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The Gipsy King - Dubbed a Knight Templar

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posted on Aug, 10 2015 @ 07:23 PM

“A man must leave something behind, a sign that he actually lived on Earth: a successor, a dwelling house, a written book or sometimes, a whole history page..I think of my father..” a quick glimpse at him is enough to get acquainted with the worldwide spread Rroma world.
A man whom God endowed with the brightest mind of the Rroma people. A leader and a precious model, who has always represented his people all over the world. His voice was heard to meet out justice, to protect the poor and to offer them significant future plans.

His people’s interests as well as Romania’s always had top priority in his heart. He never hesitated to be sympathetic towards the problems of the people whose king he was. He would always lend an ear to his subjects, advising and helping them, surrounding them with devotion, love and spiritual warmth and that is why people loved and respected him, appointing him their king, as proof of their appreciation.
A man who devoted his entire life to represent the Rroma people in the highest international forums- The Council of the International Union of the Rroma - as a representative of this organization at U.N.O.
Taking part in the International Congresses of the Rroma, the Council of the European Union, Ion Cioaba, The King, has represented Romania with dignity and tried to change Romania’s image as seen from abroad in a favorable way.

Rosslyn Chapel

Gypsies lived in Rosslyn Chapel


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