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Riley Curry And The New Generation

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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 05:33 AM
For those who don't watch sports, she's the darling 2 year child of Stephen Curry who just won the NBA(National Basketball Association) Finals. The whole shebang.

The only reason this is relevant is that this child will never live a normal life, at least as we know it. She's a superstar and will have to live with this scrutiny from the press, unending, for the rest of her life.

She has no choice yet she doesn't know it. She does have a good family around her so that may make a difference but this could easily be the sickening end to stories we know nowadays. Kardashians, anyone? I'm not referencing the Caitlyn Jenner side of the story. They were well on their ways before that happened.

What is privacy? How will this child deal with being known by the whole world before she even knows who she is?

I've really been scared by what's happening with new laws, all full of idiocy and basically meant to enslave us all, and this poor child will never have a chance. Her whole life is recorded, from day one.

I don't even know what to say from this point. I grew up in a vastly, NAY, really F******* different world. Stephen King had that saying, "The world has moved on" in the Dark Tower series.

My Gods, how it has moved on. I share more than I wish online. I try and still share more than should. I'm almost careful about what I share. And we haven't even grasped the capabilities of the internet and technologies beyond that.

I have no idea what her life will be like. I can't even imagine what her life will be like. She will never know privacy. Her life will never be unknown to anyone on this planet as long as she lives.

She never had a choice.

So where does that leave us?

I never purported to have any answers. I'm pretty good at asking questions though. She's the poster child for my thoughts but how many millions, nay, billions of children will never have a chance? They will never have the choice, never be asked "Would you like this stupid video of you posted for all the world to see?".

She's adorable and she never stood a chance. I might just be melancholic but I really fear for us as a species.

I've said nothing in this post. Think of the ramifications of what I could have said.

Really. Think long and hard. I'm not off my rocker. Well, not completely off my rocker.

Ok, I lost it in those last few sentences. Meh, it happens. The rest, I stand by. Too much time to edit it so I'll just hope my train of thought is caught.

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posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 07:37 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

Honestly, she's no different than any other celebrity's child. Our culture is so fast-paced that no one will remember her in 2-3 years. So she'll do just fine.

As an example, what do we hear about Michael Jackson's kids? Even the one he famously dangled over a balcony? And what about Angelina Jolie's kids who've been on tv & in magazines (with her) more than Riley's been on tv? I can't even remember their names or faces. Or Michael Jordan's now grown children? Or any other famous athlete's child? Shaq & LeBron both have kids who are already playing basketball yet no one really cares about them either.

posted on Jun, 20 2015 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

We have a "Rant" forum.
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posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

Society is evolving, it takes time for previous generations to catch on but believe me, youngsters these days will warm to the present times like you and I warmed to our times... Chill...

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 04:11 AM
I just want to say, I've been trying to formulate my thoughts for this as I don't think I got it right in the OP. Life sometimes takes me away from things I started, like this.

I'm still trying to articulate what I was saying and figuring out what I need to say. To get it right, hopefully. Express my thoughts in a coherent way.

I started this in the heat of emotion and that wasn't right. I hope to get it right when I do say what I think I'm thinking. Just give me some time as life gets in the way at times. I'm not trying to do a hit and run here, I do have thoughts. I spent all this time typing this as I still haven't gotten it right in my mind, all I want to say and how to say it right. I possibly could have spent time on the thread but I'm exhausted and my mind doesn't work well when tired.

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: TheSpanishArcher

No worries. We'll still be here, unless the alien invasion or Mayan apocalypse finally happen.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

It doesn't matter what I think, now that I think about it.

Everyone is going along, happily, sharing every intimate aspect of their lives with everyone else in the world. My opinion means nothing. Any ranting and raving I do will be stuck into a little tiny corner of the net and only a few will see it and no one will change because of it.

If "civilization" continues for more than a few years, I do fear what children who have grown up in this era of no privacy from birth to death will have to contend with.

I have no answers. It all just seems, so, WRONG. Who am I to tell anyone they are living their lives in a improper way, anyway? It's a emotional OP with maybe some logic. Well, maybe a lot of logic as I'm scared of what we HAVE become with everyone's faces planted in their "smart' phones.

I never should have started this as it's too much for me to tackle without proper research and I'm unwilling and too tired to do that.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 09:59 PM
well if her father would stop putin her in front of the camera this wouldn't be a issue.
there are i don't know how many NBA player that have kids, yet you don't see hardly any of them placing their child up in front of them during games or interviews.

all that has to happen, is for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors to have a bad couple of years and you'll never hear of her again.

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