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WTC-7 Mysteries FINALLY Solved.

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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:12 PM
These are some posts the ATS Search returns with Blanchard, PROTEC or Implosion World in it :


bsbray11 : Blanchard analyzes seismographs for a living? I think you're confused.
(LT : he's an editor/journalist for Implosion World, paid by PROTEC, it's owner.)
All you have to do is look at the seismic records to see that massive amounts of energy was released into the bedrock just prior to its collapse. More energy, in fact, than the whole global collapse represented. That's case closed in my book :
The building *not falling*, was more energetic, than the whole building falling. That goes well along with the fact that it free-fell through 7 stories and therefore none of its PE was actually used to crush the building.

== Read the whole page 4 their posts :
== A look at Mr. Blanchard's .pdf by bsbray11 :
== Protec Documentation Services Inc. company profile at
== Brent Blanchard's personal page at

To top off PROTEC's Implosion World and the Brent Blanchard topic : Video.
The Basement Explosions (authors : NK-44 + chopoz)

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:20 PM
So, let's proceed to the real explosions as recorded on 9/11, and vehemently denied by NIST and the US-government politicians, military and firms contracted by the US government.
And thus relying heavily for their income on that same government :

Proof of 2 Huge Explosions in WTC Building 7 (Best Quality HD) :

WTC 7 - HUGE DEEP EXPLOSION (by Charles Ewing Smith) :

The deep explosion sound is the only clearly audible explosive artifact in this WTC 7 collapse video.
If that sound propagated through the air, it will have traveled about 2 seconds to the camera microphone which so to see was situated about 650 m away from WTC 7. Plus the 2 seconds waiting before the start of the kinking of the east penthouse roof gives about 4 real time seconds time between the explosion and the first sign of it, the kink.
Then we have the 8.5 seconds for both penthouses to disappear and before the whole roof line starts sinking, that's 12.5 seconds in totality that pass between that deep explosion sound at WTC 7, and the start of its global collapse.
Thus, that deep sound can't have been the final blow that obliterated EIGHT stories worth of resistance in that WTC 7 building. Which caused the first 2.25 seconds of WTC 7's global collapse to be a FFA (free fall acceleration) event, which clearly indicates the use of explosives.

The nagging question that rises in any analytical mind :
The deep sound is at 18 secs, the global collapse starts at 27 secs. That's 9 secs total.
What purpose served that huge explosion, 4 long seconds before the first sign of building failure, the east penthouse its roof denting? Both penthouses then disappeared during 8.5 long seconds, says NIST correctly, and you can check it yourself in the videos.

And why don't we hear in this video the huge explosion sounds that should have accompanied the eradication of 7 storeys worth of full WTC-7 floor areas, their beams and columns?
Those 7 storeys thus became a huge hole in the building, causing a period at the start of global collapse of 2.25 seconds duration, of no resistance at all for the remaining upper floors which thus came collapsing down at free fall acceleration speed into that SEVEN floors high blown out hole near the base of WTC-7. Which was blocked from any video camera view.
We only hear that deep sound 4 seconds before anything moved on the visible exterior of WTC-7, and no further discernible other sounds that could indicate that charges were exploding. We also don't hear the to be expected enormous 47 stories collapse sounds....?

Which is the most puzzling lack of sound effect, in that video.

It means the deep sound must have been MUCH louder at that camera spot than any other deep or higher pitched sounds accompanying the collapse of that huge 47 stories high-rise WTC 7 building, nearly half as high as the Twin Towers, and we clearly did hear the enormous sound levels accompanying those TWO collapses on nearby shot videos.

Building 7 - Sound Evidence for Explosions (10 min) :

9/11: Three WTC survivors in explosive interview :

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:21 PM

originally posted by: CALGARIAN
Yes, this was def FINALLY resolved... back in 2001.
The MASSIVE amount of fire debris that crushed the side of the building caused it to collapse.

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

I had thought the owner of the building made the call, so the building would have been pre-wired for detination.

I imagine there had been multiple different plans like this since the 1993 bombing.

I can't find the videos where either a security head or a designer repeatedly said it would happen again after 1993 and asked for upgrades in security protocols, etc after the1993 bombing, maybe someone can assist in finding that, as I know I saw them.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:26 PM
This is the best and longest video, 2hrs 13 min. full of evidence of EXPLOSIONS on 9/11 :

I extracted its video time stamps where explosions occur, are shown or are mentioned :

0:00:00 Watch and listen carefully to those 2 and later 1 firefighters stories. There was a secondary and later a third explosion, while they were waiting to go higher up, the whole lobby collapsed in itself at the secondary one.
They were at that mentioned time waiting in the right, south side of the lobby in the Marriott Hotel, under the collapsing WTC 2S, which took a whole bite out of the center portion of that hotel. During the collapse of the North Tower, the till then still standing left and right portions of that Marriott Hotel were also obliterated.

0:03:10 Arthur DelBianco in his hospital bed, telling about "All of the sudden it was like bullet shots, and then THREE TREMENDOUS explosions and everything started to coming down".

0:03:40 Official: "I got, uh, an eyewitness who said there was an explosion on floors 7 and 8; 7,8".
Then follows a FULL half hour with a LOT of other witness talk about explosions and actual explosions to be heard.

0:32:37 to :43 You see the huge chunks of exterior panel debris flying all the way from the top of the North Tower to land into the convex glass roof of the Winter Garden. It means there must have been quite some initial horizontal vector force working on that chunk, to let it fly that far in such a parabolic trajectory. Not like a nearly straight down vertical vector one, to be expected from a chunk breaking loose, that high.

IMPORTANT : We have the video of the running for his life BBC camera man, who ran as hard as he could with his camera in his hand along West Street southwards, still actively filming, while his camera in his hand was pointing backwards and luckily aimed at the collapsing debris from the North Tower behind him.
You see the first chunk of HEAVY exterior columns from the South face side, with its ALU-panels still attached, impacting very near to the southern base of the Tower, falling in front of the debris dust cloud just above it. Indicating a normal, natural descend without an excessive, explosive HORIZONTAL vector in its descending parabola.
It simply broke off and out from the SOUTH face, and CLEARLY fell down NATURALLY.! So no explosive forces were acting on the WTC 1N Tower its south face exterior panels at THAT early time in the further developing collapse event.

So how on earth could that OTHER, probably also first chunk from the WTC 1N its west face end up FAR FURTHER in the huge convex glass roof of the Winter Garden.?
That was b.t.w. a not so big exterior sheared-off columns chunk as we see impacting the ground beside the Tower's southern base, and could thus just as well have been originating from lower floors positions on that west face.
BUT, that chunk of still very HEAVY exterior steel columns ended up MUCH further away, in the middle of the convex glass roof of the Winter Garden, at the other side of that very wide West Street, flying all the way over that long North Bridge spanning West Street.!
That's a distance TWO and a HALF TIMES the WTC-side faces lengths of that North Tower away from its west face.!
By the way, another chunk you saw sticking out of the huge WFC 3 building its SE corner at a pretty high floors position, higher than that convex glass roof beside it, indicating that THAT chunk still had MORE potential rest energy loaded, when it met that WTC 3 corner so high up, at a distance two times the side face length of WTC 1N, just 30 meters to the north of the Winter Garden roof rim.

That only happens when an explosive force launches such a chunk in a parabolic trajectory that MUST have included a huge horizontal vector force-portion, and a lot bigger than its vertical vector force-portion.
I assume none of you expects a huge Roman catapult installed in one of these floors, to have accomplished that. Even such a thing could not have launched such a multiple tons heavy chunk so far away, you need more sophisticated, modern devices, such as TB's.

0:35:04 to 0:35:52 Very deep explosion sound (this one I had never seen and heard before. )
It is filmed at 214 Broadway, from in between the small building and Chase bank, beside and somewhat behind the Millennium Hotel, between Fulton Street and Vesey Street.
It would be nice to know the exact time, to have a better idea when that huge explosion took place, just 2 blocks east of WTC 7.

0:47:24 / 2:12:41 The LIVE screen in he studio goes black showing shortly at a bit right off-center a bit lighter square with some reddish vertical bands in it, and a wide dark-blue vertical band in its middle, crossed at one quarter height with a smaller horizontal darker blue band. In the right bottom corner it showed a time stamp of 9:02 as the second plane impacts in the North Tower.
It shows in there under that banded square, what looks like a timestamp :
"TCR 06:15.14:19", which means WHAT?
It could be an atomic clocked time. Or, TimeCorRected 06:15 from 14:19, or 06:15 to 14:19.
Note the dot after 15, so it's not a vertical double dot.!

When the screen comes up (first black/white) again, it shows in the right bottom corner a time stamp 9:03 and "TCR 06:15.16:26" in the bottom center. Only the last part, after the dot, is added up.
I don't see the logic, only when that first part are minutes and seconds, and the last part are atomic clocked Milli- and micro-seconds.

0:47:52 to 48:25 The gentleman explaining he saw and HEARD a whole row of EXPLOSIONS, starting 20 stories lower than the plane impact fire, ripping through the corner of one Tower on their way down. And then he ran for his life as the tower came thundering down.

0:53:00 to 53:22 Arturo Griffith, who was trapped in an elevator when he started to go up from B1 to the 49th floor, the elevator stopped after a few seconds, cables came falling down and the cage fell a few floors before the safety breaks came in and got a tight hold. Then the doors of the elevator cage were blown INWARDS by an explosion outside that elevator cage doors, meaning there was a huge explosion OUTSIDE, in that low basement level. He thinks that one of those doors that came flying to him, broke his leg. Then another explosion threw him against the wall of the elevator and he was unconscious for a couple of minutes. He later got rescued.


posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: CALGARIAN

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

Because Silverstien made some money on the insurance claims and WTC 7 held some pretty important docs.

As for who, probably Turner Construction, the same people who did all the work on towers 1&2.

They even fire proofed the almost the exact floors that got hit.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:27 PM

originally posted by: deloprator20000
The fall of WTC 7 is the most difficult for skeptics to explain and the explanations they do offer often do not stand up to scrutiny.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is a full and comprehensive explanation for what happened with WTC7. Even if people don't want to accept all the facts, evidence and data from hundreds of people involved and actually there on the day (preferring instead to take statements made entirely out of context or view highly biased "truther" videos manipulating the full story) nothing will change the facts revealed through proper investigation.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:29 PM
0:53:22 Kenneth Summers interviewed by a TV station from New York, in his hospital bed in Livingston, N.J. and giving the MOST DEFINITIVE DESCRIPTION OF A THERMOBARIC BOMB GOING OFF on 9/11 I ever heard, in one of the Towers. He was in the lobby on his way mailing a letter, outside the tower :

"When I walked into the revolving doors of the lobby, the last door before you get to the outside, and I was gonna walk around the building and go up to the Postal Service to get some special stamps, and, eh, I had no sooner walked out the door when I heard a wishing roaring noise, eh, and I looked to my left and I see a friend of mine, ehh, with terror on his face racing for cover. And then I saw several other people that I didn't recognize, also heading for cover. And, eh, I looked, eh, I heard the, a Boomm and the ground tremble, and, eh, the next thing I know I was looking up to the roof and I seeing stuff coming off the roof. I figured my best bet would be to get back into the building, so to avoid the stuff coming off the roof. I know as soon as I was going back into the revolving door, when, eh, eh, all of a sudden it seems like the whole lobby, the door I was in, and everything filled up with a yellowish brownish, eh, combustible mixture.

I did not really smell anything different, but, there was not... it took so quickly to happen, it was like a tenth of a second and the next thing I know is a major explosion, by which I am now thrown back out through both of these revolving doors and back outside underneath the overhang where the taxis were coming. I was on fire

I quickly put my shirt out and kinda douche my hair and just started to stagger away, as fast as I could."
up to 0:55:26.

The crux of the matter here is the fact Kenneth didn't smell ANYTHING DIFFERENT.
I can assure you, if that yellowish brownish combustible mixture would have been jet fuel, he would have remembered that for the rest of his life.
But modern TB explosive mixtures are without any smell. It was one of the requirements of the DoD's Acquisition department. Don't want to wake up the enemy, ain't it?
Unreacted Thermobaric Bomb material is very caustic and very poisonous.

Remember that USGS report with that remark in it, that the rain and firefighting water in the 9/11 "WTC bathtub" was strongly caustic? And that lots of out of place chemicals were found around the WTC complex? Around, since they were not allowed to measure inside the debris heaps areas....

Remember all the 9/11 rescue workers with all those very strange cancers?
Remember that "politically correct" woman in an official position who backed up mayor Giuliani and declared Manhattan and New York air safe to breath after a week already?
She should be handed a life sentence for second degree murder. She knew it wasn't safe at all. Giuliani should sit beside her. These two have the life blood of thousands of extra victims and their deaths on their hands.
Give a life sentence to his NY police commissioner friend too, Bernard Kerik, he surely knew much more. He was already in prison, his masters think he was safer there. For them.
And from his former colleagues. An accident can be easily arranged by disgruntled police staff in the US. He knows and they know.
You can see him standing behind Giuliani in this video, where Giuliani says gas was not the cause of explosions, then turns shortly to him for additional help. He's the bold one under the white clock indicating 16 to 3. At 1:21:51 in the video.
And at 1:35:26 Giuliani admits they turned the gas for the whole WTC complex off, already early on. See Kerik alone also at 2:05:00.

0:59:25 WB11 producer Christina Summers gets interviewed in the evening of 9/11 and tells how itchy her eyes were and how her skin's been itchy. (Most non-reacted components of modern TB's are very caustic. )

Then a long explanation by a reporter on the scene of his interview with Albert Turry, Chief of Fire Safety NY, who explained to him earlier, that he had about 200 firefighters in the Towers, and there were secondary explosions in the Towers one hour after the first plane hit, and that he lost a great deal of men to these, and that because of those explosions, it was very difficult to get higher than the 50th floors in those Towers. (Up to 1:05:18)
Then more shots of people who saw and heard EXPLOSIONS.

1:09:43 Big and low EXPLOSION sound from the south, from about 5 to 10 blocks away from WTC 7's north side (Never saw and heard this one too). You clearly see the whole north side of WTC 7 standing in the center of the screen at 1:09:48.
With a whole lot of WHITE STEAM heaped up at the bottom north side where no fire or debris damage from the North Tower was, but that steam cloud was suddenly there AFTER that huge EXPLOSION sound!
One guy shouts "another plane coming", which gives us quite a good clue what time this was, together with the shadow angles.
Then a minute further in this video you hear someone shout "a gas leak, the gas is coming" while a child can see that that is no gas, but steam. By the way, the gas main was already very early shut off. Just as the main electricity and the water mains.

1:32:00 That blond news woman tells about a firefighter who ran with her in front of a flame front and then covered her with his body, after throwing her against a wall. She says that huge explosion with that huge flame front happened around 10:44 A.M., so, AFTER the second, North tower fell !

1:33:12 Robert Pesce, from his hospital bed : "And I saw that was buses that were burned, fire engines trucks that were burned, police cars that were burned. It looked like a fireball came right up the street and took out everything what's in its path."
This again would be exactly the effect of a huge TB going off.

1:39:00 This African-American named Peat Norbert says he heard that CRACKLING sound he will never forget, and then the building exploded......
That's the static electricity, charging the explosive cloud from a TB, then it ignites, Kkaboooom.
Same crackling sound as reported by two office workers sitting behind their desks, a man and a woman, just before the 5 OKC bombs went off in 1995, which was for sure also a Thermobaric bombing event.
Search for my posts about it, with the links to their witness statements.

1:57:40 The same blond female reporter. She heard three explosions since both towers went down......Its also printed on the NBC screen : Both World Trade Center Towers Have Collapsed.


posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:29 PM

originally posted by: Sremmos80
a reply to: CALGARIAN

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

Because Silverstien made some money on the insurance claims and WTC 7 held some pretty important docs.

As for who, probably Turner Construction, the same people who did all the work on towers 1&2.

They even fire proofed the almost the exact floors that got hit.

Do you actually have any evidence for these claims?
I would like to see it.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:31 PM
1:59:00 Male reporter voice : "Its now 11 o'clock. Still we hear continuing explosions.
Listen to the other male reporter after that, who says that at a quarter to eleven another explosion went off, and it looked as if a forest fire rolled through the canyons of downtown Manhattan.
A firefighter he spoke about it, thought that was the sound of fifty floors collapsing. This all AFTER the second tower went down !
You can find these explosions as hard evidence in the LDEO seismic chart from 08:30 to 18:00 hrs on 9/11, posted by me here. These extra explosions have never been addressed by NIST, FEMA, LDEO or whomever it should have concerned.
That damn sure sounds in that description, like TB's their flame fronts.
These TB's that were set off late, are probably the solution for some endless quests to answer the curiosity about what exactly caused all these burned cars stocked up later beside the roads in South Manhattan.

2:04:00 Male reporter in white shirt : "When you're down there Dan, in the streets, you hear smaller secondary explosions going off every fifteen or twenty minutes (more than an hour after the North Tower went down).

2:09:25 This is that video, FOIA freed from NIST its repository, with that deep explosion sound, 2 + 2 + 8.2 seconds before the total collapse phase of WTC 7 started.
Which total collapse has no further discernible collapse sounds to hear, only that deep explosion sound 12.2 seconds before it globally collapsed.
THAT HUGE FIRST PACK OF PEAKS, depicting EXPLOSIONS resulting from that huge deep sound, in my SEISMOGRAM OF WTC 7's COLLAPSE, just 3 to 4 seconds before the first sign of demolition : the dent forming in the E-penthouse roof.

And then a few more video's of that WTC 7 collapse event. Up to the 2:12:41 end of this must-see video.

This is all the evidence once collected in the first years after 9/11 by that great guy from Denmark, I'm really glad we have it back, see my dead links to his site in so many of my early 2005 - 2006 posts.
His famous site name was " ".

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:33 PM

originally posted by: Sremmos80
a reply to: CALGARIAN

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

Because Silverstien made some money on the insurance claims and WTC 7 held some pretty important docs.

As for who, probably Turner Construction, the same people who did all the work on towers 1&2.

They even fire proofed the almost the exact floors that got hit.

I have no doubt money was involved. But for someone who already has a ton of money, I don't think that was his only consideration. 1) A controlled demo for safety 2) Money 3) Someone strongly suggested to him it would be 'better that way'

The motivations of the 'someone' in reason 3 may have been nefarious.

+1 more 
posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:37 PM
To knock it all off for you, the following video, for the skeptical Official Story Doubters who do not trust governments, especially ones known for their prior false flag operations and their compulsive LYING all the time in favor of NAZIonal Security.
Well, you still really think they mean its for the benefit of all of us, thus, like they repeat all the time, for Our Nation's Security.?
They definitely don't count 220 million US citizens, as you, the reader, will automatically expect them to mean, in that word "Our". Their understanding of the word "Our" is no more than ten thousand very rich and influential US and non-US citizens.

This is a superb WTC 7 explosions video made by Achimspok, where he connects all the known explosions sounds to the FOIA freed NIST video repository of the collapse of WTC 7, in drawings and screenshots of the audio signals of two loud "Kha-Bbooms" just before the east penthouse began to sink away.

Title : WTC 7 collapse sound & seismic spikes by Achimspok.
There are a lot of WTC 7 collapse videos, but sound in them is very rare, like the last 15 seconds, prior to the start of the global collapse, which is when the roof rim sinks as one entity, no columns sticking out above the sinking roof, as the spires we saw in both WTC Twin Tower collapses sticking out for seconds. Which means they were all already uniformly broken or buckled while the roof and exterior sunk as one entity, until the dust and surrounding buildings blocked the cameras from view. This is that Achimspok video :

Best Comments reactions on Achimspok's video :

First mine : This "Kingdome - Controlled Demolition, Inc." video has in the first sequence, the loud cracks and booms everyone associates with demolitions, however, in the further away filmed next sequences of the same blasting in the same video, the sounds are much deeper and lower frequenced, which is to be expected according to the physics laws of sounds (see a very good explanation of these laws in a link further on about the Trinity Church video) :

And the Aladdin Hotel Implosion :

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:38 PM

originally posted by: BlueJacket
Your response evokes more laughter from me. A cursory understanding of general Western history should suffice in answering your question of who and why...amazing

a reply to: CALGARIAN

We still don't know who and why in regard to Western History, for the entire event. Most of us know it is not all that it seems. If you are hiding some special wisdom from us, please share it. Laughing at people's posts on such a complicated issue is just rude, especially typing that your are laughing.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:41 PM
This next one from his Achimspok's Comments section thus can be used to shut up all those Trusters who keep posting that explosives according to NIST always are audible at 120 to 130, even 140 decibel levels. That's simply not true, and it's also depending on the type of camera and its audio range.

== ericucsd : There are plenty of demolitions where demolition explosives were recorded as low frequency vibrations and rumbles on audio. A famous one is the Dallas stadium demolition.
Even with a close-by microphone, the majority of detonations in the first 10-20 second were low frequency & rumble-like :

LT : While all windows, doors and other various openings were all gutted already, and were fully open, unlike the WTC 7 building, that was nearly totally intact at the North face, where all the cameras were aimed at, since they cleared the whole southern Manhattan tip from photographers and video filming reporters.

== Here, another one found by me, LT, with only deep explosion sounds, while the camera/microphone is just 150 meter maximal, away from the collapsing 116 meter high AfE Tower hi-rise in Frankfurt, Germany. And all openings are fully gutted, thus OPEN, and still only DEEP explosion sounds from almost a ton of explosives are audible :

== Another German one, from the same demolition.
Sprengung 116 Meter Hochhaus (AfE-Turm) in Frankfurt am 02.02.2014 - Full HD, Zeitlupe & Opferkamera :

== LT : Looks awfully as if it went down the same way like WTC 7 at 911.
Title : WTC 7 Explosion - NIST FOIA Cbs-Net Dub5 09

Note the 2 deep Kha Bboom(s) directly at the start of this FOIA freed from NIST,
WTC-7 collapse initiation video at the 0:01 second mark.

== Shaped Charge explosion compared to phone-boot explosion heard from WTC 7, found by Insolubrious :

Insolubrious : Of course the debunkers will like to claim this video is fake. But this explosion sound has actually been corroborated by the explosion captured in Steve Spak's video, confirming it's authenticity. This one :

LT : Steve Spak filmed from 214 Broadway, which is 2 blocks east of WTC 7.
Building on the left is a Chase Manhattan bank. It seems to me however, as recorded between 17 and 18 o'clock p.m. on 9/11/2001, if you note the vertical shadow line on the back wall of the Millennium Hotel, just left of that left flag, at the 0:25 seconds video time. And thus not around 10 o'clock a.m. as Insolubrious seems to think.
If waypastvne with his shadow software could assist to confirm this, than we hear thus a shaped charge or other explosion, around the time WTC 7 came down. Spak must have stood at the corner of Fulton Street and Broadway, so to see.
Use Fig. 2-1 Map showing the World Trade Center location in lower Manhattan. With those pink colors. From NIST NCSTAR 1-8, WTC Investigation. At 0:40 Steve's position is indicated with that thick red arrow.

== Fluxion Aura : I remember watching that on MSNBC and I remember Ashley Banfield saying she heard another explosion and then she had the interview with the woman and then WTC 7 collapsed. I taped it on VHS but like a few months after 9-11 the VCR ate the tape. Even if I still had it I wouldn't be able to upload it on the computer because its VHS.

== Achimspok : Maybe this clip :

== StevenM818 :
This Google Video captured the explosions: 27minutes, 45seconds in :

Then at 29:07, Reporter Al Jones gives his eyewitness account, saying that it looked like WTC-7 was brought down by a demo crew. He then goes on to explain that it was brought down by an "explosion" :

And then at 31:09, a witness who's interviewed says he heard a loud noise that sounded like "a clap of thunder", & then WTC-7 started to fall :

== Fluxion Aura :
Achimspok, they skipped it, it happens like 10 seconds before she interviews the woman.
3 seconds before last clip :

== achimspok : The point is, there is a noise 0,4 miles away. That noise is not the wind. And NIST lied about the absence of explosion sounds, the absence of witnesses and the necessary noise level. They even mentioned the WTC7 ramp below ground level and next to the critical columns in just one sentence.
The seismic events were measured 50 miles away. So obviously it wasn't some heavy truck.
What ever it was, there was no investigation. There were several years of preparing for ONE outcome.

== femr2 : achimspok... Great stuff as always. Noted you said there was no video of the later moments of descent. Have one here. (I haven't uploaded the individual video, but can do if it would be useful to you)
(Lower Left Quadrant) WTC 7 External Wall "Collapse" Time :

== achimspok : Furthermore, the long lasting chain reaction from "the first column 79 buckling" to the east penthouse collapse left no broken window, no dust, nothing. The onset of the collapse caused (was caused by) a seismic spike and a sway to the west. A natural chain reaction can not do that. No way!
We have a 2 hr fire resistance rating. A fully fuel loaded office area burnt out in 30 minutes. Due to some strange manipulation of the NIST simulation, only one area burnt for multiple hours, at 1,000 °C upper layer temperature.

Whenever one of these OS Truster wolf-packs pop-up again with all these repetitive remarks that "no explosions at the WTC complex were heard", post a link to this lengthy post of mine with all the evidence of EXPLOSIONS on 9/11, to stop their annoying -knowingly- LYING.

posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:42 PM

originally posted by: Rocker2013

originally posted by: Sremmos80
a reply to: CALGARIAN

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

Because Silverstien made some money on the insurance claims and WTC 7 held some pretty important docs.

As for who, probably Turner Construction, the same people who did all the work on towers 1&2.

They even fire proofed the almost the exact floors that got hit.

Do you actually have any evidence for these claims?
I would like to see it.

We already know important documents were in WT7 a lot of people didn't want to be seen. It would be redundant to look up source for that. If you owned a building that collapsed in 911, you got money. The building was insured enough to rebuild it. WT7 remains were removed the fastest and rebuilding started the fastest. Money came form somewhere.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:50 PM

originally posted by: CALGARIAN
Yes, this was def FINALLY resolved... back in 2001.
The MASSIVE amount of fire debris that crushed the side of the building caused it to collapse.

WHY (or who) would have planted explosives in WTC7? lol.

The CIA could have known about the incoming terror attack and planted explosives to ensure that there was enough damage to justify going to war with Iraq. They just helped it along. There could be any number of people in a position to plant explosives and profit from it.
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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:51 PM
Like I told you over the years, there are multiple methods to suppress blasting noise, like :

-- Muffler blanket made from KEVLAR, strung around a column with HE cutter charges attached. Its footprint is a long black shapeless cloth being shot out of a window or other opening together with some dust cloud spitted out ;

-- Thick 1 cbm nylon boxes filled with 1000 L of water and a HE-cutter charge attached inside or outside to the side that's placed adjacent to the steel column to be cut. Its footprint is a huge whitish STEAM cloud spitting out of the cut building side(s), steam or mist muffles sound effectively ;

-- Flooding elevator bottom-end shafts with water, in the basements where the huge thick box-formed steel columns were prepared already with huge diagonal cutter charges. Its footprint are huge steam clouds emanating from the base of a building ;

-- Using thermobaric explosives. Their footprints are very low and deep explosion sounds, caused by the implosion effect of the 20 % air-consumed oxygen during explosion of the static-electrical charged chemicals cloud, felt more in the stomach then heard through the ears. And they lift up/press down, entire floors and column sections, bolted together, and those bolts are sheared off by the immense displacement forces acting on all the huge floor and ceiling surfaces attached to the columns and their cross-beams.

-- Blasting & Explosions :

Aqueous foam is used for both blast attenuation and noise suppression. The technology was developed by Sandia (see also Military Defense Law web page) and is generally a military and law enforcement technology. Some pertinent references are:

1. Raspet, R., "The Reduction of Blast Noise with Aqueous Foam"
J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 74, (6), 1757-1763 (1983)

2. Aubert, J.H., Kraynik, A.M., and Rand, P.B., "Aqueous Foams"
Scientific American, May, 1986, page 74ff

3. Clark, C.J., U.S. Patent 4,589,341, May 20, 1986
Method for Explosive Blast Control Using Expanded Foam

4. Raspet, R., "The Reduction of Blast Overpressures from Aqueous Foam in a Rigid Confinement"
Applied Acoustics, 22, 35-45 (1987)

5. "Attenuation of Blast Waves Using Foam and Other Material"
Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign, IL, 1988
(Available from NTIS, ADA203148)

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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:53 PM

originally posted by: CALGARIAN
The MASSIVE amount of fire debris that crushed the side of the building caused it to collapse.

Sorry, but that is patently, and absurdly false. From NIST's Q&A's:

Other than initiating the fires in WTC 7, the damage from the debris from WTC 1 had little effect on initiating the collapse of WTC 7.

NIST also mentioned it in their final report. The collapse of WTC 1 had no bearing on the collapse of WTC 7. NIST even stated that had the towers not collapsed at all, WTC 7 still would have collapsed due to fire. Which is absurd as well, but there it is.

originally posted by: Rocker2013
Do you actually have any evidence for these claims? I would like to see it.

Yes. Please see my thread here:

Bush's connections and now a possible connection to controlled demo consulting and planning company

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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:56 PM
In a post by bsbray11, the 1998 Cardington fire research program on a modern multi-storey composite steel framed structure is linked to, by him :
The Behaviour of a Multi-storey Steel Framed Building Subjected to Fire Attack,
Experimental Data, by British Steel plc, 1998.

The PDF file, 3.30 MB.

Note that they performed another fire test in 2003 :
Client Report: Results and Observations from Full-Scale Fire Test at BRE Cardington, 16 January 2003, by Building Research Establishment, 2004. PDF file 2.99 MB

Construction Of Building 7 (Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters, Episode 13)

The last of the 30 end-seconds in this History Channel episode 13 : Jonathan Barnett, PhD. Fire Protection Engineer : "We were unable to do that in the case of Building 7."
He means a thorough investigation for the real causes of the steel failures in the collapsed WTC 7 steel heap.
Or before, or after shipping it all away as fast as could be, as the first shipments so soon already after 9/11/2001. Hundreds of identical dump trucks were driving up and down the streets already in the first nights...There's shocking video of that destruction of evidence, search Major Tom's site or Google it.

911Conspiracy.TV, a huge depository of 9/11 videos and photographs :

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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 06:57 PM
Great post OP

Now can we get to the meat and Potatoes and bring Larry Silverstien and his accomplices up on charges of fraud ?

Larry "I pulled it made a trillion in insurance payouts" Silverstien would like to thank CALGARIAN and hellobruce for gatekeeping.

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posted on Jul, 27 2015 @ 07:00 PM
achimspok's YouTube channel videos :

-- WTC1 Collapse South - dust. During the first seconds of the WTC1 collapse, a huge bright dust cloud emerged in the south side, right below the collapse zone.

-- The debris avalanche. Not accelerating?

-- CIT witness for the Northern Approach part 1. The NoC theory.

-- CIT witness for the Northern Approach, part 2.

Achimspok seems to question back in 2010, Lagasse and Brooks their NoC 2006 CIT eyewitness accounts, . Lagasse jumped in his police cruiser after the plane flew by just 50 feet north of him, radioed in that event FIRST to his dispatch, and THEN he took off to the Pentagon.!
See the Comments section. Achimspok : "He really doesn't lookk like in a hurry. ...just my opinion".

Lagasse says the plane was flying past him, about 100 feet high and 50 feet in front of him.
That's at 5:09 / 8:24 and the screen counter is on 09:40:34, when that light-flash spike can be seen appearing on the white CITGO north side ceiling, above the trunk of Lagasses cruiser (left top screen).
Which is a sun reflection (stood at the CITGO southeast side) off the shiny aluminum Boeing 757 Flight UA-77 plane body, reflected back down on the shiny top of a parked car just north of the northern pumps area and back up to the CITGO northern white painted ceiling.
Directly after that ceiling flash at 09:40:34, you see all the visitors and counter guy (arrows) running to the right entrance door to look at the Pentagon west wall where that same plane impacted. (Bottom wide screen).

Screenshot 5:55 : "I got on the radio and broadcast. I said a plane is, is heading toward the heliport side of the building". Then he backed up and sped off the CITGO grounds

WTC7 collapse sound & seismic spikes.

The NIST predecisional WTC7 Report part5 of 5

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