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A Talent Snuffed Out.

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posted on Jul, 22 2015 @ 02:14 AM
She had the highest math and science grades in her high school, she had attended multiple competitions and gained all kinds of attention from universities, the young Hispanic girl Ramona was going to change the world and pave the way for other women of color in fields like engineering and mathematics.

Ramona lived in a bad part of town in Los Angeles, her family came to America a long while ago from Mexico and they made their best attempts at an honest life. There was very little money for food or proper healthcare but the family did what they could and were proud of Ramona as she was a shining star of hope.

One night as Ramona made her way home from a late night study session, she found that it was later than usual but she was walking through an area that the police traffic frequently for drugs. It happened upon Ramona that the police found her walking through this area and assumed she may be trafficking drugs or dealing them. The police were immediately stereotyping her and asked her to put down her bag, of which she dropped her calculator.

The police saw the calculator and thought it was a gun and opened fire on Ramona, the bullets struck her small body and she instantly fell to the ground as the police began to handcuff her. Ramona looked at the street where her books and her calculator were all spread out, along with them her admittance and scholarships she was awarded into her university of choice. She felt her body grow cold, and she could only let out tears and cried out into the night, she wanted to live and she fought to live, but she could no longer keep up and her body gave as she saw only darkness and the young girl died in the street like an animal.

The next day there was nothing in the news, nor was there any notice anywhere, but only a document at the local police station stating another Hispanic drug worker was murdered for being hostile.

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