the world.


posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:37 AM
Just to add, there was plenty of real hard science from ice core samples showing that in the last 400,000 years earth had been this warm or warmer 4 times and that during the Cretaceous period CO2 was at least six times higher than the present. When the continent of India and it's tectonic plate collided with the Chinese plate the resulting mountains that rose to over 30,000 feet caused much rock erosion. This erosion sucked most of the CO2 out of the atmosphere and placed it into the oceans of the world thus depleting the Cretaceous CO2 to a level of less than 150 PPM. Big ice age followed !

We are now in a warm period of a very cold cycle and as luck would have it with all the CO2 we as a species have added to the atmosphere has helped our global temperatures remain more or less stable for the last 10,000 years with brief interludes of severe cold and heat. The added CO2 enabled our avoidance of the already scheduled ice age; that was until 1998. There were indications that this balance was not to last, for the earths orbit and axial tilt overcame all the added CO2 of the last 5000 years.

Some scientist warned and put forth put forth the theory that without the CO2 that had been added we would already be seeing glaciers covering most of the northern latitudes, but their theories and warnings fell on deaf ears regardless of the historical data..

Long term climate and weather was complicated due to what some would call the noise or normal fluctuations in temperature and water vapor in the atmosphere which skewered the short term data collection, however the trends were showing a cooling.

As usual, historical facts did not further the agenda nor satisfy the brain washed masses or highly funded mouth pieces on both sides of the argument.

Geo-politically speaking the Communist Party no longer ruled China. In its place was a plutocratic-military regime known as the Peoples Committee. Out of this Chinese 100 man committee there was one chosen to lead the country. This chosen leader could be removed by a simple popular vote by the remaining 99. Xio Shou Li Ping was the current committee head and he was the one smart, totally ruthless, leader that was chosen to lead the Chinese to their proper place and stature in world events..

Shortly after Ping's rise to power China severed all its ties with the U.S. to include recalling their Ambassador. Stock markets all over the world crashed over night, which the Chinese knew would happen. Their reasoning had been along the lines of, “America was a declining empire, which was holding China back from vital access to sea lanes and energy resources,” much as Japan had once thought; which had led to the USA getting into WW2 after the attack of Pearl Harbor. Also with China's economy in serious trouble even before the stock market crash, the Committee deemed it better to bring all the focus on an external source (USA/NATO) for their problems, than anything internal.
The Chinese had watched many leaders of western countries always blame someone else for their countries problems, which seemed to mollify their citizens, so why not emulate ? The Chinese committee members were very far sighted but could also grasp a new idea and turn it to their advantage. In China the blame game was working quite well with the stirring up of Chinese pride and resentment of anyone who would stand in the way their preordained and destined greatness.

With the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” philosophy, China launched a surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet, resulting in its near total destruction; Russian aircraft and Submarines assisted in the attack and made sailing even from the opposite East coast of America a very risky proposition for U.S. Fleet operations. Russia had been a declining power for more than three decades while at the same time China had emerged as a global giant with both economical and militarily clout. The legacy of these two empires left each feeling they should be playing (bigger and better) major roles in world affairs. China had the lead and Russia chose to follow as the thinking was, “America and Nato would be squeezed between their hammers (industrial production) and beheaded with their sickles (their combined military might)..Old cymbals which still rallied their populations.


posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:38 AM
Threats of Nuclear retaliation were just that, empty threats, for Russia and the Chinese Committee were both very forth coming in their statements that as soon as the first American nuke or ICBM was used they would both fire on previously targeted U.S. Cities and infrastructure. Even the America military leaders after careful consideration advised against starting a nuclear war when most their communications, GPS navigation systems and high tech navigation assets were now totally useless.

This was all due to the undisclosed Chinese and Russian spaced based offensive laser weapons which had targeted most of the western satellites and methodically destroyed almost all of their targets in the first two hours of this new conflict. The NATO powers had these weapons too ever since Reagan’s SDI days, but they were targeted and destroyed before any could even be used.

So much for international treaties, No ?

So, with America's spy and GPS satellites destroyed during the opening of the war the U.S. and allied fighting forces had basically been brought back to an almost WW2 level of command and control. The USA/NATO tried launching new spy satellites but they were shot down by Russian or Chinese ASAT (Anti-satellite weapons) before they even achieved a stable orbit. Then the launch sight was destroyed and all near by support facilities.


posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:41 AM
Washington's military computer networks were so badly compromised by jamming, spoofing, and decades of viral sabotage, that the beginning of the war reminded me of the opening episode of some Science fiction movie, where the puny Earthlings cannot see the Aliens and are defenseless against the super weapons they bring for their conquest.
With the destruction America's satellites, its warships and aviation assets blinded by electronic noise and no GPS, not to mention all the malware previously laying dormant in its communications networks; the USA was seriously lacking any defensive ability to respond short of a nuclear retaliation.

Everyone knew, once the nukes started to fly, the history of mankind would end that month if not that very day. Russian and the Chinese planners with their deep underground bunkers let it be known they had been preparing for this day since WW2 and a good 45 to 60% of their people would survive the nuclear exchange-- while the USA was guaranteed at least a 90% causality rate during the first few moments of the missiles raining down upon the cities and the land..

There were still those in the American military who wanted to launch but cooler heads realized that would be a lost cause for the entire world.

A whole flight of F-35s pilots scrambled to defend Hawaii, however, all the jet's computer systems went haywire from the Chinese and Russian electronic attacks. Their airborne radars detected phantom targets that didn't exist, and some of the GPS Lat Long position readouts put the flight over Denver instead of Maui. They had taken off to bravely defend, but returned without even firing a missile or a shot.

The automated tasks for all the services could not be trusted or they just failed out right and completely. It really was a case of the blind trying to lead the blind for there could not be any type of information overload or some type of "digital fog" for all the digital information was dead and flat screened black or flickering green bogus info. This was in the truest sense, a real fog of war that USA/NATO could not penetrate ! All caused by not knowing where your enemy was much less where you were if you were a ship at sea or an aircraft that used GPS navigation.

America's pilots and all of NATO had to learn to fly without GPS so they had to revert to civilian VOR/ADF navigation. Their smart bombs, became drop and pray bombs, just like WW2 if they were lucky to even get airborne much less find a target.. Laser guided munitions still worked but you had to find targets to illuminate.

Skills that the military had let lapse over the years were now in high demand. Ships, if they made it to sea, once again had to practice celestial navigation unless they were equipped with inertial navigation systems, which luckily, most large fighting ships were. However for aircraft, Inertial navigation units were expensive when compared to GPS units, (even after the usual military procurement and over pricing of the military GPS units).

Old sea dogs who could still work a sextant and do celestial navigation were called to active duty; some as old as 75 if they could still see and move about once on the ship. They were assigned to the smaller coastal picket ships putting out to sea when all the GPS navigation systems went down... Our Trident Nuclear power submarines (Boomers) we useless unless you wanted to light off a nuclear war and seal all of mankind’s fate..
Desperate times required everyone to do what they could.

To further complicate the situation, the U.S.A. found itself fighting World War III without a major manufacturing base.
Unfortunately, business people did not have idle factories they could quickly get up and running for a war effort of this magnitude. Another major problem to consider was there were not enough trained people to man what few factories that tried to gen-up for production, so most of the start-ups floundered or were blown up before they could make much of a difference for the allied war effort..

Due to tax advantages and cheap labor almost all of the once great American factories had been moved overseas or shut down as their parts were sold off to China and others willing to buy America's manufacturing assets and tooling.
The cyberwar coupled with the actual shooting war in the Pacific and Europe looked grim for the USA and its NATO allies no matter how you gauged it. The Philippines formally surrendered one week after Manila was bombed and leveled. Japan fought bravely with its few naval assets but most of their navy was destroyed within the first two weeks of the conflict. Okinawa and the U.S. Base there was totally destroyed the first few hours of China's attack.

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:42 AM
Europe was petrified by Russian incursions all over the map. Most of Europe knew with America effectively out of the game and the umbrella of their once powerful military force neutralized they stood no chance against the two remaining super powers.

The Japanese said they would never surrender but the Russian and Chinese cruise missiles (working off their own satellite navigation systems) showed them the error of their thinking by all but leveling Tokyo. Without a government or a Navy the Japanese Airforce was tasked for home defense as the Japanese military took over all government functions; to little to late for the millions that had already been killed.

Countries in Southeast Asia all scrambled to sign mutual defense agreements with the new world powers as did much of the rest of the world. Those who refused were given a very direct and stern demonstration why it was not wise to make mother Russia and or the Chinese Committee mad.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) were almost totally destroyed but the Vietnamese continued to infiltrate and battle their Chinese neighbor to the North West. Nothing China could not handle once they put a one million man mechanized army along the border and had them move south destroying everything and anyone they met; much like the Japanese had once done to the Chinese during WW2.

Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia formally asked the New Russian/Chinese Pact how they could help; which was a smart move on their part if they wanted to avoid the bombs and bullets of these two heavy weights..

In the mean time the Chinese/Russian planners of this great power grab had decided against a land, air, sea, assault on the American home land. They could stand off shore and use precision guided munitions to level any city in America so why waste man power when the thinking was, “The different fractions in the states would do the dirty work for them”. They were wrong on that account for the American citizens bonded from all walks of life to fight this new threat any way they could. It was hard (impossible) to fight cruise missiles with your store bought AK-47 or your trusty AR-15 but these weapons did come in handy along the southern borders..

There were odd groups of Central and South American fighters that were armed and sent north across the southern borders of the USA. They were met by agent provocateurs already prepositioned in certain cities of the border states. They were successful at first but as Yamamoto once said, “There are guns behind every blade of grass in America”, which was a slight overstatement, however there was much truth in what he once thought; for Americans of every walk of life generally got armed and refused to just lay down to the invaders or give up without a fight.. The reason I say generally is for there were those who tried to reason with some of the raiders. The poor souls were almost always killed and left as examples hanging from bridges and street lamp post as a warning to others. Some of the captured women wished they had been killed before they had to endure many of the horrors considered, worse than death.

Hastily formed militias and national guard units using their own equipment for the most part, were first to engage and defeat an expeditionary force that crossed the border at Brownsville, Texas. This enemy force, lead by members of the Zetas Cartel wanted to move on Houston to grab refineries; which would have been devastating to America's already impotent war effort.

Unfortunately not all went as well for other parts of the country; California was occupied by the invaders and Washington State, from what little news that got out, was on its last leg while using hit and run guerrilla tactics against a much larger invading force. All our Airbases and military facilities had been targeted. The airbases were mostly unusable and any military aircraft that made it to a civilian airport was destroyed along with the airport in short order. The Russian and Chinese spy satellites (along with their ground based assets and spies) were much better than anyone had ever dared to imagine.

Certainly better than our NATO satellites and listening post, for our assets had been destroyed or rendered useless.
America did not control the skies above it's own landmass and was technically electronically blinded and almost totally mute with all the jamming going on. The few F-22 fighter jets that had been built were being flown as much as they could be with their high technology data strings almost useless.

The F-35 program had been largely scaled back (just as the F-22) due to cost, so what 5th generation fighter aircraft we could launch quickly needed parts and ground time to be worked on and fixed.. The USA's Generation 4 aircraft were no match for the Chinese and Russian generation 5 fighters which seemed to be every place none would expect in Europe, Africa, and Asia.. There was no contact from Alaska and the Canadians swore that was where many of the Russian and Chinese aircraft and cruise missiles were coming from.

Most of the power stations in the states had been either sabotaged or out right shelled by stand-off munitions except for the nuclear power plants. The nuclear plants had all been shut down voluntarily expecting to be bombed at any moment; yet six months into the war they had been physically untouched or bombed.

Then, the first year without a summer hit, and hit hard. People froze to death all over the world especially in the northern and southern hemispheres. In the northern hemisphere during the month of July with no electricity and many without water coupled with an average daily temperature of only 42 degrees Fahrenheit in Kansas people did what they had to do to survive. Some laid blame on the sun while others said it was due to all the volcanic activity. It did not matter what the cause was, people just froze to death especially at night.


posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:43 AM
In many of the cities without power it became worse than some Mad Max movie, with raiders and scavengers willing to kill anyone or anything that crossed their path just to see if the newly dead had anything the raiders might want. Rumors of Cannibalism and many other despicable acts that only some horror movie script writer could imagine were common place in the hearts of some city sections around the world.

The few enclaves that had some form of social order were becoming few and far between because people were starving and there were no supplies coming. After the first year of the freeze there were very few dogs and cats left to eat. Dog was actually pretty good and even cat and rat stew, if spiced correctly, could get a hungry person through the day. Speaking of which, spices became such a highly sought after commodity that they were worth several times the weight in gold.

The military at first tried to feed and clothe much of the population but there were to many and to few supplies for such an undertaking. When the trucks and trains stopped rolling either due to weather, lack of fuel, or hostile intercepts the food stopped arriving. Even for the military airlift command, resupply without fighter cover and AWACS radar, was a suicide mission; so all were basically grounded even if they had someplace they could land and take-off from. Any station, ship at sea, or airborne aircraft that activated it's radar was only minutes away from getting a hostile missile up it's radome.

General aviation using small single engine aircraft and flying low could get through occasionally, but as the aviation fuel dried up so did these bold endeavors.

Things were really looking quite favorably for Russia and China until they too got a good strong dose of what the weather had in store for them. The first winter after the year without summer was a true winter's frozen hell on earth with shallow lakes freezing solid and even the great lakes of America having an ice cover of over 35 feet thick. Hydro electric dams were out of commission all over the world (if they still had water after the prolonged droughts) due to all the ice and deeply frozen rivers and bodies of water.

Many of the lightly armed insurgents from the south were abandoned by their sponsors due to the inability to resupply anyone in the field because of the cold and ice.

Needless to say the whole world was now in survival mode and any war, no matter where, was a secondary initiative behind trying to stay warm and alive.

The Russians were even cold and were having to fight much of their own starving population !
Survivors hoped and preyed that the next summer would warm things up but it was just as bad as the summer before. The calendar said August in the northern hemisphere but the temperature gauges said 3 degrees Centigrade on a good day anyplace North of Jackson, Mississippi. Needless to say there were people all over the world praying for a god or some alien mothership to come save them. Unfortunately neither seemed to be listening to the prayers through all the cold.

The tropics were not a frozen hell like much of the rest of the world however, without the monsoons or expected yearly rain fall they were in starvation mode without their crops; whole tracks of forest and jungle went up in flames due to the newly arrived arid conditions.

By year 4 of the war and with Earth's new climate change/disruption there was an estimated 3.2 billion people who had survived thus-far, but that number would continue to decrease every day by the hundreds of thousands.
When people are hungry and stressed their immune system becomes compromised and something as simple as a small cut or even a bad cold can turn deadly. Others just gave up and died where they lay. Those who had a strong will to survive counted the dead the lucky ones more than once.

Survivors were more than fortunate in one sense because of the cold, or otherwise, all the dead bodies would have created quite a stink and many more opportunities for bacteria and airborne infections to further spread and decimate the remaining survivors. That scenario would have been another straw added to the already proverbial, overloaded, camel's back.

With the preservative nature of the cold there were stories of roving bands of people who went from city to city eating the frozen dead. That is how desperate certain latitudes of the world had become for something to eat.
Cold drains one's strength and fortitude about as fast as anything and yet I had always thought, “With cold you can just wear more clothes”, I have learned, not with this kind of cold. This cold seeps into your bones and will not leave you, even if you manage to be near a fire.

Bathing is out of the question for most people.

The very young and the old had no chance of surviving and many ended up in someone's stew pot or as fertilizer at some future date (if their bodies ever became unfrozen) call it, 'A Natural Carbon Recycle'. From the Earth they came, and to the Earth they shall return; something like that, long ago stated eloquently and quite simply.
So far, my band of merry men and women have survived by being underground in what was once a ….

“Standby; we are under attack” !

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: 727Sky
Thank you for taking the time to read the story.

I could have gone with global warming and how sea shore cities (think of Florida no more as it is all under water) and how diverse populations flee and cause all the regional wars... But the cold thing IMO is much more serious and quite a bit quicker. Also the war with China and Russia IMO without nukes is actually a possibility.. At least that is the way I would conduct the war if I were China and Russia and wanted to stir some deep cocca up... Hopefully, as with most fictional stories, none of this will become tomorrows headlines.

Again thanks for your time.

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