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Why does some music sound better at night?

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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 06:43 PM
I was just wondering that whilst listening to some slow Led Zep.
Maybe because there are less outside distractions and sounds, and things to be done, so one is more present?
(I think I feel that way with watching movies too)

Anyhow, no doubt that certain songs, like some slow blues, seem to be made specifically to be listened to at night

another of my nightime favorites

Of course, music is subjective, what's your night time soundtrack?

'Let us sway in the breeze
under the moonlight,
Let that melody carry you home

Good night

posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 06:53 PM
It all has to do with mood. Slow Jazz sound better with a beautiful woman and can set a mood that leads right where you want it. Driving down the road and some AC/DC comes on and you'll notice you're driving a little faster and playing air guitar at stoplights. Don't know how many times I've caught people staring at me when we stop at a light and I'm singing along with Geddy and air drumming with Neil.

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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: athousandlives

Right now it's the new Muse album "Drones."

I love night time because other people's energy is gone.. I am more me then.

I like that powerful feel, blasting away. Nothing in my way.
Darkness is like a warm blanket. I feel more spacious or connected.

as it gets later I may slip into some Sleepy Sun.. Or something like that..

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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 07:03 PM
The temperature drops at night and sound travels differently in lower temperatures...

Another explanation... Your eyes pick up less light, so you naturally rely on your ears more... No this is definitely it... First one will have an impact too though..

posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: athousandlives


As well as the points you wisely made, about the lack of external distraction that night time offers, the atmosphere of a track can suit the night much better than it does the day time.

For example, listening to Emperor albums while sat in the middle of a field on a moonlit night, with streaky clouds moving across the face of the moon, a beer in one hand, and with ones friends around one, is a totally different experience than listening to the same album with the sun shining, birds singing, as you wait for a bus.

It's about place, about moment. There are other songs which are perfect, and I mean absolutely perfect for listening to during a thunderstorm. Slayer - Raining Blood is a track which is absolutely perfect accompaniment to any lightning show, or even a heavy downpour of rain. Just as there are tracks which are outstanding when listened to on a humid, sticky late afternoon at the beach, there are tunes which are perfect for the midnight hour, and it does not matter what your musical tastes are, because the chances are that there will be a track by your favourite artist, which suits the weather, the time of day, the time of the year, better than others.

This is because the writing process for real musicians and recording artistes, involves primal influences like weather, seasons, and elemental things of that nature. Music has always been made to put a person in a particular place, or a particular mood, associated with a certain situation. Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi is a perfect example of this.
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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 07:19 PM
One of my fav night songs:

posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 07:53 PM

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 03:11 AM
My philosophy on music has always been that music itself is a language. Languages have tones, and can set a certain mood to a degree. Certain melodic structures, tones, chords, etc can all pan out to that. The other thing is that we can associate music with a particular scenery - that's just instinctual. Fast paced music for example you might listen to while driving down the interstate, happy sounding music with an emotional melody might be associated with a sunny day. Night music tends to be slower, mellower, even a little darker.

As for contributions to this thread, here's mine:

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:04 AM
Idk,but probably for the same reason some music is better for driving to, aka driving music; for instance RUSH.a reply to: athousandlives

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