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How Do You Kill The Serpent

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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:02 PM
To most of you this will seem like crazy talk or lies. I don't really care though. I'm directing this to those who know how this world actually works behind the scenes, that know about the things I'm talking about and can give me advice.

I'll keep most of it as brief as I can,

First of all my name is Samuel. Confirmed (unfortunate mistake I would go back and change if I could) into the Roman Catholic Church as Sabbas. Apparently this 'tagged' me as a crown target when I turned 33 (though they started 8 months early when I was only 32).

I also was unfortunate enough to be born on the arc of the covenant. The Golden Ratio (arc of the covenant) alignment of planets to the sun which took place Dec 11th 1979. I bare a birthmark of the sun on my left forearm.

So when I was 32, I met the 'burning bush' orb out over the ocean late one night. A fire-coloured orb of light with a red part inside it, with two little white lights which come out of it and and circle (orbit) around it.

I made the mistake of communicating with it.

These things invaded my life. Attacked me.

I started seeing orbs of every colour. Red, Orange, Blue, Light blue, Green, White and BLACK!!! (Yes there are black ones). I've even seen purple coloured flashes a couple of times. The black orbs look like a core of snakes churning around in a bundle, inside a clear layer. Much like an egg.

Once I stood on the beach and the whole rainbow of colours were there all at once, as if they were appraising me. The white one sitting above the colours. Just watching them.

Anyway. They started making my life hell. And I noticed that people around me started changing. It was as if since I was 'infected' by them, they started hurting everyone around me.

They wanted me to concede to them as God. I refused.

They threatened to kill my son, I told them to go ahead as I would rather see him dead than submit to them. The same with the rest of my family.

They tried to physically intimidate me, with a ship (or at least it looked like some type of ship, a collection of glowing blue orbs) swimming like a fish towards me over the top of the night ocean as if it was going to attack me. Covering me with an overwhelming feeling of 'fear' (they did this, I'm assuming some type of technology) to try scare me. Instead of being afraid, I ran at them. Overcome with a rage that I was going TO F#$KING KILL THEM!!!

I don't know exactly how I planned on achieving this considering I was going up against them unarmed. But something in me knew I could destroy them.

The one thing I've always known since this started, even though I knew NOTHING. And I was completely blind. Is that I have the power to destroy them! Whatever they are. I KNOW THIS, FOR CERTAIN!!!

Apparently I was being put through Catharsis. Likened to 'touching a coal to the lips' in the Biblical stories.

A part of this was that they tested my will, to see if I was willing to die. Rather than concede to them as God, or let them win. More than just this though ...

As I thought I had opened Pandoras box and I was 'infecting' others with these dark things, I killed myself in hope that I would take these things with me. That they could no longer use me as their toy.

This just made things worse!!!

I woke up, alive!!!

I descended down through layers and layers of darkness (at least seven), but at the end. I woke up! I was alive.

Apparently giving yourself to die for love within the 'initiation/purification' means you don't die. Or at least, they make it very hard to do.

Believe me ... I've tried more than a couple of times. I keep waking up ...

The only thing I believe I achieved was putting myself 'between realms'. Out-of-sync with this world. Though I am here.

The world seems to attack me now, treat me like a virus. I believe they refer to this as 'the descent into hell', for which I am supposed to climb my way back up (ascend back into heaven), through the AT LEAST seven layers of darkness I passed through on my way down.

I passed to a layer so deep that when I woke up (alive). If I closed my eyes, the normal electromagnetic 'static' that you see when you close your eyes wasn't there.

All I saw was the PUREST BLACK I've ever seen. And in that pure black, were two tiny .. TINY white dots floating around together. It was one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

Now, the problem I am having.

They took the opportunity (whilst I was descended) to attach me to something in the Earth.

I saw a MASSIVE set of claws in the sky at night (REAL, not imagined) That I believe people mistake for being a cross. They LOOKED like a cross, but they were a set of claws. Four claws that would come together and move apart.

Their Corpus/Corprus.

Something unseen entered my body through my feet. That felt like vines. They grew up through my body, and INFESTED me!!!

Like they were trying to secure me to the lower-regions.

Then something was planted in the pineal area at the back of my head. Something which looked like a brilliant illuminated 'floating starfish' with millions of tiny tentacles appeared to me. I was told I was going to see the centre of the Universe, and it pierced the side of my head with something. Something PAINFUL!!!

I believe it planted (or activated) something in my head. Because a few months later, it felt like something 'hatched' inside the back of my head. One of the most painful things I've ever felt. It felt like something 'popped' in my brain. And when it did, I instantly felt better.

I went to the hospital and funnily enough a little boy (whose mum said they were 'Roman Catholic' when asked by the nurse) was in the emergency room being admitted for the EXACT SAME THING AS ME! Woke up clutching the back of his head, screaming!!!

So obviously, they were planting these things EVERYWHERE! Not just in me.

I felt this thing squirming around in a little coiled-up ball inside my brain at first.

Then it would come out and move up and down my spine.

Then it got bigger, and bigger and BIGGER!!!

Now this thing is a MONSTER!!!!

I spend day after day trying to push this thing out of my body. To kill it, get rid of it.

But every time I manage to remove layer after layer of the filthy 'electromagnetic energy' I have placed upon me. While I am sleeping in the middle of the night a black orb will come into my room and 'burst' over me.

And I feel all the work I had done removing this energy undone. They reapply layers CONSTANTLY!!!

I have clawed up THOUSANDS of levels by now over the last few years. They just keep on reapplying them.

No matter what I do, they wont let me beat it.

I've tried burning it out, cooking my own flesh under heat lamps to get it out. It doesn't work.

I've tried electrocuting it. It doesn't like it! I can feel it thrashing about, but it doesn't work.

I want to know .. HOW ... THE F#$K ... DO YOU KILL THIS THING???

I wake up feeling like medusa sometimes ... Like I have an octopus I can't see climbing out of my throat. Wrapping its tentacles around my face.


But there is nothing I can do about it!!!

I have tentacles/snakes coming out of my eyes, ears, mouth, fingers, nipples .. And other 'not so pleasant' places to feel them sticking their heads out! EVERYWHERE!!!



Any suggestion you can offer would be appreciated.
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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:24 PM

How Do You Kill The Serpent?

Love. Love conquers all. Embrace your higher self and love your lower self. When you overcome your fear of them, through faith in what is higher, and embrace your demons with love, they melt into little angels.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:37 PM
Before any of you suggest I contact the Church, or seek their help. I have.

The Vatican and Church are WELL AWARE of what is happening to me. They don't care!

I have been in contact with their archdiocese in Perth and Sydney, as well as their Cathedral in Darwin. They said they needed 'signs from God' to prove who I am. So they were given signs, COUNTLESS SIGNS all of which they ignored!

This was given as a sign to 'Perth' who I am emailing. They ignored me.

This happened around same time and was one of DAILY signs I gave them. All of which they ignored.

Tell me, if you were the Church in Perth WA, Sydney NSW, or Darwin NT, and you had told someone named Sam that they needed to give signs from God, and then a large S appears in the clouds off the coast of W.A, and Mt Etna starts blowing O's (Hebrew: Samech), would you consider these as signs from God?

Well, not the Catholic church!!! They ignored OVER 50 OF THESE!!!

Some of them I even told them what was going to happen before it took place. STILL IGNORED!!!

And whilst they were ignoring me, at the same time the Sydney archdiocese was blocking my emails, and every Archbishop in Australia would 'forget to call me back', they promote the head of the Sydney archdiocese George Pell to Rome.

The two signs I showed you here were enough to class me as a saint. Yet I'm ignored.

I gave them more than enough signs to be considered a 'Pia' (the step after saint). Still ignored.

They were provided enough 'signs from God' for me to be classifed (by the 'next step' of thei OWN doctrine) AS A GOD!!! Yet they ignore me.

The reason why they ignore me is because I provided them with messages and 'teachings'. Things they6 are meant to see carried out, that they don't agree with.

So they think if they just ignore me, and pretend they don't know I'm giving them the messages. They will get away with not carrying out WHAT THEY ARE BEING ORDERED TO DO!!!

So instead they allow me to be tortured for their Churches benefit.

They don't want to lose their throne to someone who was told to ORDER THEM TO RESTORE THE DIVINE MOTHER!!! (The Holy Spirit).

This is ALL they were ordered to do.

But instead ... the pope has denied women TWICE publicly since this started.

So ... trust me .. the Church wont help me.

They think I am evil. When it is actually them who are evil, and need to submit.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:43 PM
Interesting post, but it sounds like you’re having a pretty hard time. Correct me If I’m wrong, but as I read it, you were basically normal until you met the “burning bush” orb when you were 32 and ever since then it’s been downhill. Can you explain more about this orb, what you said to it, were there any physical sensations associated with it, those sorts of things?

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: windword

Thanks for your reply. I don't fear them. At all. I have no fear to speak of.

All I have is hatred for them, and what they represent. They disgust me.

Though I accept I was in need of some awakening and 'purifying', they shouldn't be 'judging' me.

I am not of their kind. I am of Ophiuchus/Sagittarius. They can guard and help, but not dominate and condemn.

As long as they try to sit above me, where they should not place themselves. I cannot (AND WILL NOT) buy any of what they are selling . Or believe they have my best interests at heart.

I appreciate your advice though. I see something in there .. but unfortunately it is not an option for me.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:19 PM

Though I accept I was in need of some awakening and 'purifying', they shouldn't be 'judging' me.

"They" only give you the opportunity to judge yourself. No one, or nothing, can really judge you but yourself. If you stand guilty, then it's time to apply some repentance and forgiveness.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: Anchorite

It was orange in colour. It appeared to be looking into the ocean.

There were two smaller white lights around it. Like probes. Moving around randomly.

It was pitch black. I communicated with it using morse code on the flashlight of my phone asking, "What are you" because it moved abnormally fast. Faster than any boat I've seen.

When I did this it stopped looking for whatever it was looking for .. The white orbs moved back into the orange part and were absorbed into it. Disappearing.

Then it looked like it grew in size, with a red part appearing on top of it. So that it was now red/orange.

It moved across the top of the water like a fish would. As if it were swimming side to side, but FAST!!!

When it first noticed me, I got a 'sense' like it was checking me out first. And then when it was coming in at me, like it wanted to hurt me. Like it was coming to get me.

When I got this sense, I thought immediately of my (then) girlfriend up further up the beach near the carpark who was too afraid to come the 100+ meteres out on to the low-tide sandbar ... And it stopped its 'charge' at me and sat still.

My girlfriend didn't wanna go near it, so I walked out by myself.

A long-time after when I was thinking about it I realised, that the reason it stopped was because when it threatened me the first thing I thought of was protecting her.

I didn't really fear it at all for myself, but I feared for her.

I think this might have been the thing which got it 'curious' in me.

Though ... After the first few months of seeing the 'burning bush' type orb, I only saw it one other time ... On the night of Dec 21st 2012.

And it was P@SSED OFF!!!

There was a localised storm over it and it was agitated and ANGRY about something.

Ever since then, all the orbs I have seen are of a different race/species (whatever you want to call it).

The original orb hasn't been back ... these ones are far different. I can 'see' into them sometimes. I know what is inside these ones.

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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: windword

So what if you hate yourself???

Or are just simply unable to love yourself the way they are demanding that you do???

How does it end if you are: A terminal light (what they refer to me as).

They claim they can't let go. It's impossible. I will never let go of certain things.

Does this go on forever???

I'll give you a little context;

They are trying to teach me, push me towards being someone. But I wont do it until my Queen (the love of my life) is brought back into my life.

They made her hate me, for nothing!!! When I had done nothing!!! With the promise to bring her back once 'this is all done'.

The problem is (besides the fact that I don't believe them. As they never give anything they say they will, they just LIE) is that I know we were meant to be married with children by now. I'VE SEEN IT, clear as day. I knew exactly when it was supposed to happen.

How are they going to bring the children of these alignments back? Even if we get together and have children now, they will be of a different alignment (Stars and planets). Therefore they are a completely different energy and SOUL to the children WE WERE MEANT TO HAVE!!!

Had we gotten together when we were supposed to the Easter we met.

How are they going to 'undo' the relationship they put her into with a cheating supplanter 'Jack' for the last few years?

They have literally turned her into a completely different person. A person I barely recognise.

I cannot, and will not let the things they have done go. I will not forgive them for it. Nor the ones they used to do it. It is my love for her, that is seeing me demand they restore things to how they were.

To fix the unfixable.

Destroy anyone who touched her in any way.

It is love I am doing this for.

But it is apparently a stalemate. And I would rather die and take the longest of all walks ... Then EVER YIELD TO THESE THINGS!!!

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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:43 PM

Mongeese or Eagles.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:47 PM
Also worth stating. That from my new-found ability to interpret languages .. I decoded the Biblical texts stating that those in the Catharsis who are able to see what is being done to them, are to be removed and compensated.

This includes the things they know they have lost.

I also know from the texts they weren't meant to take her. Yet they did.

Yet I'm still here.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 05:59 PM
Hmmm. Two responses: go ahead and write your novel or screenplay (whichever this is supposed to be); and go see a SECULAR therapist.

By the way, the fact that you said it was fine for "them" to kill your son is sick.

Get some help.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 06:10 PM

Listen, when I was a lot younger, I experimented with various form of "spiritualism" too, and I went through something very similar as what are you going through. What I learned, in the long run, is that everything you perceive to be coming from the outside, is actually coming from within. You have to find a way to acknowledge that those are YOUR "demon" that you need to embrace with love, not hate.

That's all I have to say. Now go and fight your battles, or not!

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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 06:20 PM
First off, psychosis is one of the first reasons people would think of with this situation. I am going to explain why I believe psychosis is a likely, but in no way am I stating in a definitive manner that you are psychotic - remember that! I hope to delve into another possible avenue and hopefully give a thorough and solid battle plan in what could be done about this in a magical/spiritual way. Even though you may not want to admit psychosis, you have to be open to the possibility that you are, as well as open to the beliefs of some other way because if your problem can only be handled by “some other way”, or by medicine and therapy, then you surely must evaluate. I am not a Doctor. Now that I got my disclaimer out of the way, here goes....

You have given us a reason why such an abnormal thing could happen to you, in that you have explained that you have a predisposition, a special background, and that you were destined for this. Your name is Samuel (because it's a religious name), that you were born in a golden ratio (esoteric superpower), and a mark of your birth because you were tagged for this to happen.

You have explained in immense detail how you came to see this power before it invaded, and a detailed description of how it makes you feel. You explained in detail the ordeal you mind went through and it sounds as if your mind needed to rationalize what was going on by comparing the ordeal to your very own morals. You went to an extreme side and stated that you killed yourself in a vision/dream. You have had immense dreams/visions that you believe were real: “I descended thorough layers of darkness”, “I passed to a layer so deep that [sic] when I woke up (alive)”.

You have explained that by going through the process and knowing that you could control whatever force this was that the odds became stacked against you, and that there was no way for you to win. This is when the “entity” attached itself to you.

You used a statement about real life to state that another person you met had this happen to him (the boy in the hospital). You failed to mention how you are sure the boy had your same problem unless you told him your story and he told you his story. Without the interaction of “the like” you are unable to say for certain that the voice of reason exists with the boy. You merely added to your credibility by suggesting that the boy had some predisposition to this thing because he is Roman Catholic, a close resemblance to you.

You then went into detail of your trials in dealing with a “Monster” and admitted that you self harm to accomplish the goal – even though your mind knows this is a a different kind of entity and that physical stimulus will not remove it – that you are in such desperate mind and at wit's end to stop it.

You have given us your resolve that you will not be beat even when the force seems unbeatable.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 06:22 PM
On a reply to another person you have admitted trouble in conveying your message to the powerful, and that although you have shown them great power, you are unable to convince them. They seem to react in a way that they think you are psychotic.

While I commend you for your mind not buckling under this emotional stress, I must give you a warning that by continuing in desperation mode you set yourself up for an emotional breakdown.

Resolving this problem with “authority figures” will only begin when you can cool your mind and outsmart it. You must become devious and cunning by getting control of your thoughts, by lying to it, by fooling it, by losing it's grip over your sanity. You must be able to explain this in a way they can understand. Cool your mind. Become happy that you have the power to actually combat this thing. It is very easy for a religious person to pray for your salvation, you just can't do it by thinking they have no choice when you exhibit god like powers. Just ask sincerely and politely – don't explain it in full detail, just make it in a way that you hope for salvation. If there is anything the authority figures can actually do about a spiritual entity in you, they can feel it on their own and develop a battle plan – this must come from their mind, not yours. You should just agree that it is right.

Now.... as far as “another way”

Go outside somewhere, at night, somewhere you are able to take your shoes off and press your feet against the grass. Put your hands out beside you as if you are balancing a tightrope – this is the posture of acceptance of nature. Tilt your head back, dig in your toes in the soil. Think about these words while doing so.

You are not destined for this to happen and you have no cross to bear. The Jacobmian has no control over that which is untouchable and of nature. Allow your mind to slip into earth, allow your body to feel all elements. Feel a galaxy away from evil, feel even the slightest chemical reaction in your body: feel the carbon dioxide release from the blood in your lungs, feel the oxygen take it's place. You can feel potassium entering your cardio muscle right before it beats. You can feel the nutrients repairing your body and your brain. You are a normal living thing of this nature and of this realm. The entity has no power over you in this realm and for it to stop believing so. You desire the power of your ancestors to restore balance in your mind – ask them to join you. Your ancestors can see their child in the night crying for help, wanting to become a strong leader of their clan – they SEE their lifeblood in you. They are drawn to you, they want to help their child. Invite them to stay at your side, to speak to you in your dreams to subtly change your desires, giving you wisdom of the ages, standing beside you to protect you from outside evil.
On the blackest of nights, alone, with your ancestors who love you, and with the blessing of nature, you are no longer something which can be attacked, and you ARE a respected leader of your clan.
Whether you feel it leave you or not is not important – do not give it that much power. Become balanced in nature and body.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 06:24 PM

I dont see orbs, nor have they attempted to plant things in my head, but I get frequent attacks in my dreams. They test me, looking for weak spots in my soul. There are nightmares, and then there are these attacks. These are different. Sometimes I just prefer not to sleep at all.

What is happening to me is an external attack on my soul. Your case sounds much more dangerous, like they are trying to infiltrate and possess your soul.

The only way to stop it is to believe that Jesus paid the debt of our sin/sin-nature when He died on the cross. Without Christ, there is no defeating them, since they see you as their property.

Pharmaceuticals will only temporarily mask the problem.

Dont let them fool you into believing that you have or can beat them. Only Christ can deliver you.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for you are with me."

Those words delivered me from an hours long attack last night. At my weakest point, when I could barely think, I remembered Psalm 23 and that Christ is always with me.

Do what you will with this knowledge. I have an idea of what you're going through. They attack my family and friends too.

posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 02:25 PM
I am in no way officially qualified to say what I’m about to say.

Consciousness is not produced by the mind. Consciousness and mind are two completely separate things. Consciousness perceives and presents to the mind, the mind analyzes and presents the findings back to the consciousness. As long as the mind and the consciousness are in relative sync this loop works very well. Normally a person’s constantly changing consciousness level will rise and fall within a range relatively comfortable to the mind.

You, my friend, have jacked-up your consciousness level to far above where it should be. This is not all that uncommon. It can be the result of many different things, drugs, certain meditation techniques, religious devotion. It can also be caused by contact with certain high-consciousness individuals, the Hindus have a word for it, I can’t remember it now, but they consider it very dangerous. It’s reported that close proximity to some orbs also seem to cause his effect and that’s why I asked specifically about that.

When your consciousness shifts abruptly to a substantially higher level your mind becomes overwhelmed with the new, strange perceptions and it struggles to make sense of them. Your mind thinks something must be terribly wrong, it knows these perceptions are real, but how could they be? The truth is that many of the perceptions are real, it’s the analysis that’s mistaken.

I’d like to add here that I am not saying there is anything whatsoever wrong with your mind. On the contrary, you write quite eloquently, are obviously intelligent, and you exhibit a remarkable creativity. I don’t believe you have a mind problem, you have a consciousness problem.
You perceive processes and energy flows in parts of yourself that few other people even know exist. You perceive external signals other people would never believe. Being unable to find any rational answer for these new sensations and perceptions, your mind dives deep into your subconscious and pulls out the darkest most horrible stuff it can find, works it into the analysis, and presents it back to your consciousness. This really messes up the loop I spoke of above and things tend to spiral out of control from there.

My sincere advice to you if you really want to “kill the serpent” would be not to go to church, or do anything spiritual, don’t meditate and if you’re doing any non-prescription drugs I’d stop that too. I don’t know what could have caused this shift in your consciousness, but if any of this rings a bell and you know the cause then you should try to correct it as soon as possible.

Remember, your aim should be to bring your consciousness level DOWN. Some people that find themselves in your situation falsely believe that the answer is to try to push further ahead. They think that they will understand their dilemma better if they are even more conscious. I do not believe that is a good idea.

Eat plenty, don’t fast! Listen to up-beat music with no lyrics. Leave the TV alone for a few days. Don’t read weird stuff. Try to chill out and instead of looking for anything unusual just ignore anything that does happen. Basically, get a Big Mac and a NASCAR magazine and see if you don’t feel better about things after a while.

And most importantly: make no decisions based on the premise you are being attacked or anything else you’ve written above, it’s very likely to be incorrect.

I wish you the best of luck,

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posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 05:08 AM
Anchorite, BELIEVER, Sacha and Wind, thanks for your replies.

All really appreciated.

Firstly Buzzy .. You have no idea what you are talking about .. I hope for your sake you never do. I would hate to think how you would handle a situation where these VERY REAL entities command you kneel to them or they will kill someone you love.

It is not a nice situation to be put into, or easy decision to make. If you think I made the wrong decision and that I should have conceded, then that is your opinion. I respect that.

But anyone willing to kill my son if I don't kneel, are also willing to even if I do.

That sort of evil should be contested AT ALL COSTS!!! NO COMPROMISE ... EVER!!!

I should not take a genius to understand this. As the lives of even the most loved people in your life, are meaningless if they are not free.

Some are happy to live on their knees. I would rather die on my feet against anyone unworthy of my respect. Man, King or God!

It is because of such weaknesses being exploited that we find this world in the state it is in. That's why (I believe) they only test those such as myself (whether we like it or not) and do not bother with those such as yourself.

I'm not trying to be insulting there, you comment doesn't upset me, so much as it portrays to you be like a child in this discussion. Which is why I am addressing you first before I speak with the (metaphorical) adults.

You need to consider the FACT, that what they put me through is actually the exact same test described in the Bible where God tests Isaac.

It is just poorly interpreted.

If you consider me sick, then so was Isaac.

Enough said to you.

SachaX, today I saw my 3rd psychologist since this began. Neither of the first two found anything wrong with me. One tried to 'deconstruct me' as he believed I thought myself too intelligent. I caught on to what he was doing and put a quick stop to it. Apart from trying to identify what I believe he thought might have been possible narcissism, he didn't find anything he was concerned about with me mentally.

The 3rd one I saw today, will see me again in a few months. Though I don't believe she found anything disturbing about me either.

These things are VERY real. I've filmed the orbs hovering over the park across from my house. I've taken friends down to show them.

I understand a little bit more (at least I think I do) then I am letting on here. Because I have to find that delicate balance between 'realities' that you obviously understand a bit about yourself.

"If you can't ride the wind, then how can you fly?.
You can't live on Earth, if your heads in the sky."

If I was to put it on one hand you described, that this is all internalised to multiple degrees, then I would ask you;

How long are we 'quarantined' in such a way. Farmed, taught ... whatever you want to call it. I've woken up in 'other' places before (cryon). I know I am both here and not here at the same time.

I thought this was meant to end after two years, MAXIMUM!? It started Easter Sunday 2012. And still hasn't ended. It's almost three and a half years. Why aren't I back?

If I was to look at it from the other perspective that you gave me (which I try to for the most part) I can see you know a bit about what you are talking about, especially with the 'Jacobmian' part.

I do a lot of what you describe, though maybe not to the extent you showed. I spend countless nights down in the middle of an oval with trees surrounding it in a perfect circle doing exactly this. Very strange things happen when I do this (I'll only elaborate if you're interested). I spend whole nights sometimes pulling these vines/serpents down through my feet to get them out. But they just go on, and on, and on .. and on!!

Sometimes I'm convinced that it is full-circle and biting its own tail LITERALLY!!! I've had dreams where I am protecting someone (who looked remarkably like Jesus) and one of the men I kill who is pursuing him vomits out a centipede/millipede type thing which I cut in half (slamming his teeth shut on it) to end it.

This leads me to believe (which I've said them countless times) that what they are trying to pull through WILL NOT END!!! It is infinite!!!

The only way to detach what they have attached, is to cut it off!!!

I hope I am wrong and it ends soon. It is rather disheartening spending YEARS meditating trying to pull something through which doesn't seem to have an end.

One thing I can assure you of, is that I am very aware of the 'shifts' between realms. Enough so that I believe I was actually acutely aware of when 'the real world' became the 'not-so real world'. I could sense something had transitioned in me. I remember sensing something wasn't right. And asking them, "Where am I?" although I was still in my same house (As well as cursing them, and shouting elaborate, painful and terminal consequences if they had actually touched me).

I could feel it!!!

Who they are is irrelevant to me. I wont empower them in this way. Though of course I'm curious, it's not enough to genuinely give a furry little weasels ass (hahah).

What they are hoping to achieve IS important to me ... in ALL MY PLACES .. not just the one I am typing to you from.

And most importantly (it feels to me, strangely enough) is how they go about it. The methodology and process, in relation to their standing/position. How they treat those within the processes, relative to their own short-comings (if any). And what liberties they take within process to achieve both, what they NEED to achieve and what they WANT to achieve.

There appears to be confusion among the ranks leading to dissension in ascension (if this makes sense) and I think that part of me at least, is judging the judges.

The 'terminal light' part of me being put into this thing (with processes such as this) is that I am then willing to accept the possibilities that;

1) I may have been given such perception of my purpose for evaluating my sense of position.
a) Be it a true position. Known to them.
b) Be it a true position. Unknown to them.

2) It may have been given to test their ability to compromise me within a vulnerable passing of my energetic focus in this realm.
a) Be it for benefit of my security and to help me.
b) Be it for their personal advancement in opposition to me.

3) That it may serve as a honeypot to condemnation

4) That it may serve as a conduit to my salvation (if perception is warranted as true for me).

And about fifty other possibilities.

I am very well-versed in perception game. Realising that they are both trying to make me perpetuate it, as well as conform to it.

I see a great deal of what they playing consciously, and a great deal more sub-consciously I am sure.

I often pause to 'listen' to things which I cannot hear in my own head. Though I hear them. And I seem to understand things as myself. That aren't myself.

If this makes sense.

I got told things I need to know. Though I do not consciously hear them, I am conscious that a part of me has heard them. And that I'm not supposed to hear them.

It's ridiculous and infuriating at times. But there is nothing I can do to stop it.

They have created a phased, multi-frequency cyclical barrier within my brain that I can LITERALLY FEEL!

Trying to lead me into thinking things they want me to think, away from things they don't want me to think ...


posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 05:38 AM
Things they want me to fight thinking. Things they want me to tune-out.

They have essentially mapped my brainwave patterns and have constantly shifting and adapting clones of my own mind working against my own thinking (CONSTANTLY trying to sync with me) to 'train/teach' me.

The reason I don't trust this training, is because several times in the past THEY TRIED TO REPLACE ME!!!

To do a consciousness shift. Put my consciousness into another place and body. And (I'm assuming) replace me with one of their own.

When you start almost waking up in OTHER PLACES AND OTHER BODIES, and are then quickly ripped back into your own body ... You tend not to trust the ones trying to invade your brain and 'teach' you.

Or their promises for what I will receive if I 'just wait' until Dec 25th this year.

I don't believe them for a second.

I believe that once we cross the plane, they will dispose of me.

I once almost woke up as my BROTHER, when his girlfriend rolled over on top of him and woke him up ... The problem with this is that he had broken up with his girlfriend 6 MONTHS BEFORE!!!

I've woken up (consciously awake) as a girl I met ONCE before, as she woke up in her bed to her boyfriend entering the room. I know it was her, because I know her boyfriend and recognised him.

I could see, hear ... FEEL!!! She/me touched his head and I could FEEL IT ...

They spoke about her 'going to the races the other day' ... and this was MONTHS before the races happened.

This is the problem with putting primary/main energy lines into sub-flux patterns.

Yes it creates a distortion that helps to manipulate the flows, but this is minimal compared to disturbance it creates within those main energies. Or at least in my case.

I am waking within other REALMS sometimes ... In cities that don't exist here .. with retail chains that don't exist ...

Phasing between one realm to the other .. to other versions of me ... and other versions NOT OF ME!!!

This can't be good for reality .. on ANY level!

The one thing that I agree with you completely on ... is that I am amazed that I am still able to walk outside and function as a human being ...

Especially consider .. they have absolutely NO PROBLEM with flaunting their 'shepherd' manipulation of people around me to show their 'power'.

A quick example? My love was taken from me by a man named Jac (yes, of course) and he made her hate me (of course).

I deleted a post on my Facebook wall that I instantly realised I needed. So I messaged my son and asked him to screenshot the post if he could see it on his wall.

He is A VERY SMART BOY!!! One of the most gifted in his state. And instead of sending me this, he sent me a screenshot of HIS OWN WALL POST .. for a group called 'Laughing Jack'.

Of he messages me and says, "Why is it my friend can shine a flashlight at my chest and I don't leave a shadow??? He even puts his hand in front of the flashlight and you can see the shadow of his hand .. but I don't leave a shadow!!! Why is this??"

They do this with EVERYONE!!!!

On Facebook I have deleted and blocked my WHOLE immediate family .. ALL MY FRIENDS .. and everyone I know ... except for 16 family members in other states I have little interaction with. Because I know they are all being used as puppets to flaunt their 'power' to me ... BLATANTLY ... for us both to see in my face.

And they do it SO OBVIOUSLY .. like my life is a joke ... something for them to play with to amuse themselves ..

Then at the same time .. I'm meant to trust that Dec 25th they are just going to change!!! Like that!!!

I am going to destroy these things.

They ARE not me ..

They are trying to sync with me ... recreate me ... control me ... But they ARE NOT ME

And even if I'm an avatar in their clutches somewhere ... They can't contain the parts of me they are trying to take.

They have no hope ...

I hope this gives a little context as to why I'm hell bent on destroying them.

This is my DAILY LIFE!!! and this is NOTHING .. compared to what they do...

I ate 30,000mg of Ibuprofen (for the neurological effect) to either kill them, or kill me ....

And because the liquid caps were green, and I was piercing holes in them one by one (so the liquid would be absorbed by the body quicker) they turned it into a reference to 'THE MOUNT OF OLIVES'.


I want this done. I want them out now. I want my wife returned to me. And I want nothing to do with them ever again.

I get the feeling that someone/something in here has been helping me, as there has been a change since I posted this online. Though they are STILL PLAYING GAMES!!!!

And aren't letting go.

Today my dad chopped down one of the four 'galaxy' palms next to the TWO TOWERING tree's in our front yard. The one closest to the two.

So whichever of the four it was closest to the two towers .. You can say goodbye to your ability to see any more.

I don't want anyone hurt. But this has gone too far, IT'S DONE!!!

If you are helping me ... I genuinely thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.

Lastly Anchorite, you are right in what you are saying. Your post is very correct.

We are a focus point of converging energies, reflecting as self, which exists as a point of reference to facilitate our self-sustaining 'need' to consume energy.

I like your way of thinking a lot!!! Because it is of a logic that I believe will serve you better than anything else. Coming back down to reality is hard when the poison runs through every facet of society, grafted into our languages.

But I really appreciate your advice and I've taken it on-board.

posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 05:45 AM
One of other thing speaking of languages ...

I now seem to be able to speak any language I want/need to. When I need to.

For instance I went to seek help from some Thai monks who couldn't understand a word I was saying. They were talking to each other in thai and laughing about not being able to understand me, and I spat something angrily at them in thai which I believe was 'How dare you speak about me like I'm not standing here .. I am the seed!'.

Though I do not speak thai at all!!

I went to the Muslim mosque to talk to the Muslims, seeking their help after the Catholic Church ignored me. I spoke Arabic to them ... Though I don't speak Arabic at all!!

I speak aboriginal to aboriginals. And I'm sure any other language I need to when I want.

I seem to mainly speak a language I believe is sumerian, or some type of proto-middle eastern language. And it is mainly to YELL at these things .. IN RAGE .. about what they are doing to me ...

Sometimes they care .. other times they don't ...

They seem to know exactly who I am ... what they are doing wrong .. but they either do not care .. or they think they will get away with it ...

My question ... I want to understand EVERYTHING I am saying ... I understand bits and pieces of it now and again ... but if I'm going to be speaking random languages .. I want to know what I'm saying ...

So I wont accidentally say things I don't want to, to people.
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posted on Aug, 24 2015 @ 05:51 AM
A placard.

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