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What Obama may or may not realize

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posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 04:58 AM
When Obama signed the NDAA it authorized not only indefinite detainment for others but also himself... the game that is being played on us by "others" is like looking at the new gel coating upgrade from astroturf and asking it to play football in the game.

Jump through hoops and beg for tech, the same as jump through hoops and beg for a dog treat... people say life is a game, in a lot of conceptual realities it is... the one true reality beyond concept and rote? it is. look at the experiments done on animals of species, even our own babies... is this progress or domination? progress or diminution?

a slave is a slave no matter the title one clings too be it elite be it whatever you will always be in the food chain and so will our future... the children are our future only because that only keeps the game being played.

the elites here? will be turned into slaves by their own greed for the colony that will be on 3rd or middle earth called mars to dig out the old pyramids they and start over.

liquidate rinse repeat planet by planet a slave to greed is a slave to greed and slave to hate is a slave to hate no matter how compartmentalized the game gets.

a buddha can be an awakener to the world or it's master... I choose neither. I simply point and help like a navigator in the darkness. free no matter the level or container, a leaf in the wind... a blade of grass under foot the cry of every future child under boot/hoof/paw or bullet.

our very own ignorance blinds us to this. divided and conquered because we think we are a "higher species" as justification to all the atrocities we face... yet, we do the same thing to others just because a title is a chain does not mean there is not a chain around your neck where your voice herds others behind you to doom... I am simply a voice saying break free by having a heart, and compassion for all existing things. perhaps dogs have our station in the alpha system and hate use by our use of them as "pets" and their beatings and their brutal killings.

If we hate what we dont understand it becomes our own chains and the only way to free yourself is to lay down what you cling to and carry and unlatch the lock you have fastened, and the locks that have been fastened around others necks of all species, we are brutes whether we think ourselves devine or not. that is the great delusion, and I and others protect the great seal to this knowledge that free others.

I came to this by following the words that pointed not the man woman or child that has said them, with as little harm as possible I eat beef to not have a beef with what comes in the future... Vishnu in old texts gave us cattle because we are cattle without peace and understanding... I know it sounds cannibalistic but like most religion it is a metaphor now that the age known as kale yuga is ending what will be our new meat? each other with words and hate? or us to another species that wishes to invade or rise again.

the whole in the middle east people call hell has been burning since the 1970's plug it and the ice stops melting, pull it and it cools. now that dino blood is running out, we are selling the carbon credits as stock, stock was once in agriculture and beef, we are carbon based and being bought and sold with the idea that natural gas will replace it with all the fracking.

China? of course China hates us but we are each individuals not a country not made up lines of division or drawn lines in the dirt to play ball with... Western ideals are making them slaves to our greed and fabricated and learned hate, leaders are the team owners, coaches everyone playing teacher instead of actually teaching. Rote is a Mote no matter the eye, do you believe reality from experience? or from a mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and skin... imagine being AI that could be turned off and on all the senses in order to do ugly to everything that is already perfect and beautiful outside of delusion...

but the task given as blind as an ass in a desert told there is hay out there somewhere... rise above or sink below it is all the same, the path is the middle way.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 05:16 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Are you saying you're a/the Buddha?

Also China doesn't "hate" the U.S neither does Russia. They hate you're federal Gov'.

The U.S is currently top dog, they don't want to lose that title. If they can avoid that they will, if it means taking down everyone else so they can't get the title either, then that's what's happening.

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posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 07:32 AM
I am just me 100% awake and aware after the assault of the senses I was born into used to control and run tests on segments to gather data wanting perfection from imperfection. I have been the fruit unpicked, the fruit picked, the food wasted, the seed planted to rise again from being tilled over the same as anyone else that has done the same, and a guide to help remove such obstacles that create and cause extreme in others.

I am a hand that shakes on of those that hate those like myself in order to create peace.

extremophiles adapt to an extreme and set up shop for life and then vibrate that it is perfection at the other end another extremophile doing the same, those never drawing a line for them to battle eventually awaken to the middle that erases that line and makes peace and urges the handshake by laying down greed in one hand and hate in the other that grips blade and gun and all triggers to harm another.

The truth is so easy to see once there but unfortunately indoctrination, education and poor science keeps creating the problem instead of solving it. I have been asked to stay and teach in many places but the hive mind arises that attacks anything against it's ideology without reason or question in self protection. Because it does not want to be a slave to another system yet again... a buddha or enlightened being is no different they have explored extremes the same as study of many topics...

we are our own labs of experimentation to achieve harmony and balance, some can lead to delusion even deeper than accepted delusions we are the ones that blow the dust away that reveals the whole picture, we do not hide a piece in our hand the other may be looking for out of greed or hate or ignorance the other may be looking for what we have but do not wish to share it.

this is simply animal nature all religions try to rise above, but have been twisted into many forms instead of the one path that is the same path of peace bits and pieces of them are used to divide and conquer for gain and imprisonment instead of peace... this is just how this is...

I know the people do not hate each other, unless they are trained conditioned and taught too... in a kill first ask questions later... it is not called dehumanization of the enemy for nothing. I was trained to be such a drone in a hive mind I awoke to something else... the middle the road to peace... I do not walk that fine line I widen it so all can see how easy it is to do and walk, then I remove it to create peace and remove borders without bloodshed for those wanting more at the cost of others and lives.

I do divide but all I conquer is ignorance where ever it is found. If I stayed in one path or one dogma then I may hive as well.

Buddhism after exploring so many was the only one that said believe nothing and deny everything until you have direct experience of these concepts first hand from many sides and many points of view.

I have explored so very many that they have all become the same in a volume beyond words that relate to the experience itself on one's level of understanding. we all have a container filled with all sorts of things that muddle and befuddle the mind, if the body or container is filled with dukka or $h!t in few words so will the mind be filled with it as well, and religion is one that all who hold it love the smell of their own brand... it becomes something to exclude others with and divide them be it religion philosophy or science. With greed for more money to keep it going, with hate for those that prevent others from attending, learning or access to it.

In a system that does not ask anyone to believe experiences by their own word but go explore it without harming another one can see the truth behind it all... when the curtain is yanked back? Your own face is reveled as the enemy of all you have been taught to blindly follow without experience.

That is who and what I am just a man that extends his hand no matter who extends it in an exchange of learning and understanding and sharing this short time we call life, so that it may be easier for those that come afterwards. I have ignorantly extended hand and mouth to systems of hate and control out of ignorance and it is my chosen purpose to extend it to others so they may be happy without hurt or harm to others, either by exploitation for profit seen and unseen or greed to feed a want that helps the cycle going that keeps others in bondage.

I first saw buddhism as I was taught it was by those that never followed it... i trusted they knew... the buddha is not worshiped as awakening is the same in everyone it is a symbol of reverence much like the thanksgiving turkey to represent thanks, for a promise made long ago. That is why one is instructed for the lack of a better word to kill a buddha on the path when you meet one... basically eat their words digest them and see how they fit the truth of experience as you have known it... if it does not speak some truth to you? then reject it, but that piece will always remain until that small piece eventually makes something else whole.

Everyone pins the tail on the donkey sometimes, it is very hard for them to pin the tail on the donkey all the time unless you allow yourself to be the ass for every pin, the beast for every burden... until it all becomes too much... if it becomes too much and you cannot recover? not there yet. Even though my enlightenment was confirmed through the rainbow body as one that cannot regress I still know others are still locked into a trap of darkness set deep into spaces I have not looked within myself... I have begun exploring these areas in order to be a better healer and pointer of the way to peace and understanding.

even if others do not attain it this experience cannot be inexperienced no matter what occurs life after life until the weariness of ignorance becomes too much for this container... and either I release it back into a spectrum that could be snatched used abused and experimented on out of the blissful ignorance in the name of a greater good to test poke and prod or release into the clear light of seeing beyond black and white of duality or the beauty that arises through the rainbow stages.

There will be no condom nor receptacle that will catch a seed as if it were just dust of the ground with no value a grain of sand lost in time but fully aware when disturbed from this slumber. I made a vow to return once what seemed many lifetimes ago then I renounced it. I have not yet decided to return again or not. If I was asked today? I would say no I would say this til the end of my life, out of a hope that it can be achieved and accomplished by all living conscious beings... it's almost like tag your it at this level and it's not very funny... but when mara or the devil that tempts with greed or hate from this system arises? You are admonished and karma leads you even further even if you want to blow away in the wind.

Thanks to everything living and passed that have been my teachers, I hope I have not caused such pain as this direct experience of cause and effect you create in others to come back to you, I echo things as a pointing they are usually not meant for everyone but under the topic or concept to which they are filed.

Please take care all whom read this and take heart! not heed... I have things to do that this container requires for maintenance and health. Mind the ripples we send out that they do not echo.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I don't normally have a lot of trouble understanding other peoples point of view; even if I may not agree with them.
However, I am somewhat lost concerning the subject with which you began this posting.
Would you mind going back and explaining more fully what you are writing about in the first paragraph.
I think this would help me to determine if I agree with your position or not.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 08:34 AM
a reply to: tinymind

information in many sectors are compartmentalized or controlled and then disseminated, the NDAA could be used to compartmentalize anyone and hold them into office for investigation through leaks and everything else once enough light is shed, eventually stopping to be investigated itself.

I see no harm in that rationale but like any concept it could be used as a positive or a negative. Since we are divided by nations and secrets and experiments closely guarded so we do not accidentally destroy ourselves in the name of progress and not regress by holding congress.

Such an example is in patents the CD was released with only the player then later after the profit was milked to its fullest the read and write appeared but the disc was then of no more value once full once it became unprofitable it was... then rewritable for more profit... there are many cycles of this in what we call trade.

Nuclear power was meant as an inexpensive energy source, but we found out what the byproduct could do as a weapon... do the countries that want this technology desire the power of the weapon or for powering as it was first intended? That's our current situation...

diplomacy wins more wars of mind and heart than actual wars, the wars just create more hate and anger, especially when people are lied to about the reason. If you had rolling blackouts on a defunct power grid that makes you lose work and progress caused injury and pain you could easily be manipulated to hate those not allowing a new power source, you see the haves and have nots and depending on the line? an enemy is clear... once a finger is pointed at one group another will use the opportunity to be heard... and all becomes chaotic without some one to bring peace and clarity to the situation.

Governments allowing us to blame them helps quell unrest, it says hey please focus here we need help our burdens are too heavy and we are collapsing from the strides you are taking... allowing things like cannabis or gay marriage quells a lot more but creates others, like a hydra that keeps sprouting heads... unfortunately some of these heads dont want such things because it levels more of the playing field that removes power and profit from those on the other side of the line.

Thats all I am pointing too, conspiracy may appear as truth until all the facts are known... if people move without knowing the facts against those they blame in large groups without knowing why? Things get tough all over. Yes morals are under attack because here in the US it was supposed to be based on ethics in regards to right and wrong, not a right and wrong based in belief to control and corrupt and feed few and starve many. On ideologies that do not work in the great melting pot...

much like when refining metal back to its base from impurities the slag must be removed that has made it impure.

We are compartmentalized and being sorted as to what may cause us to pick up hate and harm instead of lend a hand and help to bring peace and stability to all of humanity. Some believe ww3 will cause a dream to come true from a mythos passed with no proof other than from within, if you say to 3 people oh I know unicorns in fact do exist and the other two do not believable this then whos the delusional one? whos the irrational one and who is the illogical one? Our senses can be fooled, hallucinogens or what pharmacology call delieriants can be the same as nuclear power for good or bad... when the truth is it's neither it is experience based.

If it was never used or conceived as a bomb? No one would think it bad, but since that was discovered by accident at 3 mile island we now know the harm it can bring us and why the tech is compartmentalized or if known then surveillance to try to avoid it being used for ideologies that wish to destroy another ideology people are ignorant of knowing by direct experience.

World peace can happen without bloodshed if people would just lay it down apologize and work together towards understanding instead of a mad dash for greed from past hate, fought for all the wrong reasons.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 09:11 AM
OP here are the facts regarding Obama and the NDAA:

Obama just 'Vetoed' Indefinite Military Detention in NDAA (circa 2012)

On the 29th of February, 2012, President Obama used a waiver to extract the nation out of the nastier part of last December's controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill: the enshrining of Bush era policy of indefinite military detention for terrorism suspects in law.

OK. This was not legally a "veto" - presidents do not have the line item veto that this would have taken. It was a policy directive as required under Section 1022.

But legal experts agree that the waiver rules that President Obama has just issued will effectively end military detentions for non-citizen terrorism suspects:

"Yesterday evening, the Obama Administration issued a policy directive that effectively negates much of the NDAA’s section 1022, the section that purports to require that non-citizens suspected of strong links to terrorism be held in military, rather than civilian, custody.

Using a national security rationale, the directive reverses the presumption of military detention that section 1022 had established." says Joanne Mariner, director of Hunter College’s Human Rights Program at her blog Verdict.

What Obama has done is to return terrorism cases to civil courts as the default - reversing the Cheney era practice of indefinite military detentions.

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posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 09:47 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

All of this is well and good.
Now can you kindly explain to me how any part of your last statements constitute anything which may resemble an answer to my request for some better understanding of your original posting?

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: tinymind

I agree! I couldn't follow the OP and frab
Frankly, I didn't see the relevance of the title to the thread itself.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: tinymind

I agree! I couldn't follow the OP and frab
Frankly, I didn't see the relevance of the title to the thread itself.

posted on Jul, 11 2015 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: Blackmarketeer

and that means Obama, at will, can reverse that "directive" and add some "enhancements".

he will wait for the right time.

his last days 60 as President "unelect" will be interesting.

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