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Emanating Joy

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posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 11:17 PM
Emotional energy is real.

And whether we're aware of it or not, we project it all the time.

Ever walk into a room or situation and immediately find yourself noticing someone sitting there morose, distressed, despondent, and alone? Ever notice someone who just emanates such depression your heart immediately aches for them and you find yourself feeling down?

Conversely, have you ever been in a situation where someone shows up just radiating so much joy you find yourself smiling and laughing alongside them for practically no reason?

These experience have happened to us all, and they're the direct result of encountering someone broadcasting large amounts of emotional energy. The energy of others can affect us in ways subtle or apparent, having a direct, immediate, and sustained impact on our mood and well-being.

Being stuck in a room with a negative person can be such an emotionally taxing experience that it seems the individual has an unseen abyss inside them sucking all the fun, laughter, and happiness out of the world. Conversely, finding yourself sharing space with someone positive can leave you feeling upbeat for hours or even days after encountering their presence.

Energy is real. Energy projection and manipulation happens constantly. These are things unto which everyone can attest.

And while we've all had encounters with the energy of others affecting our attitudes, so rarely do we stop and realize that our own personal energy is doing the same unto those around us. We all project an energetic aura based on our mood, and the extent of those projections typically depends on the intensity of the underlying emotion.

This happens throughout every moment, and it occursregardless whether you remain aware.

But if you do remain cognizant of the situation--if you endeavor to notice it transpiring--magic starts happening.

Because you can consciously manipulate the energy you project into the world. You can intentionally influence the vibe you put out towards others.

Try this for yourself. Think of something that brought you happiness or a joke that made you laugh.

Feel your energy getting lighter and your mood growing bright.

Now consciously project that attitude out into the world.

Walk around like that and notice how much better people react unto your presence. Notice how they gravitate towards you like you possessed some intrinsic magnetism.

Everybody wants to be around people that are laughy, happy, bouncy, and glad. And you can make yourself into one of those people--becausethe longer you practice projecting positive emotions into the world, the easier this practice will become.

If you work at this constantly, soon it'll become second-nature. Eventually you'll start doing it on habit.

Then without needing say a word or do a thing, you'll automatically be making the world around you a brighter place. You'll become a light that others look towards for comfort and relief and happiness.

We all have within us the power to give something back unto this world and our fellow man. We can't all be scientists who stumble across paradigm-shifting inventions or doctors who save lives on the regular.

But we can all still be heroes in smaller but equally important ways. Because we can all put our minds and energies to work keeping others uplifted.

And we work hard at projecting our energy in positive ways.

So even if you create nothing else during your time on earth, you still can say you gave around you a smile.


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