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big trouble in little china remake with the rock as jack burton....

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posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:36 PM

ive been hoping for a remake for years. big trouble is one of my favorite movies of all time. a remake will of course never be as good as the original and thats fine. i dont expect it to.
i want to see a remake because i think with todays effects, lo pan, the 3 storms, etc will look awesome.
im a huge film buff and more big trouble will be a good thing.

what i cant picture is the rock as jack burton.
i like the rock. i think he is a pretty good actor for the roles he chooses. i doubt he will ever win an oscar but i dont think thats on his agenda anyway. dude makes successful movies. i enjoy most of them.
im sure i will enjoy the new big trouble if he is in it but i hope they dont actually go ahead with it.

just does not seem like a good fit.

jack burton was more like your every man...meaning just an average dude. nothing special about him.
was a small guy(compared to reality kurt is of average build)...he did not seem physically imposing and that helped a lot.

you know, wang, the smaller of the 2 of them was the one laying out the beat downs.

it will not look as cool if one of the storms or lo pan are facing down the rock as burton cause he is so god damned big.

im trying to rack my brain for actors that i think would do a good job as burton.

im thinking tom hardy could kill it. he is a fantastic actor and nails everything he does. he can be physically imposing like as bane o rin warrior but think back to inception, locke, the drop....
just an average, every man type.

i dont know about wang....there are not a lot of chinese(asian) actors that are well known right now, at least in the states.
jackie chan is about 100 years old. jet li fits the bill pretty good. donnie yen comes to mind.
thing is, the actor does not have to be a martial artist...

i think ken jeong would be great as wang(the dude that played leslie chow in the hangover)...

maybe the guy that played hum jong in the interview. he is also in fresh off the boat. i could see him as wang.

what about gracie law? jennifer lawrence maybe...

posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 12:56 PM


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