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Patient 712

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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 08:39 PM
Dr. Na'Doe: Hello men, women, bomen and laymen. I'm Dr. Na'Doe. For those of you that came here from other parts of the fleet, welcome to the Hospital Ship Fillman, named after the famous Dr. Fillman who develped the Fillman Cure for Cancer. I have gathered you here today to review Patient 712 as well as provide an update. I am 712's Alpha Doctor. What time is it? It is.......25:75. This meeting was supposed to begin at 26:00 however, everyone is obviously here so unless there is a reason to wait, I am prepared to begin right now.

Patient 712 was discovered in an Escape Pod traveling at Super Light Speed. It took a considerable effort to slow the Pod down to a safe velocity for retrieval. Small Craft Engineers determined the Pod was launched at Super Light Speed and the Pod has slight damage consistent with an emergency launch. As you know, the Pod has null markings physical or electronic. We are unclear where or what the origin ship was. Patient 712 has substantial memory loss due to severe head trauma. We presume he was injured on his Alpha ship and was assisted into his Escape Pod for evacuation. This would conclude he has an unknown level of importance.

Patient 712 seems to have total memory loss related to his travel on the Escape Pod. This is unsurprising considering he was found in suspended animation.

712 carries null physical or biotech identification, current or expired.

That concludes the review of his file. I will now move along to the update concluded only 50 emclicks ago.

Patient 712 has attained nano memory recovery.

712's last memory was in a field containing a foundation called grass. Typically, grass is a ground substance located on Earth class planets. Research Techs are scanning the archives for any ship in the FedForce with such a substance, current or in the past.

712 reports he was on the grass field firing at immobile targets with a mounted machine gun.

I asked 712 if he was a planet jumper. He was unfamiliar with the term to the point of confusion. Without biotech, it is unlikely he was a planet jumper.

I asked him if he was an anti-tech. He was also unfamiliar with that term but seemed to understand it. It's unlikely he would have access to a weapon if he were an anti-tech.

He advised he believed he was in a Army so I asked the logical question, "Are you a planet walker?" He seemed confused and agitated by my question and advised we were all from planets. As you can imagine, his answer stunned me.

I asked him what planet he was from. The question perplexed him and his answer was Earth. He did not clarify which Earth, so I asked. He again appeared confused by my question and answered, "The only Earth."

I quickly conferred with historians and psychologists and concluded he may belief he is from Mother Earth. For those of you that don't remember your history, Mother Earth was destroyed by The Glonan about 23,000 eeclicks ago during the Milky Way Raid. At that time, there were 23 Earth class planets according to the archives.

To go back further in time when there was only one Earth class planet populated by humanity takes us back about another 2,000 eeclicks. It is mind numbing to assume that Patient 712 is 25,000 eeclicks old.

HOWEVER, given the speed of his Escape Pod, I not only suggest he is n fact about 25,000 eeclicks old, but in addition, again given his speed, he may have only been traveling in the Escape Pod for a mere 3 eeclicks.

Given this possibility, I move that we restatus Patient 712 as a red patient and we shuttle him to the central command ship immediately, despite his fragile state.

Does anyone have a question or an opinion before I phase the matter to central?
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posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 08:58 PM
Interesting. I hope there is more to the story.

posted on Jul, 15 2015 @ 04:31 PM
I'm on board too.


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