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Jackpot!! (Unconditional LOVE!)

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posted on Aug, 12 2015 @ 03:45 PM

Her face was that of an angel. From a distance there was a beautiful golden glow, an aura, when seen by others that had the privilege.

Jackpot! What an amazing feeling that overcame me!

I never saw her before, she was just walking in the shadows of my darkness.

Where did she come from? I spent my days and nights before in a quiet lonely solitude and now...I felt this overwhelming, uncontrollable, undeniable existence of an unexplained never before felt of purity, free from guilt and selfishness.

What was this? Having never experienced this before, I could not be certain...was this THE special feeling? The one we all claim to be searching for that eludes are extended grasp?

The middle aged man was beside himself with a reason to go on, there had been failed relationships that were hard to overcome. There was always something missing... as he looked across the way, he understood that now.

The vision of loveliness, the innocence of an otherworldly presence, how could he have been so lucky...that day would come his way...JACKPOT! He had finally seen the reason.

He instantly realized that all that had come before was necessary for this moment to happen, all the anguish and heartbreak and obstacles that had prevented him from having the one thing he craved, unconditional love.

Could it finally be fully achieved? The only way for him to know would be to take the first step, rejection was the fear, would she be able to see the same in him as he saw in her?

The man was not sure how to approach this woman without scaring her, so, he decided a covert approach would be better, at least that way the rejection would not hurt as much.

No. He would not stalk her. He wasn't sure where she lived, he didn't know her name, only that he had seen her in the same location getting out of a vehicle, a note on her car window? Too passive? Rejection would be easier, but would it be enough to get her real attention?

The note had to be sincere and to the point, but not overt as to his intentions or share to much of his already strong desires, but what if she didn't even speak or read the same language?

He wasn't concerned about overcoming cultural differences, only having the chance to engage was enough for him to try. The note was put on his business card, it simply said, "I have admired your beauty from a distance and I would like to take you for dinner if possible".

He waited to see her vehicle again and when he did the card was placed gently on the windshield under the wiper blade. Hopefully, she would see it and call...and so he waited, but the call never came.

He held out hope day after day and his dream of hitting the JACKPOT was still out of his grasp. He feared something was wrong, rejection? Maybe she was busy, maybe she was married, maybe she just wasn't that impressed with the note.

Bedtime came and off he went, there his dreams would be real, he could live that reality with her, there in his dreams the love he wanted was possible, if only that could be reality in his sad, lonely life...the morning never came.

A severe heart attack did...the man was in his eternal dream now, free to dream a dream, oh what a glorious angel she was to behold, never to go, always to keep for now he was asleep, no, he was not dead, he was in heaven.

No more agonizing pain, just the unconditional love emanating from the wings of his angel. JACKPOT!


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