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Corruption, Collusion & Cover-ups in the Waco Biker Shooting

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posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 05:23 PM
Good day to you, ATS!

I bring to you more details that have since been found in the seriously under-reported story surrounding the events that transpired May 17th in Waco. TX.

There have been a few threads on this and, other than a couple that surrounded the original event, none of them have been highly trafficked; which, to me, is surprising considering the amount of state-sponsored excess use of force and subsequent cover-up thereof that has since taken place. I would think ATS would be all over this, but there seem to be nothing but crickets in these threads; many of them authored by me.

I'm not looking for attention for myself, but I believe that officials involved this story should be under a microscope and the story that is being spun by the Waco PD and helped along by the MSM is not holding up to close scrutiny.

To whit:

On May 18, the day after the Twin Peaks Massacre and the big Bill of Rights bonfire in Waco, the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas ran a brief on its website that told all righteous cops in Texas what they really wanted to know. “No officers were hit in the battle that left 18 wounded.”

“CLEAT lawyers and staffers were on the scene shortly after reports of the shooting surfaced,” the web story explained. “Organizer Tracy Chance was allowed access to officers at fixed positions to make sure they had access to water and sports drinks to keep them hydrated. Tracy was able to get the photos posted here.”

One of Chance’s photographs was captioned, “Crews prepare to transport the wounded.”

Diggin' up Bones

Tracy Chance, who's office is in Austin (A bit over an hour and a half's drive from Waco), was on scene taking pictures in which one was captioned “Crews prepare to transport the wounded.” This leaves a person to wonder if the wounded were left for nearly two hours before being transported or if Mr. Chance was on scene or began his journey prior to the time at which the shooting took place.

The Aging Rebel Blog asks these and several more pointed questions:

And, why did the police on scene need lawyers? And who were those lawyers? And what is the nexus in Waco between CLEAT, the various police departments represented at the Twin Peaks that day, Abel Reyna, and the various judges who have participated in the prosecution of people who looked suspicious to the local police? How many of these lawyers who advised the police on scene at the Twin Peaks later represented defendants in the case?

Abel Reyna, McLennan County District Attorney (who's father was also DA for McLennan County) has a long history with Judge Johnson:

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, among those named in Clendennen's federal civil rights suit, requested the gag order Tuesday during a hearing in Clendennen's criminal case. District court judge Matt Johnson, Reyna's former law partner, granted the order, saying he was acting to prevent pretrial publicity from influencing potential jurors.

Johnson and Reyna's onetime partnership extends back until at least 2001, when Johnson joined the Reyna & Reyna law firm, which was owned by Reyna's father, former McLennan County district attorney and state appeals court judge Felipe Reyna.

Biker challenges judge's gag order in criminal case

Going back to the Rebel's post, we find another seemingly serious conflict of interest:

There is nothing as simple as a list of lawyers retained by CLEAT. CLEAT does have “a legal staff of 20 including 16 lawyers, 10 field service representatives, and two full-time registered lobbyists.” Were they all at the Twin Peaks? Did they get a memo on Friday reminding them to be on call on Sunday? Did CLEAT depend on local lawyers to advise the machine gunners? Did any of those local lawyers later represent defendants in the case?

The one familiar name connected to CLEAT that appears in public records is that of criminal defender Rob Swanton. Swanton, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton, is representing defendant Nate Christian Farish. On May 22, Swanton reportedly said “I don’t know how you can possibly represent more than one person without a potential conflict of interest.”

Is there a family resemblance? Could be, I haven't been able to find any connections online, but that just may be the fact that I am making this post at work and my time is somewhat limited.

A few things can be said for certain regarding Rob Swanton:

However, the June 2013 edition of the Texas Police Star describes Swanton as a “CLEAT Attorney.” And Swanton did represent former Waco FBI agent Lovett Leslie Ledger in a high profile case after Ledger lit up a three-pound Chihuahua in February 2008.

Lovett Leslie Ledger who was mentioned in the following post:

WACO (April 27, 2009)-- FBI agent Lovett Leslie Ledger, Jr., 40, of Lorena, pleaded no contest Monday in 54th District Court in Waco to animal cruelty charges in the shooting death of a 3- to-4 pound Chihuahua in February 2008.

The offense is a state jail felony, but prosecutors are recommending two years probation.

Ledger is seeking deferred adjudication probation, which means if he successfully completes the term of probation, the conviction will be expunged from his record.

Sentencing is set for June 23.

Ledger was indicted in July 2008 in the death of the dog.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Ledger told a witness that he shot the dog with a pump bb/pellet gun and said he, “must have pumped the gun up too much.”

The dog was walking on Estes Road in front of its home when it was shot once.

It ran into the yard of one of Ledger’s neighbors, where it died.

Swanton, an attorney associated with CLEAT (a Law Enforcement support group), is going to be representing one of those who was arrested by the very same law enforcement officers he supports.

How is this supposed to square up as acceptable?

Again, I want to say how surprised I am this situation is not receiving more attention from ATS. And if things turn out to be more in line with what sites like have portrayed rather than what the official narrative is, then this is one of the most egregious incidences in recent history in which the Police State has shown the heavy hand it tries to hide within the velvet glove of "public safety."

posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 06:13 PM
The autopsy report seems to be saying that most, if not all, of the lethal shots fired were by police and that most of the wounds were in the back, as if the victims were running away.

. The reports may be as important for what they don’t disprove as for what they do or don’t prove. They do not for example, disprove the notion that all, or at least most of the dead men were killed by police using M-16s and FN P90 machine guns.

Thirteen of sixteen entrance wounds were .25 inches in diameter or smaller.

FN P90s fire a round with a diameter of .224409 inches. M-16s fire slightly smaller rounds with diameters of 0.218898 inches. All but one of the victims had wounds fired from a downward trajectory. Six of the nine dead had head or neck wounds. None of the wounds contained gunshot residue which indicates that the shots were fired from at least three feet away and probably five feet or farther away. The absence of residue casts doubt on claims by prosecutors of “Bandidos executing Cossacks, and Cossacks executing Bandidos.” Two of the dead had large wounds consistent with a 12 gauge shotgun slug. Ten of 16 wounds were in the back, indicating that the victims were running away when they died. Seven of the wounds were fired from right to left. Six were fired from left to right.

Nine millimeter bullets have a diameter of 0.35433 inches; forty caliber handguns fire a bullet that is four tenths of an inch in diameter and 357 magnums fire rounds that are about .357 inches in diameter.

posted on Aug, 20 2015 @ 11:09 PM
Corruption at all levels of law and power is so rampant in the United States that nothing like this surprises me at all.

Every time I hear stories of someone's relation helping out, or someone else being paid off to make something happen that shouldn't.

It's how things are allowed to happen in the country with the most corrupt Government and law officials on the face of the planet.

There is now so much corruption in the USA that even the FEC won't even look into Super PACs because they say the amount of corruption in politics is impossible to police.

It's the same with law enforcement, and elected officials such as judges and sheriffs.

Americans are led and policed by the most corrupt people you can possibly imagine. Boss Hogg had NOTHING close to the current levels of corruption.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 03:43 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

I expect we will see a confused, corrupt investigation. Investigating the investigation is what the perpetrators want. It distracts us from analysing the intended effect of the executions.

I can't easily believe this was a panicky mass shooting by weak bladdered cops. If it was I think we'd see more. It looks like a deliberate public execution of bikers.

Putin's bikers came out on a mission. The obvious ones got turned back. It seems likely some travelled undercover and got further, perhaps as far as the US. This link has a map showing they got to Munich on the 4th of May. 17th we saw the executions. Coincidence?

Putin supports his bikers, giving them public money to stage huge children's parties with strong political messages. Obama executes bikers. I'm waiting to see what Cameron does. Will he ride with UK bikers on his trike with the My Little Pony custom paint job? Public execution may be a preferable fate.

Here's a video of the Night Wolves. Surely a quieter group moved undercover at the same time?

A worldwide coalition of patriotic bikers would be a threat to treacherous governments.

posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 03:47 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Poor translation, but there could be some relevant information here.
In the second half of this interview he gets animated

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posted on Aug, 21 2015 @ 04:02 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Here we have 'Obama is scared of me'

Can this really all be nothing more than remarkably coincidental timing? How often have we seen mass public executions of bikers followed by a controversial and corrupt cover-up?

posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

Again, crickets in the thread...

Meaning no disrespect at all to the few who have posted, I commend you and thank you for giving voice to your thoughts on this matter. The MSM has left this alone and only given the official story any credence, however that unravels very quickly once one digs just a bit deeper than the press release soundbites of Officer Swanton.

Anyone following this story closely will remembet that a veteran of the Waco PD, one Detective James Head to be precise, was chosen as foreman of one of the grand juries, of which there are two, which may decide whether not the carges are warranted and a trial is then set. This person was at the scene and involved in the booking process and is now part of the judicial process.

Well, if the grand jury to which the officer is forman of does not decide on the biker cases, his jury will decide on these instead:

According to Texas Lawyer correspondent Miriam Rozen. “Two separate grand juries will conduct investigations into the shootings.” One jury will decide the fates of the 177 civilians who were taken into custody after the worst incident of biker violence in American History. The other grand jury, which seems to be already meeting, “will investigate police officer use of deadly force.”

Delaying Justice In Waco

So he will be foreman of the jury which will decide whether or not the use of force displayed by his brethren was justified.

Does anyone see a problem with this or is it just me?

posted on Aug, 25 2015 @ 04:31 PM
a reply to: jadedANDcynical

If it happened here I'd be calling for a grand jury. Not 'their' grand jury, our grand jury. 'They' have no authority other than that we consent to.

If you research the version of this being developed in the US it will give you a focus. We know there will be no justice coming from 'them'. Using our own grand juries an equally valid investigation and conclusion can be presented to the public to balance the nonsense we all know is going to come from the 'official' side.

Every argument they present can be countered by our equally valid and carefully documented conclusions.

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