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Police Officer Resigns in 2009 - at the time he had more complaints than any officer in DETROIT.

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posted on Sep, 8 2015 @ 02:06 PM
Officer Mendez, nicknamed "Robocop" has had quite a history in courts defending himself and his actions. I came across an article where earlier this year he became tied up in another court defense over an arrest of a man in Inkster Michigan. Yes, I'm shaking my head wondering why anyone would hire this guy again. His antics have cost tax payers big bucks, pushing over a million dollars to defend or settle out of court. If it were not for this article I would have never known about William Melendez, and after reading it, I'm sick to my stomach at the worry and pain that this man has contributed to our world and everyday life. How our system is unable to purge individuals like this has me mystified, if I don't call into work I am looking for another job, this guy has been named as a defendant in a dozen lawsuits and still has a job.

Anyways, the latest chronicle of this wolf can be found in the link below. Back in March an article was printed that just happens to have some video of Mr. Mendez in action while arresting a Mr. Floyd Dent. It is a lengthy article but I could not stop reading the destructive train ride of Mendez's career.

(fyi there is another thread on the actual arrest of Floyd Dent based off of a different article with less information here on ATS)

How a traffic stop left a Michigan man beaten, bloodied and bitter at police
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