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The Myrtle Beach Thrill Ride the Skyscraper

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posted on Jul, 3 2015 @ 08:19 AM
I'll be going to Myrtle Beach in August and will be riding the Skywheel, which is a huge Ferris wheel. At least I'm planning on riding it; it doesn't look too scary:

But I just stumbled across a YouTube video of a terrified lady riding the Skyscraper. The guy who filmed this is laughing but I don't think it's funny.

Do you?

Oh my God.

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posted on Jul, 3 2015 @ 08:54 AM
We did the Skywheel two years ago...

It's not bad, it's fun...

The other ride? Not for me but, the kids would do it for sure!

posted on Jul, 3 2015 @ 09:31 AM

originally posted by: ConnectDots

For a minute or two, I thought that was a tattoo on her neck not hair!

I had to go back and re-watch the beginning to see.

posted on Jul, 3 2015 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: ConnectDots

That made my stomach churn.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I would make for a very poor astronaut, lol

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