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KNAPP/SPRINGER! journalist...

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posted on Jul, 19 2015 @ 12:44 AM
The radio out of L.A. ( iHeart ) cut the feed.
It is now presenting some arrogant lawyer.

After a local radio shake up.. yeah. 104.5 Pittsburgh transitioned from talk radio, to country music. Tim Conway was my go to. KFI am out of L.A. was my go to. George Knapp was the only guy I knew, that was still serious about journalism. So I make it a point to check the topic. From area 51, Mustang Horses to Oil Pipelines.

Here's what I wrote to George.

It's 1:06 am here in Pittsburgh. I thought KFI AM out of Los Angeles was a C2C supporter?

On Iheart radio giving the c2c here is giving law advice. Out of L.A. . Btw it's July 19th broadcast here. You're interviewing a Vietnam nurse.. R. Moody.

Originally I started listening on 104.5 fox radio on iheart rad here in Pittsburgh. Then it got turned into a country station. So I went to the source.... The Conway show at KFI. This is the first saterday night i had to find another feed.
That feed is WJAS in Pittsburgh.

If I was "SPRINGER" which I'm am not. I'd ( whom I kidding ) I'm frazzled!

Typing this and listening to the show. As a NV/Reno native.... I'm a bit hiney hurt.

That's what I wrote. This better not be another coup. I miss Caravan to midnight. ( John B. Wells )

I hope Mr. Knapp gets this. I want him to know that his work is laterally going unheard..

OK.. rant over!

Inhale/exhale.... 3..2..1..

ETA: I like Knapp. He pops off on callers methodically making sure he's not being pranked. G.Knapp, salute to you!

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posted on Jul, 19 2015 @ 06:57 AM
I too like Knapp but Noory is probably the worst interviewer I've ever heard! He has the uncanny ability to take an interesting guest, a fascinating subject and turn it into a program about his mothers shoes.


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