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"An Age of the Statistically Unlikely": An Interview With Presidential Candidate Jill Stein

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posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 09:14 PM
For your information

- you won't hear it on Fox news - or CNN or MSNBC or PBS or.. or

Green Party candidate Jill Stein officially announced she is running in the 2016 presidential race on June 22, during an interview on Democracy Now!. She held a campaign kickoff event the following day at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where antiwar activist Medea Benjamin and racial justice activist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo introduced and endorsed her campaign.

The main planks of Stein's presidential platform include a "Green New Deal," ending mass incarceration and police brutality, a $15 per hour federal minimum wage, a single-payer health-care system, universal public education and the abolition of student debt, breaking up big banks and nationalizing the Federal Reserve, initiating a global treaty to reverse climate change and ending extreme forms of extraction.

(extraction meaning mining and pumping and clear cutting to 'extract' natural resources for profit)

The Democracy Now



posted on Jun, 25 2015 @ 09:26 PM
a reply to: FyreByrd

Right on!

There's a lot of people in the awake groups, we have to understand and respect that. But what every one of them has to understand and respect, is the simple reality of the situation American repeatedly finds itself in: we keep discarding "extreme" candidates, like Ron Paul on the right, or Green party candidates on the left, in favor of mainstream "reasonable" candidates like Obama or Bush. But these "reasonable" candidates constantly become incredibly obscene, both Bush and Obama for instance doubled the national debt and increased surveillance on their watch. Its time for people to discard make-believe, that "socialist" or hardcore "constitutionalist" candidates are a bigger threat than the mainstream "reasonable" candidates they are spoonfed by the media, and stand up for candidates which will disrupt this criminal status quo, whichever side of the isle they stand on. Criminality rests in our personal compromise. Stand for your real dream, or let something wild from the other side take over. Both are better than the "middle" that's defined this wasteland we find ourselves in.

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