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Various World Dangers Explosions Fires ETC Keeping Track Of The Worldwide Destruction

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posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 01:21 PM
This thread is to try and keep track of the worlds current explosions and disasters of various types.

Please do post information if you come accross it so we can all stay informed.

I know there have been explosions in the USA Russia China Japan and various other countries but its alot of searching to keep up with what is happening in the world.

There have also been alot of big fires in the US too. . .

So I am hoping people can contribute alot of information about new explosions and other dangers as it becomes relavent in the future.

At least this way we can stay aware of what is going on in the world we live on.

We can also speculate as to the causes of the various dangers.

Stay safe folks!

Wildfires Devastating National Forests

EXPLOSION MOMENT | Multi Explosion on Aluminium Factory Kitakyushu Japan


Oil Pipeline Fire In The Moscow River

Tianjin Explosion Most Dramatic Footage

China Just Had ANOTHER Massive Chemical Explosion

Texas Plant Explosion

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 01:37 PM
a reply to: FormOfTheLord

I'm tracking fire/explosion events too. Here are some events that I have linked to a prophetic dream I found online. There are two future dates pending. These dates are from my last thread.

On June 27th, 2015, a believer in Christ by the name of Iris Nasreen posted a prophetic dream she had concerning fire disasters that would occur this summer. 

Here is the link to her dream. 

By counting the syllables in her prophecy, I generated several dates counting forward from the original date of authorship on June 27th, 2015: 

Paragraph 1 has 35 syllables (5×7): 

August 1, 2015 - Wolf Creek forest fire in McDowell County, NC. 

Paragraph 2 has 21 syllables (3×7): 

August 22, 2015 - Another chemical explosion in a Chinese factory. 

Paragraph 3 has 42 syllables (6×7): 

The next date I believe will be a much bigger one: October 3, 2015. 

And paragraph 4 has 91 syllables (13×7): 

Final date January 2, 2016 

These dates are just bench mark dates, but there have been ongoing fire disasters in the USA and Asia all month long. Just now there was an explosion in Japan, and China has been having explosions earlier this month. Just a few days ago, Obama declared Washington State a State of Emergency. 

Captain Obvious thinks there's a big fire problem going around. 

Iris Nasreen speaks english as a second language, so please try to look past the grammatical errors. 

I would post the syllable by syllable meter map, but I'm that would require copying and pasting the entire prophecy, which I believe is against T&C. 

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 02:58 PM
So you're only tracking accidents…

What about "war"? And Volcanoes?

Intentional stuff is the worst and nature is the biggest…

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 03:03 PM

originally posted by: intrptr

So you're only tracking accidents…

What about "war"? And Volcanoes?

Intentional stuff is the worst and nature is the biggest…

I guess we could track war too as it develops as well as natural disasters.

Daily bombings, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc are all news that just doesnt get to alot of us.

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 03:09 PM
a reply to: FormOfTheLord

…are all news that just doesn't get to a lot of us.

Roger that.

posted on Sep, 5 2015 @ 10:12 PM
Not sure if this is older than the publisher. What is causing the Purple flames?

Twisp, Washington.

Latest news on Twisp Forest Fire.

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posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 06:33 PM
Here is some interesting stuff on the big fire in California. . . Something like 62,000 acres of land is nurning!

California Governor Jerry Brown has issued a state of emergency for areas surrounding the explosive Butte Fire. It has grown to about 100 square miles, forcing residents to flee their homes.

A Drive Through The Valley Fire in California

Here is some interesting news on an explosion in the US with a pipeline to Canada

Emergency crews responded to a fire at a portion of the TransCanada pipeline in Kittson County near the U.S.-Canada border around 9 p.m. Saturday night.

It happened just a few miles south of the border at the St. Vincent Compressor Station.

When crews arrived on scene, TransCanada workers had shut down the valve and allowed the gas to burn off.
Flames could be seen from miles away shooting high into the air.

The Emerson Fire Department says at least two homes on the Canadian side of the border were evacuated while crews worked to initially locate the fire.

After the location was found, all residents were allowed back home, as the fire was in a rural area.

The fire was extinguished around 1:10 a.m. Sunday and no injuries were reported.

Crews are on scene investigating the cause.

posted on Sep, 13 2015 @ 06:41 PM
I read that over the last 5 years 175 million gallons of toxic waste has been spilled in the USA alone. . . .

So here is toxic waste in a CO river:

3 million gallons of toxic mining sludge spill into river in CO
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posted on Sep, 15 2015 @ 05:40 AM

India double explosion: 85 killed in restaurant gas blast that ignites illegal explosives.

BREAKING NEWS Fatal Explosion Iin Wiri Auckland
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posted on Oct, 5 2015 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: BELIEVERpriest

October 3rd was a date that I predicted some fire related disaster. On October 3rd, 2015, Russia stepped up its bombing raids on Syrian Rebel sites. Needles to say, neither USA nor NATO are happy.

posted on Oct, 6 2015 @ 04:25 AM
So there are quite a few explosions in China these days so much going on in the world its hard to keep track of the global destruction.

Explosion in China chemical plant injures seven workers.
Seven workers were injured on Monday in an explosion at a chemical plant in China's Zhejiang Province.
Seven dead in 'parcel bomb' explosions at 17 sites in Chinese town
Seven people killed by multiple explosions in southern China, with local reports describing blasts in 17 locations including a shopping centre, prison and government offices.

posted on Oct, 13 2015 @ 04:37 AM
So we have another explosion in China:

An explosion has struck a chemical warehouse in China’s northeastern port city of Tianjin, almost two months after a string of bomb blasts killed scores of people there.

Police on Monday said they received a report of an explosion at 9:46 pm local time (1346 GMT).

No casualties have been reported.

posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 08:54 AM
So um yeah we have another explosion in China at another factory, looking like one per week from my estimation.

9 missing, 2 injured in blast at Chinese explosives factory
A blast at a civilian-use explosives factory in eastern China has left two people injured and nine missing. The incident became the last one in a chain of explosions rocking Chinese industrial facilities over the last three months.

The explosion at Shandong Tianbao Chemical Industry Corporation factory in Shandong province's Pingyi county occurred at 8:20am local time Xinhua reports.

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