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The Light Show!

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posted on Aug, 16 2015 @ 06:49 PM

The Light Show!

Through the fog, through the rain, there it was, the most amazing thing I had ever seen;
A Magnificent, Spectacular, Unbelievable, Culmination of Stupendous and Wondrously Stunning Group of Colorful Lights!

Glorious colors of the spectrum everywhere just spinning and shooting their dancing shadows all around, up & down, sideways & anyways!

Golds and Purples and Greens and Blues, Reds and Oranges and Every Hue!

Mesmerized and hypnotized, I watched the glow, curiously wondering and wandering with the flow; my eyes were fixed and my feet danced, feverishly trying to capture their every move!

The sight to behold could not be told by just words alone, there had to be some way to capture this amazing rendition of beauty, a portrait, a picture, something to share;
the awesomeness was for me to care so much indeed for me to be fair, that no way to believe the words alone would do it justice to those unseen!

I scrambled and stumbled searching for a way and in my haste I tripped and fell, down I went for never to tell;
into my despair I wallowed, I had been swallowed, the light show was gone from my vision now only to survive fortunately within my mind.

The day would come I would have to hope for the world to hear at least the scope or give me a glimpse of what I hope, could I, would I get the chance? Nope!

The fog had lifted and the rain had shifted, leaving behind the rainbow in my mind; the others that come after me, searching and hoping perhaps they will find;

That Light Show I found and have that for themselves to bath in their own time, in their own spectrum of colors, I hope they have the same feeling I had before the lights went out!

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