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Russia Testing New Electronic Weapons in Eastern Ukraine

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posted on Jul, 28 2015 @ 04:09 PM
Most of the weapons Russia sends to eastern Ukraine are outdated, obsolete army surplus. However, it seems they are using Ukraine to test newer weapons as well. This article reports the new EW Borisoglebsk-2 in Ukraine.

The covert war against Ukraine, Russia not only recycles obsolete weapons, equipment and ammunition, but also actively testing new models of weapons and various military target complexes. Air defense systems, communications and electronic warfare systems have become part of the arsenal of "Russian holiday-makers" and "hereditary miners' fighting in the Donbas. Another OSINT-research team dedicated to fixing latest Russian jamming complex "Borisoglebsk-2", which is the technical foundation pieces EW tactical connections. The complex is designed for signals intelligence and jamming the lines HF, VHF terrestrial and aviation radio, cellular subscriber terminals and trunking communications at the tactical level of management and operational-tactical level management.

After consultation with military experts were able to identify the objects found. These machines are part of the new Russian complex EW "Borisoglebsk-2."

The following article must be translated:

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